Neem oil?

** Originally posted by stereosb **

My acupuncturist (from India) recommended I try neem oil for my scalp psoriasis. Has anyone used it before? Do I just put it directly on?

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** Originally posted by GitOverIt **

I tried it...I liked it...but it didn't get rid of the P on I used it in combinations for various creams and lotions I concoct.....I never waste any thing I try....
I found going on Dr Heng's treament plan worked best for me....she treats scalp P as a yeast/fungus

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** Originally posted by Dulane **

Neem oil must be good for something...but I can't get past the smell.

It is highly regarded amongst many different people and you can buy a gallon of the stuff for around $100 at the landscape supply house. It must kill bugs anyway...but they also wax leaves of plants with it makes them shine.

I was quite ill when I first came across neem oil. I used it religiously for a couple of weeks and I didn't notice a great improvement of my skin...but in fairness I was flaring when during this time. (When I was first diagnosed.)

Eventually I realized I'd rather be near death than to smell neem all day long.

I hope someone has had a better experience than me, because I know it is often used in P lotions.


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** Originally posted by graystar **

I used my new bottle of neem oil this weekend FINALLY because of your post.
Phewy it stinks.
I put the oil on my scalp and waited 16 hrs to wash it out.
It was hard to put up with the odor.
My scalp p is less tight today and I have picked some of it out. Oh I hate scalp p.
But I feel I got the same result as I do with coconut oil which smells a lot better.
It was also a bit of a dark oil. I did not spill it on clothes but I wondered if it would wash out.

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** Originally posted by twinieten **

My mom used a neem oil lotion on my son last year when he spent a few days at her house. I noticed his palm p actually got better. Sadly, when we got home, the neem didn't seem to be working anymore. I think it was the time in the sun and swimming pool, every day for hours, that made the difference, either alone or in combonation with the neem.

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** Originally posted by wcanyon **

I've used this for a few days for scalp psoriasis. I'm actually impressed with the results. But the smell. Ugh. It smells like rotting burning pine needles. Horrid.

Does anyone know of an oil treatment for scalp psoriasis that doesn't use neem oil (that they've had good luck with)?

Edit: ah, I see coconut oil up there, missed that. How about Jojoba oil? I've heard good things about that.

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** Originally posted by nina2002nina **

If you are looking to try stuff on your scalp P you may want to try Glycerin. Put it on at least 15 minutes before taking a shower. It washes out imediately and completely when water touches it. I heard others with scalp P say it helped. I don't have scalp P yet, but I get tingling and weird sensations on my scalp so I sometimes put the "G" on my scalp before a shower. I am hoping that if P is lurking for my scalp that this will help, but a few have said the G helped their scalp P.

The G takes away all the dead skin without pain. It also stops itching almost immediately. I use G on my areas that had P (hands and feet) just to keep the P away :0). My P is 99% gone due to diet and using Glycerin. The Glycerin is a blessing and uncovers healthy skin.

You can get it at just about any drug store for about $3 to $5.

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** Originally posted by wcanyon **

I figured out what neem oil smells like last night: 1/2 burning rubber, 1/4 pine needles, 1/4 corn. The burning rubber smell really dominates. It's awful. It's like I'd have a choice of using neem oil to treat scalp psor or the girlfriend but not both.

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** Originally posted by jlucia **

I've tried it but the smell put me off. It didnt help me, but thats not to say that it wont help you. Try using it next time you have a cold, so you wont be able to smell it :)

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** Originally posted by Ellenwheelz **

Neem oil and sunlight are what i suspect caused a spontaneous complete clearing for me summer before last. I was spending a lot of time under the carport in indirect light, and was frequently spraying my legs with a neem concoction to fight off the mosquitoes.

It was after the fact that I noticed the P completely clear! It was great. I think this was around August. It only came back gradually the following Feb. I thought it was the neem, but now realize it must have been the UV also.

Neem does not have to be used at full stink, I mean strength. I mixed this bug juice with about one part neem to four parts water, with a nice fragrant dollop of essential oil, and shook it before spraying each time. The smell wasn't really that bad! On the other hand, this was not a quick cure. I was using it for months. The same could be done with shampoo or body wash.

The neem tree is referred to as the pharmacy of India (an older cohort of India, no doubt, than those presently hawking fake pharms on the interwebs).

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** Originally posted by BrianH **


The G takes away all the dead skin without pain. It also stops itching almost immediately. I use G on my areas that had P (hands and feet) just to keep the P away :0). My P is 99% gone due to diet and using Glycerin. The Glycerin is a blessing and uncovers healthy skin.

You can get it at just about any drug store for about $3 to $5.

The research says that G. helps rebuild healthy skin layers from the bottom up. P.-skin is disordered, a jumble of cells and layers not properly separated or functional. So it's not just "uncovering", it's re-creating!

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** Originally posted by catherinem **

I was at the riteaid looking for a lotion that would soothe my broken out skin from a reaction to sunlight. A friend of mine works there and suggested Neem.
She later dropped a few sample of different neem products that she sells as well. Before I went to bed I applied the aloe neem gel all over. It was the most soothing amazing experience. It fell actually good to be in my skin and I never realized how much I have grown accustomed to itchy skin. I slept better and did not want the feeling to end. Not sure that he will help the psoriasis but the rash is almost gone. It usually takes 1 to 2 weeks for it to go away. The neem oil smells very stong but the aloe neem is not unpleasant at all. It cost $12 retail. Catherine

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** Originally posted by alexia **

hi, re neem oil:

I tried one mixture which contained the neem oil and some others, it had no awful odor as described in some other posts and it really worked for me, after a couple of weeks the psoriasis on my head and elbows incl. itching and redness almost disappeared and it's getting better and better every day. I got the mixture on this web site:

Try it out, it might also work for you.


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