Because of the growing abuse of pain medication people who really need their medication will have a problem receiving it! This new law will make physicians have to enter all your info into a computer system before writing out your prescription and then when you take it to your pharmacy they will have to match the script up with the prescribing dr before they dispense it! Thanks to all the dealers who are making a bundle on the streets it causes people who really need their medication a problem! I'm yet to visit my rheumatologist yet but I would assume she will be forced to either not give her patients their medication or sign up with the new program requiring the dr to spend more time on entering all the information than actually treating the patient for their arthritis! I believe they really want all patients taking pain medication to see only a pain management doctor! Great, another dr to see and hopefully they take my insurance because most of those drs are very particular with what insurances they will accept. I guess it will just be more problems for already sick patients and less quality time with their doctor! Hope the drs have a plan or I guess just suffer more!!

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.............NYS ?????????????????

in miami they sell it on the street corners and pain clinics that have not yet been shut down

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I realize they had to take some course of action to try and prevent the ever growing epidemic of people
Abusing pain medication. The only problem is, in the course of implementing the new law
It hurts the people who are responsible and take the medication for what it was intended for.
They were not thinking about the patients who live with pain from diseases such as PsA, RA, etc..
I just believe this will put pressure on my already stressed doctor requiring her to follow more procedure
(Law) than actually treating me. It just puts stress on my dr who sees so many patients and she
Has told me her practice is very stressful without having to add more paperwork! Well maybe
It will add more jobs, that could be a good thing..........

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of course it will!

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It started in Massachusetts on July 1st. In June, it took my doctor almost 1 hour to enter all of the info into the database. Up until July 1st, It used to be that you could have the dr. email the pharmacy with your RX and then he/she would give you a signed print out. Now, you must have the actual forgery-proof RX in your hand.

Also,I am surprised that your rheumatlologist prescribes your pain meds! Mine has never, in the 30 plus years that I have been his patient, dispensed pain meds to me. That is either the job of your primary or pain med specialist but this could just be a MA law - I am not sure.

My small town is a heroin haven. Our playgrounds are littered with needles/syringes, etc. It is a terrible thing but there are not enough addiction specialists around and many of them, especially those who dispense Subutex to addicts , are limited to 30 patients, in addition to their regular caseloads. Sadly, I don't have the answers.

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Hey Julia in Fla : What is the crime rate in Florida of all the legal pain addicts ? It seems that the MD's contributes to the abusers who get thier kicks on legal pain pills ! and they don't go to jail or are provided a way of rehab.because the MD's prescribed it

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They are not restricting use of pain meds. They are monitoring your use of pain meds. Iowa has been doing it for years..it's the insurance companies cracking down on people that have several pain scripts around town.

It will just limit your ability to abuse them.

Not a bad thing.

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WILLYMAN :: You are 100% right in what you said !! Too many go from one MD to another , get the RX's and have them filled , then the jolly time starts

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It seems pointless. I've never known anyone that took Percocet just to get high, but I've seen a lot of people do really stupid things like huff glue and gasoline just to get high. I've know people that took Percocet illegally. With some it's doubtful they actually needed it. They took it for the pain, that's the high, feeling no pain. Without it they wouldn't feel some excessive level pain, just the normal everyday pain all feel. That wasn't true when they started. They just go accustomed to feeling no pain that when they quit needing it they didn't quit taking it. I've known heroine addicts. All you can say to them is, my God, you need to stop this, look what it is doing to you. Percocet? They have jobs, they take good care of their kids. Where that isn't true it isn't just Percocet. That's things like the meth they're as well.

The war on drugs has not been of much interest to either Obama nor Bush before him. During that time out violent crime rate has decline to all time lows, much of that during the most severe recession in my lifetime. The war on drugs is a distraction. Meth heads are nut cases. We have to deal with them. People addicted to Percocet? Who cares other than them? Their biggest due to addiction seems to be the guilt and shame they feel as a result of their addiction.

There's plenty of people addicted to opioids on this board. If they didn't tell you then you wouldn't know. Their posts are erratic, they are aren't delusional. They have jobs, if they're lucky to still be mobile enough, they have families, they live normal lives. I've seen posts by people that feel guilty and ashamed they're addicted to an opioid, but I've not seen an explanation of why that's a problem. What medical or social problems that causes them is far from apparent. Doctors certainly seem to feel that stigma around taking pain medications is a far greater problem than the actual addiction. That causes people to endure needless pain. It seems most taking it illegally could do so legally because they actually need it. When that isn't the case they need help kicking the habit, not locked in jail. That just to save them the embarrassment of having that monkey on their back. It seems to rank right up there with being overweight. Don't like it, don't like how it makes you feel about yourself, then don't do it. It isn't they're a danger to society.

