Methotrexate and menstrual cycle?

** Originally posted by redneck **

Can taking methotrexate alter your monthly periods? I started my pills about two weeks ago and my period is very late,I'm not pregnant,my husband had a vasectomy almost two years ago. I just was wondering if it could make your period late,or if I could skip it entirely?

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** Originally posted by reaganfamily **


I have been on Mtx since the end of November. I, too, have been "off cycle" since starting.

Last cycle, it was 1 1/2 months late... Being that we must not get pregnant while taking MTX, I was concerned. I thought it was due to the stress of being on MTX as well as being late... which, as we know, can delay it even more... Ah, the vicious cycle! LOL! :eek:

I hope this helps. Take care! Keep me posted on your MTX results??? I hope it works well for you.


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