Major breakout over entire body

I was diagnosed with guttate psoriasis when I was 14. I had a break out because of an infection I had with Strep throat. After about 8-9 month it cleared up completely on its own. I was clear until I was about 19 (1999
) and I started to break out just on my calves and a little on my knees and elbows. Then last year, in the beginning of 2012 I started to break out on my thighs, stomach and back, which I had never had happen before. The breakout, while annoying was managed with sun light and ointments and my diet. Then this year in Dec I broke out terribly. I am now covered easily over 80-90% of my body. Even my face which had never been really affected before. I am convinced what happened is this, I had gotten tonsilities, which I have had before and never got a break out, but this time I got very dehydrated and ended up in urgent care. I got an IV of fluids and also an IV of an antibiotic. I believe someting about the IV antibiotic triggered something within me. I started noticing a rash break out on my inner thighs the next day. It continued to get worse and within a week I was COVERED. So here I am, a month later covered top to bottom in psoriasis. I look like I have a mix of guttate and plaque psoriasis. I cry almost daily because of how I look. I want so badly to fight it as natrually as I can, but I don't get much support for that. The steriod tubes they give me that are supposed to last a month are gone in 4 days since I have to use it on my entire body. I am just at a loss for what to do. I can start Methotrexate and see if that helps, but the side effects worry me. I am a mom of 4 young ones and I need to be healthy for my babies. I am normally a very active cheerful person, but this has really brought me down. My skin hurts and burns and itches, as I am sure you are all familiart with. I wanted to see about getting the stelara shot, but the side effects for that are even greater.

I guess I am just looking for guidence. I would LOVE to have it just on my calves again. I can't believe I even complained about that before. I would do anything to have just that again instead of being a giant walking psoriais patch. So, I guess my options are keep trying the natural route (open to suggestions too), just try methotrexate or stick with the steroid creams.

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I hear ya... I am the same coverage amount... did all the things the docs said, ran through tubes of steroids (only one sorta worked). I am on Stelara now, but after much self-educating I am changing my ways of treatment to healing through diet as well as using oils and dead sea salts on my skin. I've been on Stelara for 7 weeks now, have had side effects that lasted the first 2 weeks of my 2nd shot. I have seen limited improvements from the injection... I started seeing improvements when I altered my diet drastically. I actually think the Stelara makes my skin worse because I was clearing up until the 2nd shot when I then broke out again immediately after!
I agreed to try Stelara to help acheive clear skin because I am so severly covered, but beyond that I will not stay on it.

I know the decision is hard, you'll just have to do your research and find out what you are comfortable with. Take your time in deciding, and even if the doctors tell you your "only choice" is the drugs they offer, know that they are simply narrow-minded in how they treat. There are a lot of good read on this forum, good links to site and information :)

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I just wrote about my experience with heavy use of steroid cremes... on the thread about the iL-17 clinical trials "cure", in reference to a doctor who wrote the prescription without any kind of 'heads up' as to how potentially powerful the steroid I was using could be!

I have 95% full body guttate coverage and in 2010 I was prescribed a very potent topical steroid cream. Like you, I was going through a tube every 3-4 days as I'd been told to "apply it to all affected areas". I was squirting out a whole rope of the slick white cream and rubbing it into my whole body -- much like you would with suntan lotion. My doctor had said to 'put it on the affected areas twice a day" --- but neglected to mention that the steroid I had was so strong that it is recommended to apply with gloves. If I had a single clue at how much potential damage I was doing to my internal organs -- and my overall physical and mental health, I would have never filled the prescription.

Here's what I learned --- the steroids can REALLY send you for a loop!! Holy Cow -- I was a mess... When I finally switched derm docs and then told the new "listening" doctor about the creme and how much I'd gone through, etc., he just shook his head in disbelief. An intern at my original doctor was the first one to give me a heads up that I was unknowingly overdosing quite heavily.

