Oil of Oregano

Has anyone tried Oil of Oregano for their psoriasis? I was recently diagnosed with Guttate Psoriasis and erythrodermic psoriasis on my feet and hands. I do not have insurance coverage at this time, and from my own investigating, it sounds like traditional medicine is a hit and/or miss anyway, so I'm seeking some alternative treatment and stumbled upon the Oil of Oregano alternative. That and swedish bitters.
Please let me know if you've tried this or have any other suggestions. Thanks!

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yes ,I have heard of oil of oregano but have not tried it , I have some and maybe i will ,
Just as a note . If you don't have insurance for meds go to needymeds.org . I hope this helps you . cathy from ma

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I have read that guttate responds very well to UVB light therapy. Since its summertime, why not try sunbathing and see if that helps clear it up. Its free.

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I have bought it, and tried it mixed with dmso. I have not noticed any difference yet.

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I have used it but I didn't find it did much for my p to be honest. I take it from time to time just to fend off illness if i start feeling run down to help protect my immune system. I buy the pill form ones as I dont' like the bad breath I get from the drops! If you live in Canada or USA I buy mine from iherb on line- fantastic place to get your supplements and even some groceries.

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I also take the pills if I feel like I'm getting sick, but can't do that for long because it seems to irritate my P. May not do that to everyone though.

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Jerseygirllad, I have never heard of using those items to clear P. What you have to do if you don't want to go the traditional route is to look at what you are eating and eliminate that which is not good for you. Read Dr. Pagano's book "Healing Psoriasis"; he explains what is going on inside your body very well. Your intestines need to heal; your liver is overloaded with toxins. Our food supply is horribly tainted. What worked for me was to go gluten-free; I started seeing results in as little as 2 weeks, although it will take 7-9 months for the intestines to heal enough for you to relax your diet regimen. Eat raw food - salads - every day. Romaine lettuce is a great cleanser. Remove acidic foods from your diet - pizza in particular. Juicing is good for you also. Your body is too acidic; you need to make it more alkaline. Clearing will happen from elimination of foods, not supplementation. Btw, Dr. Pagano is in northern NJ if you want to make an appt. with him. I've never visited him; I was able to clear my system just from reading his book. Erythrodermic psoriasis is very serious; I would recommend you visit Dr. Pagano.

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I've been suffering from p for 31 years and in the last month or so i have been taking New Roots WILD Oregano C93 which has one of the highest levels of Carvocrol out there. This stuff is great, my p is no longer flaking and I have seen a 70% improvement , the red patches are less and less everyday. I take 4 drops under tongue morning and night then wash down with water. The stuff is cheap and a 30ml bottle goes a long way. Best stuff I tried yet... Try it and post results

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