my Candida experience (warning: GROSS!!!)

[Warning: this topic is not for the squeamish!!]

Several days ago I noticed my bowel movements were getting very mucous-y, to the point where I couldn't see the stools from the cloud of mucous. I then started to feel vaguely ill, ... lethargic, irritable, blah. ...then things got interesting.

I began to feel a vague bit of moisture on my anus ( have been warned!). This moisture lead to a bit of itchiness and discomfort. Of course I started to pay extra close attention to cleanliness, hoping that what I felt was nothing more than perspiration . But nope, it was coming out from within me.

Last Saturday I was feeling my worst. Of course I thought of going to the doctor. But the problem: I wouldn't be able to make an appointment until Monday, then perhaps not see him until Wednesday, then be asked to get a stool sample, and not have the results until the following Monday. That meant 9 more days of feeling unwell. And so I took matters into my own hands.

As I reported quite often, I have suffered from IBS for several years. The symptoms are much better than what they used to be, but I'm still not 100%. All the mucous in my bowel movements meant that my body (colon lining) was trying to rid itself of something (..this is explained in Digestive Wellness by Lipski). This something could be a worm or parasite. But in viewing the topic on the web I thought the culprit was Candida. A very itchy anus is definitely a sign of worms. A moist, discomforting anus is probably Candida. So I decided to nuke the bugger.

On Sunday afternoon I gave myself my first enema ever. Let me say it was probably the most inelegant thing I ever did. The enema solution was saline plus I added a small amount of white vinegar to make it slightly acidic (to hurt the Candida). I also added a small amount of ground aged garlic to the mix. The garlic burned like hell; I should have simply boiled a couple cloves of garlic and used the result of that.

Of course 10 minutes after the enema I had to go to the toilet. Out came the predictable yuck, and I started to feel much better. However 2 hours later I felt like I had something watery left in me so back to the toilet I went. The output looked something like:

In the commode it looked something like an upside jellyfish. The body was very flat, about 2 inches square. The tentacles (actually roots, called rhizoids: ) extended up to the top of the water ... a good 6 inches or more.

Of course I was both grossed out and relieved that alien creature was out of me. And my anal itch was completely gone. Since then my bowel movements have yielded almost no mucous.

Now what does this have to do with psoriasis? IMHO, it comes down to the leaky gut syndrome. Guts leak often because of parasites. Candida's lengthy roots are vicious on the colon lining. Although a very simple organization, these guys have a superb survival instinct. They grab hold and they don't let go.

To be quite honest, I am surprised this situation happened to me. I've been doing very well by eating sauerkraut daily, which is loaded with Lactobacilli, and taking apple cider vinegar to increase my stomach acid ( digest proteins). My intestinal gas went down tremendously, maybe by 95%. This means a 95% reduction in undigested food fermenting in my gut. For food in the gut to ferment you need yeast (Candida). So the Candida in my gut should have been starving, not multiplying.

What I think happened is that the Candida blob that I expelled was at its last legs of survival. Due to the sauerkraut and ACV my intestines became inhospitable. The Candida was being pushed out, right to my rectum. The enema I gave myself only affected perhaps the last 12 inches of my colon. That bugger was at the backdoor trying to escape. :-)

Now I don't suggest everyone go out and give yourselves a garlic enema. But be aware Candida is very real, and it can pop up even when you are doing a good job at trying to eradicate it. If you do experience anal itching I do recommend you see your doctor immediately. I waited and it rapidly became insufferable. Although a garlic (or ACV) enema would likely kill off whatever is bothering you it is preferable to know exactly what's going on. If a stool analysis says Candida the doc is likely to give you a Nystatin suppository prescription. This is definitely a kinder way to go!

Sorry for the length and graphic content of this post.


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Interesting! BTW my sauerkraut is excellent tasting and thanks for the tips, Lazza.

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My P was originally mis-dxed as was the the excess dead or dying skin in my anal cleft (plumers cracker :)) that formed a white almost paste like excess..I also had P on my tounge that they thought was thurst from the candida. It wasn't till I started getting plaques, back and toe pains, and nail pitting that they correctly Dx everything.

I'm sure you know yeast feeds on stay away from them, especially beer and other boozes.

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leatherman: you are welcome. Sauerkraut takes some effort to prepare but it is well worth the effort!

TheHut: I think the worst food for Candida is starch. So anything made with grains (wheat, rice), corn, potatoes or sweet potatoes just feeds the yeast. Lactose (milk) is bad, although I don't do dairy any more, and any processed food with added sugar is bad also. I think fruits on balance are okay-ish; it would be bad to forgo something as nutritious as fruits in fear of Candida.