The mentality seems to be we've done so well with violent crimes we might as well attack soda pop as a great evil. I don't know where these people get the idea they have an overabundance of resources to fight crime. No, everything they do is something else they don't do. Start locking people up for petty stuff and you start letting violent animals out of their cages and unleashing them upon society. Instead of busting the guy holding a gun to clerks head they're busting a soccer mom taking her kids to practice. Who cares about the soccer a Percocet to get through the day when that animal is on the street terrorizing people? If you really want to help people that don't need help and aren't any problem to anyone else then quit selling them lottery tickets. An illegal bookie gives better payouts than the state.

The one number that really matters is will they actually less Percocet? My guess would be a resounding no. There will be no significant change. The only real result will be an increase in prescriptions as people need it and are taking it illegally are driven to actually get it legally. They quote a decrease in arrests as proof it's working though. That being because the goal is to get people to follow rules and regulations rather than actually stop taking the drug. Insignificant and irrelevant. Spend billions to save millions. They'll spend $100 million on just that computer system. The real cost is the time wasted by you, your doctor and your pharmacists. Millions of man hours spent to not accomplish a damn thing. Just as many people people popping Percocet as ever, but, hey, we did something however pointless it may have been.

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I agree - My older sister has had a lot of health issues and began doctor shopping a few years ago - Sadly, she now has a prescription drug problem. We live in NYS and, finally, her primary care physician is addressing the issue.

I am sorry for those who really need the medication, but several doctors in my area where arrested for improper, over-prescribing. One had gone so far as to arrange for construction on his house in exchange for scripts. The sad fallout is that heroin use is on the rise in Western NY. -- Not sure what the answer is, but I am happy my sister is getting help.

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Not a bad idea at all. Methadone almost killed me last year. In October, for 48 hours the doctors didn't think I was going to make it. I was in the ICU for two full weeks.

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I don't see any problem with the doctor putting the info into his database and the pharmacy calling to verify the prescription. I know this because I do take Percocet for pain. You get one prescription a month, which your insurance company will pay.

Here's where the problem is, as you seen in FLA. The doctor would charge $200-$300 dollars a patient, would give you a prescription for MS Contin 30MG, 190 pills for your lower back pain, which 99% of the patients that these doctors have were from out of state and they did not bring in any proof of their condition. They were not buying the medicine under any insurance company, they were paying cash to the pharmacy. And they would see 3-4 doctors a day just to get prescription, paying cash for them. So the insurance company wasn't being affected at all.

All this comes down to the greed of the doctors knowing that 99% of their patients did not need the numerous narcotics and are making millions of dollars a year selling drugs. Basically it's what they're doing, they're no better than the drug dealer on the street.

But look what happens now to the patients who really need the medication. The law abiding doctors are scared to give it, so they don't get investigated. You go to a pain clinic, where before they even give you the medication they will try other medications that probably won't work. So you're looking at about a couple of months of suffering in pain, a few trips to the ER (which now because of all these problems with doctors prescribing narcotics) you won't get a prescription from there.

But they flow freely on the street illegally due to the greedy doctors, who don't care about the needs of the patients. This problem is throughout the United States.

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what is ............NYS ????????????

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New York State

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It's for people who live in New York State who live here and our state might be slow to follow other states as I don't know how other states operate! It's for people who possibly live here and maybe don't know about the new changes that will be implemented come 8/27/13 but all healthcare and pharmacies have up until the end of 2014 to have the new law in place! I really wouldnt know how Florida's Law operates as I don't live in that state! I'm sure it's a worldwide epidemic and know it has to be fixed but unfortunately the people who have chronic pain from diseases such as PsA will have to suffer as your dr will have to spend more time inputting you into the database than spending the time with the patient to discuss their health issues! I do have PAIN at least 2-3 days a week had 3 surgeries and I'm not willing to go through another surgery!! I will not suffer and shouldn't have too! These medications if used appropriately and NOT abused does what it was intended to do! I am a responsible adult who knows their limit and does not make a game of it! I try to be a mom, daughter and wife and keep up with doing so I sometime need my pain medication!

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My Rheumatologist has offered to prescribe pain meds for me (I live in TX) but I hate the way they make me feel, dizzy and nauseated, so I said no thanks. Narcotics are awful for me I haven't found one that doesn't make me feel worse than I already do.

