Is there any link between eczema and psoriasis??

** Originally posted by ann404 **

My littlest one has eczema and the doctor has assured me it's not P. However there is no other skin problems in our family that we know of. So does anyone know if theres a link between the two?? Thanks, Ann

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** Originally posted by starwarsmum **

I don't think there is any relationship; I have questioned the docs many times making sure that my boys' eczema is not P. Both of my brothers had eczema, as do my two boys, but no P in my immediate family. Eczema often goes away with time; how old is your son? Mine were really, really bad as babies and preschoolers but have very little now. When they do have it, it is triggered by an external source (more like dermatitis) now, whereas my P usually isn't.

A dermatologist can definitely tell the difference under a microscope.

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** Originally posted by byrd52 **

I have no idea if there is a link and am looking forward to what we hear on this forum. I say this is a "good question" because I had eczema as a young kid (8 or so) and developed P at age 45 and wondered if there was a connection...

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** Originally posted by deidreparris **

Hey Ann,

I have psoriasis. My sister has psoriasis. I have another sister and a brother with eczema. Also several nieces and nephews with eczema. Not a positive link, but is curious, no? deidre

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** Originally posted by lpagano **

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, it has an internal component. Eczema is usually environmental, linked to allergies or other external triggers.

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** Originally posted by Ilear **

Be as it may that there is no documented link... My father and I both have P, whereas my brother has eczema. My derm once told me they tend to run together in families, something about the genes that cause P also causing the skin to be easily irritated (thus causing eczema).

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** Originally posted by mstaylor **

I have no history of psoriasis or eczema on either side of my family as far back as great great Grandparents but I have severe p , one son and a brother who have moderate and mild cases so I'm sure someone in the family tree way way back had it and for some reason it just skipped a lot of generations and we are the one that got dealt the bad cards from the deck. It's a mystery.

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