Itching all over! Could be Sulfasalazine or Celebrex

** Originally posted by geordieboy44 **

Hi everybody

In the last few days have had bad itching all over and slight burning sensation as well. Spoke to Rheumy Nurse yesterday and she suggested stop the salazine for a week but carry on taking the Celebrex to see if it stops or not, so we can tell which might be the cause. Fair enough i thought but having read about how serious celebrex can affect you i am tempted to stop that as well and just cope with my Pa until i next see my Rheumy. Has anyone else been in this situation?

Also she suggested taking antihistamine tablets, but surely if they work how will i know which drug is causing the problems. I just feel like stopping the meds and taking the antihistamines. Has anyone else had this problem? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.


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** Originally posted by clareb **

Hi Geordieboy

The last time I took Celebrex a couple of months ago it made me itch all over, and my eyes puff up (very attractive, thank you SO much Mr Celebrex). I have taken it in the past with no problems, so this was a new thing. My Rheumy was worried that it meant that I couldn't take Sulfasalazine, as they are both sulfa-based drugs, but I have been taking it with no problems.

The anti-histamine will damp down your allergic response. You only need to take them for 2-3 days until the symptoms go away. If they start up again when you stop taking the anti-histamines then you'll know it's the celebrex.

Given both of them are Sulfa-based you might find you are sensitive to them both.

I hope you feel less itchy soon
Hugs, Clare

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** Originally posted by FRC **

I am sulfa sensitive, could not take sulfasalazine - itching, rash, puffy, not fun, but never had any problems with Celebrex. apparently the formulation in celebrex makes it less likely that you will react to it. Doctor was not surprised that i was ok with it, neither was pharmacist.

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** Originally posted by Shawnster **

I take celebrex and have itching. Not all over, it is only on my arms and sometimes my chest. i have stopped the celebrex and the itching went away. But it manages my pain really well so I started taking it again. I have an appointment tomorrow to discuss lots of medicine related crap. I think the Celebrex may also be related to my recent anxiety/panic attack problems. I never had these issues before starting it.

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** Originally posted by clareb **

There are other anti-inflammatories you can try. I find Mobic (Meloxicam) very good, and it doesnt make me itch.

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