There was one study that showed 50% of the general populace had Candida, 75% of psoriatics were infected. Candida was detected either in their saliva or their stools. Certainly most of these people have only harmless amounts of these beasts. But there are exceptions, and I am living proof.


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He He He

Well you did warn me; can’t say fairer than that.

Did you ever watch an UFO conspiracy theory based science fiction television show called Dark Skies?

All I can now picture is the alien blob from Dark Skies coming out of your anus.

How the heck do I get this awful imagery out of my head!!!!!

Pity you didn’t think about capturing this alien invader in a jar and taking a photo – after all, you know how much some forum members demand photo proof :)

On a more serious note Lazza, would medication from the doctor really have been the answer? Medications don’t really cure the problem, they just mask the symptoms. You think you are better but it is almost guaranteed the issue will rear its ugly head again a few years down the line; it has to come out at some point, or you run the risk of it manifesting into other more serious problems.

Remember like you, I started off with IBS which eventually developed into more serious IBD. Now I am not totally blaming the chemical medications the doctor gave me, but they sure as heck didn’t help in the long run. It would be OK as a one-off, but I would be wary about becoming too dependent on them, as they will only add to your woes over time.

I was reading an article written by Angela Stokes from Rawreform. She was doing a 90 day Green Juices detox with enemas. She cured herself of Candida years ago, she was still finding all sorts of “interesting” things coming out of her body.

So if her experiences are anything to go may have periodic passings well into the future.

Did you buy a proper enema kit or did you use a homemade version?

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I didn't know Candida looks like an octopus!!!! I thought they are microscopic organisms...

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It is possible that all that SAUERKRAUT which is VERY ACIDIC may have encouraged the OVERGROWTH of the Candida.

As a hospital microbiologist of course we grew yeast. It grew out from some of the specimens of body tissue and fluid.
The yeast U R referring to is most likely ......... Candia albicans. That is the pathogen, while the other Candia species
do no harm and can be part of normal flora.

Yeast THRIVE in an acid environment.
When we wanted to isolate a yeast mixed w/ numerous bacteria, we placed a drop of HCl on the colonies grown on the agar and the next day a large amt of yeast grew and the bacteria were gone. Acid is bactericidal but not fungicidal except at very low Ph.

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This is what I found:

Foods to avoid on a yeast free diet

Breads, rolls, cookies, pastries, pretzels and other bready foods
Vinegar, and foods which contain it, like mayonnaise, salad dressing, barbecue sauce, mustard, pickles and pickled foods.
Wine, beer and spirits
Fermented foods and beverages like sauerkraut or cider ............ info from this site

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Julia, thanks. However you are incorrect when you say yeast need an acidic environment to grow. Here is what I know:

1) The stomach needs to be acidic, the small intestine alkaline, the colon mildly acidic.

2) Sauerkraut is loaded with Lactobacilli, a "good" bacteria that is useful in the small intestine. Most digestion (nutrition absorption) occurs in the small intestine.

3) Sauerkraut should be fully digested in the small intestine with little going down into the colon.

4) Candida infestation primarily affects the colon.

5) Since eating sauerkraut daily for the past four months my psoriasis has improved considerably.

I think this article explains my situation perfectly:

Note it says:

"Candida albicans is not a bad bacterium. Our bodies need it, and it ordinarily lives quietly in a symbiotic relationship with other bacterium. It's only when the pH of the colon becomes unbalanced (alkaline) and is overwhelmed by an overgrowth of Candida that problems begin. An alkaline colon is to be avoided or corrected.

And contrary to what you posted, here is one of many articles that say sauerkraut is good for fighting Candida: t-juice/

In addition, acidic stuff like vinegar and hydrogen peroxide can be used to kill yeast infections on the skin. So really, yeast die very quickly when exposed to anything acidic.

Bottom line: I believe sauerkraut is very good and I cannot see how it can turn the colon into a alkaline environment to foster Candida production.


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LPP, yes I agree that any medication a doctor would give only affects the immediate symptom (Candida) but not the root cause (digestion maladies). So one really needs to be mindful of the big picture. In my case I pretty much know the big picture. This Candida blob working towards my rectum seems to be the end result of several corrective steps I've been taking to cure my IBS. But if someone gets a Candida blob "out of nowhere" I would definitively visit a holistic medical practitioner to find out what has gone wrong with their digestive tract.