What you need to know is that the steroids can have some VERY odd side-effects to the point of really wiping you out emotionally. "Steroid Psychosis" --- depression --- or, in my case, insomnia, restlessness, nervousness, and just plain stressed out. I'm a very calm, relaxed person, and yet I was becoming very fearful, stressing out over simple things, and stuck in this mode of 'worrying' about everything. (NOT ME AT ALL)

And worse, it can tend to spiral. As you lose more and more sleep because of the steroids, it takes a big toll on your overall health.

So be careful ------ no temporary cosmetic improvement is worth it at all if all of a sudden your kids are thinking, , "Man, mom is really OUT of it!"

I'm past the crying stage and now, in a calm acceptance of the reality that the cells in my body do now how to be clear -- and I have seen huge patches of guttate and thick plaque appear and disappear over time. Places where I had stubborn 'spots' that didn't disappear for a decade suddenly subside while other areas go out of control.

It sounds kinda strange, but if you start to see your whole entire being as one single living organism - "planet you" with everything you do (diet, exercise, nutrition, excess, stress, alcohol, good energy, negative energy, etc) having an effect on your overall being, you can start to 'manage' how you allow the exterior to exist - and also to affect the rest of your thoughts, personal self-esteem, etc. There are genetic factors and environmental factors at play, and thus far, there are no absolutes that work the same for every individual -- but when you start to experience the whole interplay of everything working together, getting ahold of the exterior layers of skin starts to make sense as your overall health balances out.

In my case, stress is definitely a factor, even in times when I didn't realize I was in a stressful situation. The "flares" coincide with times in my life when there were significant stressful factors. And, not surprisingly, this latest full-body Psoriasis Festival followed a life-changing traumatic experience. And now that I've started to grasp that, the psoriasis isn't stressful. Irritating and itchy and all of that.... but minor, really, when you see some of the obstacles that many other people endure in their lives.

Your body DOES know how to clear - all of those cells have the capacity to do it. and you have the ability to put together the right balance to get that 'stasis' back. It may be as long as the proverbial '7 year itch' (our bodies eventually replace every single cell except some bone & teeth cells evry 7 years right?) So, as you're recycling, understand the experience, and that your body is doing what it needs to do to recover. It isn't always the most wonderful thing, cosmetically, but it is what it is.

Seriously, though... watch out for using large amounts of steroid creme of any kind ---- it truly affects much much more than just the surface of your skin. even a .02% application, applied liberally over several days, can whallop your grey matter.

be careful and be well,

peace & healing,

(also - from Nat'l Inst. of Health --- symptoms of corticosteroid overdose:)
Burning or itching skin
Dry skin
High blood pressure
Muscle weakness
Stopping of menstrual cycle
Swelling in lower legs, ankles, or feet
Worsening of health conditions such as ulcers, diabetes

just to name a few.... be careful, even with highly diluted concentrations

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Hey Jimharms, I have been suffering guttate for the past two years, dots and scale everywhere. The steroid creams are tough to put on when it is everywhere. My derm gave me a prescription for a spray called Clobex. My co-pay was $50.00. You can only use it for a short time, once a day for about two weeks, then you cut down to twice aweek . It works great, but that being said its a powerful medication. The only thing I noticed was your skin will become thinner and you can bruse very quickly. I am having light therapy and only use the Clobex maybe once every two weeks now. Im better, but not completely clear. This treatment will get you over the hump, but diet is very important too. Good luck and hang in there.

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Check out Dr. Pagano's "Healing Psoriasis" It has helped many to clear.

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Hi, i have had p for over 30 years and tried soooo many treatments. Have you tried PUVA? I would have treatments for 3 months at the end of each winter and it would clear me totally for the whole summer, then the machine was taken away from my area - i was gutted! I then bought a home UVB machine which also cleared me totally for 3 years but then stopped working. I was like you after this and very bad!! I have now had 3 shots of Stelara and am once again clear - am enjoying summer in t shirt and shorts. I have found Stelara amazing, was nearly all clear after shot 2. Side affects have only lasted for a day or 2 after each shot and very very minor - nothing much really. Dont give up and keep trying treatments until you find one that works! Good luck.

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because your guttate was triggered after getting sick twice - i don't think taking mtx or stelera is a good idea since it lowers the immune system. i guess that is a gamble for you and your derm to decide.
try some uv-b light treatments
since you broke out only 2 months ago there is a good chance you will heal naturally in 6 months or so.
i hope you make a comeback.

