My first post and my mind is everywhere ...

I'm 30 and my P started 3 years ago ... My prime years ... I have tried everything in my capability to fix it ...
I was misdiagnosed for the first year by 3 different dermatologists who did not know what the condition was ... so they just decided it was eczema.
I haven't told anyone in my family because they won't understand ... they would probably think its a STD ... Disappointment ... My ex slowly distanced herself from me and broke up, disappointment ...
Now I'm interested in this new girl and she seems very interested, but she doesn't know that my whole chest, stomach and back is covered with scars and lesions ... Its stressing me out so much just to imagine how shattered I would be to get rejected because of something I can't control.

I've tried cortisone creams, diet control, quit smoking, quit drinking, exercise, changing my house, changing my environment and made my lifestyle more mellow with less stress but now the lesions are on my scalp and I feel its only a matter of time for them to appear on my face.

I feel that further disappointment awaits me ...

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I've had P for years and I worried about it going to my face too. It still hasn't, though it is in every other nook and cranny. Worrying won't stop it so stop adding the stress.

Good luck with your new girl. Seriously, if she is into you, it won't matter at all. (Coming from a girl's perspective).

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Please don't get discouraged. Who you are on the inside is what counts. Not what people look like on the outside. I wish that people would look beyond what really matters. If your new girl sees the beauty of you on the inside, the outside will not matter.
Good Luck! I just started with this stuff too.... so far, on my feet and hands. Feet you can cover up with shoes and socks --- hands -- not so much!

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I know how you feel...I am currently not able to get ant treatment for mine and it is starting to show up on ,y face pretty bad. :( I have been lucky, my fiancee has been here with me through this struggle and he doesn't judge or look at me any different now that it has gotten worse. I hope this girl doesn't change her opinion of you based in that :( good luck!

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Hang in there, NAAK.

Are you getting treatment now?

When it's up front with your new Lady. Be honest and forthright and if she genuinely cares for won't mean (Bo)diddly.

Get that rejection crap out of your sound like a solid Dude. If she rejects didn't want her to begin with..that's just shallow, right?

Head up, Man!!

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I am now 62 and have psoriasis since I was 27. I have been happily married for 31 years. I still remember being afraid for my husband to see all my lesions but love is a wonderful thing. It creates a blindness to our imperfections. I stay active, have two children, three grandchildren and one on the way. Your life will be full and wonderful if you don't let your condition define you.

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Be honest and explain the disease, stressing that it's not contagious, naturally! If and when it comes time to be intimate, candlelight and "silky stuff" go a long way to boost confidence! Seriously though, if she's really into you, it won't matter. I think we are all more critical of ourselves that others are of us. Thanks to the media with it's many commercials, I think the public are much more aware of psoriasis. I do believe that the commercials have to stop making psoriasis sufferers look like comic books with the stupid pixelated cartoons and show real psoriasis.

Hang in there Naak... like I said above, a silky shirt, dim lights....helps my confidence!

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Thanks all for the encouragement ... I feel so much better after sharing my thoughts with you guys ... I've always been afraid of talking about it and I still haven't told my family even though they would accept me regardless. It's just not an easy thing to share I guess ... But you all are awesome people and I will keep you all posted !

Currently I'm only using a cortisone cream called clobiderm ... It helped a little but I want to try UV light and sea salt baths because those are the only two things that I haven't tried yet.

Thanks all again,

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Get the book "Healing Psoriasis" by Dr. Pagano. within a few months you will see great clearing. His diet and protocols are tried and true no gimmicks. good luck.

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NAAK, take that first step and tell someone about your psoriasis. Honestly, its very difficult to do at first, but then its a great weight off your shoulders! Psoriasis absolutely kills confidence if you let it. The more people you tell, the less of a big deal it will seem to you. I've gotten to the point that I can talk about it with total strangers. I feel absolutely fine about it now, so take that leap! Tell your best buddy first.

To help open up the dialogue, tell this new girl that you need to make an appointment to see the dermatologist. She will be curious and ask why. Then tell her you "have this common skin condition called Psoriasis". Chances are she'll know someone that has it and will be totally understanding. If she doesn't know about P, then this is your chance to educate her. Don't underestimate people. Give this girl the chance. If she runs, then she's not the one for you.

I really believe that psoriasis sufferers relationships break down because of how it affects us emotionally, not what is evident on our skin.

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Good points made ScarySkin!

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Try this. Soooooooooooooooo many Inspire members claim it stops the itching IMMEDIATELY,
reduces the redness and scaling. Great for SCALP and skin. It's OTC, cheap/natural ....worth a try! -inflammatory/

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