Oat Bran and Olive Oil for Candida

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I have been doing research on Candida Albicans. It is a one-celled yeast that is 'everywhere'. You can't escape it, but most people don't have any trouble with it. It actually lives quite happily in our guts, along with several pounds of other living organisms that help us function and digest our food.

However, if you have been exposed to prolonged bad diet, anti-biotics, long term illness, it is possible that the good-to-bad ratio of intestinal flora has been upset. When this happens, candida, being a strong survivor, can take over the stomach bacteria and create any number of health problems. A tragic example is that people with AIDs are often plagued with candida as a side effect of their immune system disfunction. Many P people also have other fungal problems, like athlete's foot.

When candida does take over, it actually is capable of creating craving in our bodies - to the foods that it thrives on.

They are sugars, dairy foods and icecream, breads, cookies and pastries, alcohol, and other yeasty foods.

Some people subsist entirely on the foods that feed yeasts.

Anyway -

I recently found several references on the internet to Candida diets, one of which I am posting below.

But the VERY interesting thing I found in this info, was the use of Oat Bran and Olive Oil, mixed together and taken 3 times a day - to GET THIS - to keep fungus from crossing the intestinal barrier into the blood stream! (2 teaspoons olive oil with 2 teaspoons oat bran, three times a day)

And so, I am betting that this is a similar treatment to using Slippery Elm! I think that it MIGHT be a good answer for people who are on a tight budget, or in areas where internet orders are hard to do. Oat bran can be found in most health food store bulk food areas. It should be refridgerated if you buy it in bulk.

The action that these substances have on the body is to actually help coat and seal the stomach against undigested food leakage. (Candida actually burrows into the stomach lining.) Ideally, either one would be taken 30 mins. before a regular meal. Neither oat bran, slippery elm or olive oil have much history of causing allergies, but we should always work with our health care expert when incorporating any new therapy.

Many of us here use American Saffron (Safflower Petal) Tea along with Slippery Elm. American Saffron keeps things moving and is a wonderful anti-viral cleanser. The two herbs should be taken at different times of the day, as they perform different functions.

When buying olive oil for the above purpose, make sure to get cold expeller pressed.

Candida Diet
*** This diet is similar to the Pagano diet, but it allows tomatos which are in the nightshade family.

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