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I was getting very sick during the winter with flue, bad head colds etc very often, i always was way more sick than anyone else and it always lastest way longer than other family members. So when i started stelara i was very worried that if i got sick, how bad was it going to be and for how long. Well my partner got a very bad flue type coughing bug ( he dosnt get sick very often ) after i had had 3 shots of stelara - then my sore throat started, oh no!! But wow, i was just like everyone else this time, in 5 days it was gone ( used to be weeks with doc app for antibotics to clear ). My tounge was always white, now it looks normal. I think stelara put my immune system where they should be!! Well, so far so good.

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Let me clarify, perhaps I wasn't clear. This massive blowout has happened in the last 2 month. However I had spots all over my body for all of 2012. I had gotten a good handle of it though and was clearing it through diet, tanning and creams I would experiment with. I had psoriasis consistentaly since 1998/99 on only my calves, elbows, scalp, and knees. I can't believe I complained about that now. Most of my spots have now combined into just redness. I have struggled with this since I was 19, I am now 32. And had 2 outbreaks prior, at 14 and one in my elementary school days.

I do want to tackle this as naturally as possible. THe drugs out there do sound appealing, but I just can't find peace in using them. I have read Dr. Pagano's book. Unfortunately I got rid of it, BUT I did check it out at the library today. I am ready to try this. Glycerin, Tea Tree Oil, coconut oil, ACV, supplments, diet changes, UVB whatever it takes. I will not allow this to take me over any more and control how I feel when I look in the mirror, get dressed, shower or have to apply my lotion. There has to be a way.

I am not firmilar with PUVA, what is that?

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PUVA is light treatment, you take pills 2 hours before treatment and must wear dark glasses for the day after your treatment. UVB. You have treatment 3 times a week to start, then twice a week, then once a week for the last month - i was usually clear at the end of 3 times a week.

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After researching more, I think my P is turing into Erythrodermic.

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I did my research. In your case, it seems like it's the antibiotics that triggered it. What I read was psoriasis is caused by an imbalance in our autoimmune system. If that happens, sometimes it might cause a leak in our intestines. The toxins will leak out into our body and cause the break outs. The solution is to have probiotics. Eat activia or drink yakult or anything with probiotics to clean your system and regulate your autoimmune system. Take high dosage of Vitamin D and eat a lot of oatmeal.

It sounds really weird but everyday I rub distilled vinegar all over my body in the shower. I already have it in a pump. Then, I rinse myself with warm water and soap (using unscented mild soap). It stings if you have open wound but won't last long. I rather hurt for 1 minute than scratch the whole day. My psoriasis is starting to clear up. It doesn't sting anymore when I apply vinegar all over. At night, I use the unscented Neutrogena oil all over my head. Twice a week, I shampoo with Nizoral (leave it for 5 minutes, then rinse). On other days, I use my regular shampoo- Pantene. Immediately every shower, I apply Cereve lotion. It has ceremides which softens the skin. You can buy them at Walgreens and CVS. At night, I apply petroleum jelly.

Everywhere I go, I have with me "Bite" handy. It's supposed to be for insect bites. It is a medicinal ammonia that works wonders for me. I'll apply it on every new rash I'll get. The redness goes away immediately and stopped the itching. It stinks but it evaporates so fast that the smell dissipates. I got mine from Walgreens next to "Off". The key to psoriasis is not to scratch. Try to get a lot of sunlight as much as possible. 20 minutes a day should be good.

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jmharms... regarding the erythrodermic thing, the guttate spots can spread into large spots, making that appearance... usually its a sign of healing. You are on the right track with your natural approach, it will just take time because you have it so severely. Mine does the same, and usually when it spreads out its moving towards healing. After it spreads larger, it usually will start to lighten and then slowly shrink :) hope that helps.While you're read in Paganos book, you will notice he talks about this reaction during the healing stage also.

p.s. sunlight didn't help me at all, I got my outbreak during the middle of summer (90plus degrees).

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