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Hello, all. Just joined with the hope of finding new treatment ideas, supplement suggestions, and encouragement. I am 61 and have both psoriasis and the associated arthritis. Have gone the conservative route with prescription creams, PUVA, methotrexate, Humira, and now, Enbrel. I responded well at first with all of them, only to see the effectiveness drop after a year. It is especially bad on both thumbs where I had had some trauma 40 years ago. I have to wear bandaids most of the time to keep from snagging and ripping open my skin. I do use Auquaphor and also tar-based creams. I wear gloves at night. I am so very tired of it all. My hands are the worst, but I have it on my arms and legs and face as well. Any thoughts?

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Welcome, glad to have you on board. But sorry you are here also. My psoriasis is not that bad - it is my arthritis that is the worst. I have only used methotrexate for 3 weeks, changed to Enbrel for one month and have been on simponi for about 4 months. Along with Ultram for pain. I hope you find what works for you. I have found Udderly Smooth is a wonderful cream. It isn't greasy and works great.

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hello and welcome, it sounds like you are doing everything that you can. are you affected all over, or are you plantar palmar, hands and feet. it sounds like it. the soles of my feet and entire palms of my hands are covered, but i'm kinda going commando right now. the only product that had the most dramatic affect was clobetasol. i have used methotrexate, raptiva, stelara, soriatane, taclonex, with minimal results. it controlled the intense itching and blistering, and that's about it. my low tech interventions have helped me the most which is the use of vaseline, aquaphor, gloves with the tips cut off and very thick socks that i wear all day. when my skin was really thick on the soles of my feet i actually started using razor blades to thin it out. those cracks can send you straight to the moon, they hurt so bad sometimes. so now i just stay as greasy as possible and all is right with the world.

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Welcome first of all.
I am 63 and have had P for longer than I care to admit.
It is discouraging. You will get lots of wonderful
ideas here. Right now I am using Vaseline on
my plaques. An idea I got from this site.
Hang in.....

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