Although people having been doing all sorts of enemas for years (coffee enema, ACV enema, garlic enema) I do think it is safest to have a stool analysis done and treat the pathogen/parasite with medication. The colon is very sensitive. Putting the wrong stuff in the enema bag can be dangerous.


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That's an incredible story Lazza. I wonder if you will see 100% clearing now. I know you said you were clear, but maybe any last stubborn remnants will be completely gone now.

Do you take ACV on a regular basis?

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NYGuy11, hi. Yep, four days later and I still can't believe a parasitic beast popped out of my backside!! And yes, I can only hope for some further clearance. The only psoriasis I have left of any consequence is some on the bottom of right foot. All other areas are trivial; no one would know I have psoriasis unless I point out a small spot.

Yes, I take ACV twice daily. Once at lunch, then again at dinner. Remember what I take is basically acetic acid tablets, not the fancy apple cider vinegar with "the Mother". Obviously this lowers the pH of my stomach thus encouraging enzyme production for better digestion. However acetic acid is not a terribly strong acid. This is why I want to start using HCL. The idea is to make your stomach acid almost to the point of causing heartburn (..of course if you suffer from chronic heartburn or if you have ulcers you should be taking acid supplements!).


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Have you read the Body Ecology diet by Donna Gates. She addresses all of the above. Besides sauerkraut, do you eat any other fermented foods?

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ACELady, no I haven't read that book. But I have read Digestive Wellness (Lipski) and The Probiotics Revolution (Huffnagle) which talk about colon health and the importance of eating probiotics. What does The Body Ecology Diet cover exactly?

No, sauerkraut is the only fermented food I eat. I was thinking of making my own pickles as well, and probably will at some point. A friend of mine dumps in various veggies into the fermentation crock when making sauerkraut. It's not clear to me as to whether these veggies (carrots, cauliflower, ..) actually ferment but he swears the results taste great.


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Just about any vegetables and even fruits can be lacto-fermented, but fruits
will need much less fermentation time as they contain much more sugar

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Julia, thanks for the very helpful link. Yet I think there are relatively few select veggies that can be fermented without the use of a starter. My friend dumps in various veggies into his fermenting crock but always has cabbage in it so the fermentation can get going magically on its own. My complaint with this approach is that you will wind up with everything tasting like sauerkraut!

Actually I am fairly happy chugging along on just sauerkraut, mostly because it really tastes awesome. Fermenting other veggies, for example cucumbers to make pickles, will still yield the same good bacteria: Lactobacilli (...I believe). I would eagerly ferment other veggies if they produced differing bacteria, like with yogurt. Unfortunately I don't want to try making my own yogurt because of my dairy intolerance.


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Holy $%&^! I'll be having nightmares about that until the day I die! I dont drink, but may need a drink after veiwing that, I love what Leatherman says, "Interesting!"

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Lazza, have you asked yourself whether this wasn't Candida, but just some of the lining of your colon that was excreted due to the enema you took? In all the years I have been a physician, I have not come across this phenomenon,( a jelly fish like material due to Candida coming out of the colon). Usually Candida of the gut is diagnosed by microscopy of the stools, as it is not apparent to the naked eye.

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hanwa, well of course I didn't take the thing to a lab to be analyzed. But the following factors indicate it was likely Candida:

1) It looked nothing like colon lining material I've seen in the past (, and yes I have seen bits of the stuff come out of me in the past).

2) All my symptoms (seepage from anus, extreme mucous-y stools, feeling generally ill) all went away after the thing left my body. If it was just colon lining I would not have seen immediate relief from all these symptoms.

Candida is indeed microscopic little nothings when in yeast form. However they can develop into a fungal state where rhizoids develop:

"In the fungal state of Candida albicans, the organism can produce rhizoids, very long root-like structures. Rhizoids can penetrate mucosa or intestinal walls, leaving microscopic holes and allowing toxins, undigested food particles, bacteria, and yeast to enter the bloodstream.

Lots of info out there if you Google on "Candida rhizoids". Also I am sure you have access to loads of technical, medical material which is probably better to your liking (..and way over my head!).


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First of all Laza, be careful of what you read on the internet, not all of it is true. Second I have never seen this in any patient, nor have I seen it described in the medical literature. If this sort of thing indeed did happen, it should be described somwhere medical, where it is more likely to have been studied properly. Third you might be misleading people who read your thread and start worrying about monsters coming out of their anus.

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and fourth, if you had that amount of Candida inside you, your immunity must be very low like in an AIDS patient, because it is only with a very low immunity that you get that level of Candidiasis.

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