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Good morning, all. Does anyone know what an MO blood test is? My rheumy will not explain test results...but I saw my lab chart that shows MO is out of range high. I'm on pretty low dose (17.5) mtx. Just curious. (Doc has been named one of top rheumys in Dallas for several years, but it's pretty much just do what he says..not a lot of communication. ) Thanks for any info you may have.

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That has never been on my blood tests. The only thing I could find online is that MO is the atomic abbreviation for an element called Molybdenum that is defined as an "essential trace element" in the nutrition of plants and animals and which is available in supplements sold by health food stores. It is also used to make metal alloys.

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** Originally posted by patti2957 **

Even if he won't take time with you, you should call his office and ask to have your test results sent to your primary care doc, and then call or visit him/her to get explanations of that and anything else that you wonder about. I've never seen that on mine either...
let us know what you find out,

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I cant say for sure without seeing the form and having it in context, but personally I think it could mean....

Monthly blood test.

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** Originally posted by seedoubleyou **

Curious -- is the "MO" listed at/near WBC (white blood cell count)?? Thinking it may be referring to Monocytes, specifically if your dr. routinely orders a WBC differential (fairly common for psoriatics). Highs in any of the WBC components typically indicates infection/inflammation.

Hope that helps!! :)

(My rheumy is Dr. Kazi at UTSW/Dallas, btw.)

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