Joint pain sharp stabbing but not pressure

** Originally posted by Glennmaroney **

Hi all.
I have alot of joint pain all over my body at one time or another, uasually four to five joints at a time, sometimes more, seldomly less. These pains are Sharp Stabbing shooting pains with severe stabbing pain that I describe as an ice pick being stabbed right into the middle of the joint and then rotating it around in there. I have these 3 to 4 time an hour in different joints and thank goodnes they only last usually less than a minute. I have swelling in my fingers and my ankles mostly and my knees occasionally. However when I go to the Dr and they ask where I hurt and then squeese the joints they are not tender to the touch. Does any one else have sharp joint pain that is not tender to pressure?
Thanks in advance. This forum has been a Godsend for me.

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** Originally posted by sixpackhottie11 **

well i have it all the time in my knees while running! It hurts bad! But my Doc never gave me anything so I can't help you..... ooo ya he told me to rest for like two days

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** Originally posted by Ranger05 **

My affected joints are not tender to the touch. But I don't get the sharp pains you describe either. My pain feels more like giant bruises. My feet were the worst. It felt like I was walking on two badly bruised feet. But, the pain only occured when walking. I had no pain when at rest and they never were tender as far as I can remember. It's a weird disease. Many people have different symptoms. For example I hear that most people w/ PsA have fatigue and morning stiffness. I have niether really. My morning stiffness is is only slightly more then the stiffness I feel throughout the day. But most mornings, i'm not stiff at all. Fatigue i've never had. But, I have problems w/ my jaw, which according to my Rhuemy is somewhat surprising.

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** Originally posted by ginnylee **

Hi, Glenn! I have pain in several joints. However, I wouldn't explain it exactly the way you do. My back hurts all the time. I do have sharp pains in my lower back and hips when I move while a certain way while I'm having a bad flare - but not on a regular day. My lower back is also sore to the touch. My hands are the same way. Someone shook my hand the other day and it really hurt.

I know what you mean about this forum. It's such a relief when you find someone that understands.

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** Originally posted by szorzi **

The pain in my ankles and wrists feels more like a toothache most of the time. A dull ache that never lets up. Same with hips and shoulders. But the pain in my elbows and knee and lower spine is more sharp and intense. The fingers and toes are more like a stiff feeling.

The strangest pain I have comes occasionally, usually in an ankle. Do you remember that candy called "Pop Rocks"? You put it in your mouth and when the saliva hits it, it kind of explodes or pops with an almost electric kind of tingle. I get that in my ankles - like a sudden pop with a tingle.

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** Originally posted by 1WeekAtATime **

I like the way szorzi put it- the pain is like a toothache. What I'm hearing is that you have stabbing debilitating pain that comes on fast and leaves fast. This is atypical and not what I have come to know of as pa. Have you been tested for pa? Are you in the beginning stages of pa because sometimes symptoms are irregular at first? Do you maybe have a different, muscular pain?

Another possibility is that you just haven't paid attention to the inflammation until it's incredibly painful. Then by the time you get to the doctor, it has settled down. If I were you, I'd make sure I got x-rays, a bone density scan, and blood tests done to make sure it is pa and to see how far along it is. If you start to feel creaky or hot around the joints, lay off of them! Take care of your body so you don't have the sharp pains seeming to come out of nowhere.

If you have some sort of other condition, I hope you can find the right health care to take care of your problem. Hopefully some of this helps.

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** Originally posted by Nano **

Does any one else have sharp joint pain that is not tender to pressure?
Thanks in advance. This forum has been a Godsend for me.

Hi Glenn!

If I understand what you mean, I have both kinds. There are places on my hands where the tendons are bumpy and hot, which are sensitive to pressure, and other places, like my neck, thumb and fingers, lower back, knees and the top of my feet, that send me sharp messages on occasion. Actually, the GOOD thing about that is that when it is BAD bad BAD they hurt all the time, that kind of throbbing hurt that is hard to endure. I'd rather have the sharp stabbies than the continual throbbies. Ya know?

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