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The real problem here is the government. They're making it so hard for the people to get their pain meds that really need it. So what happens, you end up buying them on the street. I guess that's what they want. Because there seems to be no shortage of all these types of painkillers on the streets.

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this "problem" has been going on for decades. every time there is a new rule or regulation everybody throws their hands in the air. then after all is said and done life goes on. if you are being managed by a doctor regarding chronic pain this should not affect you. the doctors do their paper work and then everything is rosy. it's another way to monitor abuses in the system and that's all.

having to ask at the pharmacy for pseudoephedrine was a pain in the ass, knowing that that was totally connected to the manufacture of meth, after awhile you calm down and it's business as usual.

the "war on drugs" has a specific target, but I won't go into that here.

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You pulled that 99% completely out of air. Even propagandistic estimates championing the cause don't come anywhere close to that. Even narrowly defining valid usage as being for dealing with chronic pain, and screw those with acute pain, there's way too many for it to even be remotely close to 99%. Even defining valid usage very conservatively and abuse very liberally it's, at most, 5%-10%. Defining valid usage and abuse more objectively drops it to more like 1%. There's also the nagging the question of how it can valid thing for so many to use if it's actually such a terrible thing for people to use.

The particularly logic I don't get is the idea that any and all money spent, no matter how ineffective it's used, is money well spent as long as it's in the name of a noble cause. You don't want the little babies to starve do you? So send my $1k each month. How will that help? It'll make me a whole lot happier and just remember, it's for the little starving babies. Just don't pay any attention that little detail that I'm not actually doing anything for little starving babies. This is one state, but there's 30 million prescriptions per year in this country for just chronic pain. Five minutes per makes 2.5 million man hours. At 40 hours per week and 50 weeks per year that's 1,250 man years. At just $7/hour, good luck finding a doctor that that, that's $17.5M just to enter the data. That's not even counting all the pharmacies and doctor's offices updating their computer system to track this information just incase the government screws up. There's also the governments system which like pushes about $100M to build and maintain. All to accomplish what? Good question. Particularly when you get into actually will do rather than simply somehow, someway, might remotely help in some abstract way. I don't have a problem with dealing with real problem in an effective manner. I have a problem pointless wastes of money that make good PR for politician while actually doing nothing.

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that is because U don't know my 33 yo niece and the millions just like her
She buys them in the street and goes to many MDs and ERs to get scrips for anything they will give her for "pain"
What I would give if all the MDs and ERs would not give her any more scrips!
Even when her sister and I are present at the hospitals and tell them she is an addict they always say
"If she has pain we HAVE to treat it. We have no proof that the pain does not exist"
Cannot believe she is still alive.
I have done all I can, but all the Rehab and jail stays have not deterred her
Cannot let her ever live w/ me again......steals, lies and Much more

If one Perc does not get them high they take MANYYYYYYYYYYYY

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I'm sorry to hear about your niece and completely understand as I have a stepson who also
Has the same problem! He came to live with us to try and get clean and stole every
Pill in my house! We ended up having to buy a safe and we ended up making him leave
Our home as I had a 14 year old son at home at the time and just couldn't let him see that! I know these
Kids use these medications to get high and they don't use them for what they were intended for.
My stepson wouldn't take 1 he would take 10 at one time and drink with it, I was scared that I
Would find him dead! Thank god that didnt happen but it took a toll on our family! I realize its
An epidemic but some people use these medications appropriately and what it's intended purpose.
I don't feel like I abuse my drugs as I only take my medication when needed and I am a 46 year
Old adult who knows not to take them for pleasure as many others on this board do as well!
I have severe PsA having to have 3 surgeries within 1 year and pulled through but it's a battle on
Some days and I'm trying to be a mom, wife and daughter to my 2 elderly parents!
We can't condemn every person who take their pain meds as prescribed! I don't dr shop and
Only see my rheumatologist every 2 months! They want me to have neck/back surgery as well
But I won't do any more surgeries. I'm mentally exhausted from having the 3 surgeries
And I'm not ready for more, just yet! I am still recovering from elbow surgery due to PsA eating
Away my elbow joint (tennis elbow) I never played tennis ever! This disease is chronic and
Painful on some days! I don't believe I should suffer and cry in pain! I can't take more
Arthritis meds (methotrexate) due to elevated liver enzymes and prednisone (10 mg) per day
Plus 50 mg Enbrel weekly just doesn't take care of the pain on some days! I understand the
Epidemic and hope the change will work, but I highly doubt it! If these kids want it they find
A way to get it! I don't feel like I am a less than perfect person because I need medication
For what it was made for to control pain for chronic diseases!

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