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** Originally posted by biachech **

Hi all,

I have had psoriasis for about 2.5 years now. It started on my right hand pointer finger and my right elbow. Not bad. I also was diagnosed with inverse psoriasis on my vagina, but on the outside of my vagina on my Vulva and Labia. It has since (in the last month I would say) spread to the inner lips of my vagina. It is now painful to have sex.

I have also suffered from chronic yeast infections for about 5 years. I had the inverse psoriasis on my anus for the 3 years before I was diagnosed with it, always thought it was just a weird rash (gotta love those docs - not!)

Anyway I am using CLOPIROX - TOPICAL CREAM (Loprox) on the outside of my vagina each day and I am very depressed about it moving inside. I already had problems with sex because of my infections, but I think I FINALLY have that under control by taking 1 pill of Diflucan each month before my period, I am very upset that this psoriasis has spread and now I have problems with sex yet again.

I am only 24 so any help you can provide about treatments etc would be great. I have a dr. appointment with my dermatologist is a week or two, but I don't think I can wait that long. Any idea if I can use the CLOPIROX on the inside lips as well as the outside?



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** Originally posted by GitOverIt **

Well! I'm going to suggest something even tho I'm from CAM forum....

I would say you have a good case of candida that was probably started by psoriasis...but got a foot in the door with the sores caused by psoriasis....most inverse P is a yeast! If your doc doesn't treat it as a yeast I think a gyno or GP would be of big help.......
my doctor a D.O. (doctor of osteopathy) treated my inverse/yeast with a 10 day treatment of Diflucan....but it is very hard to get rid of and can come back if it isn't treated again and again! I was clear of inverse and scalp P for a whole year! eating a yeast free diet helps and no sugar as that feeds the yeast...

for a temporary relief you might want to try what Dr Heng suggested to me!

take a clean jar put in a large tube (if you can find one) of Lotrimin 1% and Hydrocortisone 1% both OTC's and mix together in the jar (equal parts)....apply for comfort and yeast control.....

good luck

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** Originally posted by Allie **

Christina -

First - Hugs!!! I totally understand where you are coming from... I have had this too! And it is very difficult. My Dr. prescribed Des Owens (low grade steroid - which will not cause yeast infections). When I knew DH & I were going to go on a trip & it was bad prior to going..... I would be a really bad patient & hit it with a high dose steroid for a few days prior to the trip, which would kick it pretty well & I would be able to enjoy my DH & marital relations. ;)

Good luck!

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** Originally posted by biachech **

I did call a pharmacist and found out you cannot put ciclioprox on the inside. I went to visit my gyno a week or two ago when this first happened and she had a small suspicion it was herpes (thank God it was not) and all she suggessted was to put vasaline down there. I will try your advice. thanks again :)

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** Originally posted by MikeK **

You've alread been given some great advice. Here's some other suggestions that will hopefully help give you some relief.

Until you can get to the derm you can try using some Desitin ( (that's right -- the diaper rash cream). Here's a link to a previous discussion of about Desitin:

You can ask your derm for a prescription of either Elidel ( or or Protopic ( or to treat the psoriasis on my genital area. (I also use both medications to treat the psoriasis in my genial area.) It sometimes helps to alternate use of both meds. Both Elidel and Protopic are approved for eczema but are often prescribed for psoriasis. My dermatologist tells me that meds are safe for use as young as two years old. The bad news is that both Elidel and Protopic have been given "black box warnings" by the FDA because of concerns about cancer. I continue to use both medications. My psoriasis comes back with a vengance if the skip more then a few days. Since both meds are approved for eczema, here's a link to the National Eczema Foundation's statement concerning the use of Protopic and Elidel: Sadly, Sal (sdanna) developed kidney cancer. :( He suspects that it was caused by Elidel, but there's really no way to know for sure. We haven't heard from him for a while, so I hope and pray that he's o.k. Here's a link to the thread where he discusses his diagnosis: I'm not sharing Sal's story to scare you or to discourage you from using a treatment that keeps the psoriasis in a very sensitive area under control. I'm sharing Sal's story because I believe that a fully informed patient makes the best patient. As I said, I continue to use both medications.

I hope this helps.


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** Originally posted by GitOverIt **

If you have candida there is a very strong odor that goes with it....zinc (Desitin or zinc in a tube from drugstore) acts also as a deodorizer and natural healer because of its antiseptic qualities...You will find there is a Desitin cream (low zinc 10%) and Desitin ointment (higher Zinc 40%) the ointment is a very stiff, water-proof type hard to wash off (and not too romantic).....I buy both and mix them or you can take a small container with a lid and mix some of the ointment with a lotion, aloe, or cream that is free of additives! Organic is good even drugstores carry them..............
here is a quote from NPF:

Q: I was diagnosed with a chronic yeast problem (candidiasis) for seven years. I also have psoriatic arthritis that developed three years after the beginning of the yeast problem. I have read that candidiasis could also cause psoriasis and arthritis. Once I eradicate this yeast problem, will my psoriasis and arthritis disappear?

A: It has been well known for years that infections can trigger flares of psoriasis in people who are susceptible. Many years ago, it was actually believed that psoriasis was directly caused by infection. Now we know that infections are just one of the many trigger factors which can be associated with a flare of psoriasis. Two of the common infections that are known to trigger flares are streptococcal (something as simple as a case of strep throat) and Candida, which is the usual cause of a "yeast infection." Treating the infection that may be triggering a flare of psoriasis usually helps, but it is not the case that the psoriasis is likely to disappear altogether upon treatment of infection since often there may be multiple triggers, or no identifiable trigger at all, for any particular flare of psoriasis.

A word of caution about yeast infections: common yeast infections with Candida include oral thrush and vaginal and skin infections. The skin form of yeast infections may show up as a rash in body folds, such as under the arms or breasts or in the groin. Because there is a form of psoriasis called inverse psoriasis, which can be present in these same areas and which may look very similar, it is important to make the distinction since the treatment is very different. Your dermatologist may take a sample of skin to look at under the microscope to clarify the diagnosis. Also, it is possible to have a combination of inverse psoriasis and yeast or another fungal infection at the same time, making the determination of an exact diagnosis even more important. nt/expert/+candida+in+groin+with+psoriasis&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=7&gl=us&ie=UTF- 8

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** Originally posted by biachech **

Thanks for all the advice!

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** Originally posted by PaulKensington **

Hi Christina,

I just replied to a slightly similar post from squeepig.

If you avoid eating sugar / sweet foods (including avoiding daily products* and fruit and coconuts* as well as candies, cakes, biscuits etc.), temporarily avoid foods containing yeast and look up anti-fungal foods (garlic, onions, cloves, thyme, aloe vera etc.) you can eat, I understand this might help you get better.

Well, easier said than done, but there you go.

Wish you luck,


(* some books mention consuming the beneficial bacteria in yogurts and capricin in coconuts help combat candida, but I understand because of the sugars they contain, it might well be necessary to avoid these too for a time.)

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** Originally posted by tiggityrigress **

I know with my inverse psoriasis under both breasts and in the vaginal area, they prescribed me Cutivate cream. This medicine did wonders. When I was 19, the clinic I went to had never seen psoriasis in the vulva area and so they Biopsied it!!! OUCH!!!!!!! Needlessly to say, I never went back. They also took pictures of my entire body for a medical journal..I was 90% covered at the time and they had nothing to give me for relief ~ except the dang coal tar...which did not help, and I smelt so bad...oh my gosh. Nobody wanted to get around me. Talk to you Dermatologist ~ not necessarily the OBGYN ~ because the Derm will know more about it. Good luck to you dear!


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