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** Originally posted by theuddercow **

so i work at a school and there was an out break of lice with the kids. the entire staff and students are required to use Rid shampoo and cannot return to the school with out reciept and being checked by a professional which will be at the school. I don't even know if people with psoriasis can get lice. but Im worried that the shampoo is gonna make my p flare up or there is more of a chance of something bad happening because i've picked my head raw. im sure i dont have lice but frightened that the professional checking out heads is going to send me home because they can't tell the difference between a flake and a nit. help?!

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** Originally posted by GitOverIt **

Well for your own good I would suggest you call your doc and ask if the shampoo is ok but I would also get checked....those critters just might like P skin......

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** Originally posted by iLoVeSluG **

i read about this yesterday and it said that the shampooo wont be on ur scalp long enough to irritate the P

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** Originally posted by JesseLou **

It's really easy to tell the difference between a nit and a flake. Nits have to be caught between your finger nails and pulled the entire length of the hair. Flakes can be blown or flicked off - can't do that to a nit. Also, nits are shaped like tiny eggs, always, and flakes are iregularly shaped.

If you don't pass with the school nurse, go to your doctor and get them to check you.

If you are lice and nit free, the best way to stay that way is to strip your clothes off as soon as you get home and put them in the washer and dryer. Get in the shower, wash your hair really well, and dry it with a hair dryer.

Good Luck!!!!!!

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** Originally posted by PJ66 **

The shampoo shouldn't make your p flare but if your scalp is raw it is going to burn. I lived in Florida for 8 years and my kids had picked up head lice often when we lived there. I wouldn't worry about them not being able to tell the difference between p and nits. Nits will stick to the hair and won't come off unless you take your fingernails and pull it off. P will just fall off.

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** Originally posted by mildred1975 **

I have five girls , they are constantly catching head lice thru the school, So obviously I have had head lice and I am covered with p on my scalp, that answers your question about lice liking p scalp (YES), I have used the shampoo , it did not flare up my p but did burn a bit, you need to let it sit for about 10 minutes , if I was u I would do the treatment because if your scalp itches with just the p , imagine with head lice also ( its a pain in the ....)..

I hope you did not get head lice

good luck


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** Originally posted by theuddercow **

my doctor suggested that i use vaseline and leave it overnight. then put conitioner in my hair and use a lice comb an see iff i see anyy nits when i comb it out. if i see some then i should go ahead an use rid. ill keep you all posted.

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** Originally posted by janay **

man we got it all the time when i was a kid in sc and va, where i was in the summer. Woods are horrible like that. I even got paranoia about lice from it that i shave my head. Its almost like i'm the first one they go for...

anyway, yeah they'll go for your head. It probably won't make yah flare, but everyone's skin is diff. There are other remedys though. I can ask my mom for a list. They are good when you're broke too. It's what they had before RID :D I'd suggest treatment for just in case.

oh and knowing is horrible when you got p. I mean it's like "flake...flake...flake...ok...not a flake...dang..." It's easiest to tell by the nits. That doesn't match your p flakes!

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** Originally posted by Kimbercat **

Although some people will claim it's an old wive's tale, others will call it a good home remedy: mayonnaise. Since it's a whole lot less expensive than the pesticides, and seems like the oils would be good for p, I'd sure be willing to give it a try first. You can find a link to some other home remedies here. Good luck, and I hope it works for you. Please keep us posted.

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** Originally posted by hauermm **

My daughter picked up lice after getting her hair braided in Aruba. Very STUPID thing to do(husband had it done)

Anyway, the best way I found to kill the lice and loosen the nits is Suave Coconut shampoo and conditioner. After washing glob on the conditioner and let it stay on under a shower cap for about 30 minutes, rinse and dry with a HOT hair dryer. Any nits not smothered by the conditioner will burn from the heat.

The bonus for you...the conditioner will soften any scales on your scalp. And I agree with the others....any school nurse should be able to tell the difference bewteen a flake and a nit.

Personally, I would not be happy being told I HAD to buy and use the shampoo. Showing a reciept only proves that you bought the shampoo, not that you used it. I guess the school adminstration hasn't thought that far ahead. My son's classroom had lice last year, none of the staff were forced to use pesticides on themselves.

Good luck


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