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I started a discussion this spring with the same title - got a bit heated. Time for an update and hope RedStockings is still tuning in.

Heat was the input by some Posters that drinking glycerin was going to adversely affect my kidneys.
(I'm still kicking, albeit not as high as Rockettes.)

I drink a glass of water with an ounce of glycerin, two teaspoons of honey, and two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar mixed in.
This eases the psoriatic arthritis pain in my ankles and knees.

Have been doing it since April (est.) and joints were so good in August I was drinking once a day and skipped some days.

The seasons are changing and my ankles have been rebelling! Knees aren't as happy, either.

Back to 2-a-days! (Just like professional athletes - LOL)
I had discontinued the ACV believing it was not beneficial. Including it again in case I was wrong.

Temperature dropped 23 degrees in one day yesterday. Since I drank twice a day for the last three days, knees are better today and ankles are no longer wanting to be amputated. Believe it noteworthy because large temperature changes often result in more severe arthritis symptoms.

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, nurse or any other variety of medical professional. This discussion should not be contrued as advice, only as my experience.

Wishes for Relief to All,

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You can get the apple cider capsules and they might be easier to take . I agee acvinegar is a good thing. I haven't tried drinking the glycerin but if you get the pure vegetable glycerin ,then i can't see why it would hurt you , Its an oil . cathy from ma

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Glad you're still kick'in. If you go as high as Rockettes, could get painful. ;)
I also drink the water, glycerin mix two times a day with no problems. Began to apply on skin in June, not for sure when I started internally, but it was shortly thereafter.
I stopped the ACV when I began G. Also plan to include ACV again, I believe there is a gain with it.
If I recall correctly G is supposed to help with passing kidney stones, IMO that's good for the kidneys.
G also in some opinions lowers uric acid therefore helps avoid gout.

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