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Gettin ready to start Humira next week. After living like this for 2 years, this is my last resort. I truly hope it works.

Any input on what I can expect in the days after the injection would help me with the fear of taking it.

I care more about getting relief from the PsA, than the actual psorasis outbreaks. I'm in constant pain and fatigue and malaise is horrid!

Thanks !

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I've actually had wonderful results from Humira last year. I had to stop treatment though because of insurance reasons, but now am back on it. I've been tracking my progress on my blog:

Good luck with your Humira!!

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been on humira for 12 days and am already seeing awesome results. inject in your stomach instead of the thigh because it's a lot less painful...also let the pen sit out for 25-30 minutes so the medicine isn't so cold and the injection will be less painful as well. i was skeptical of humira but i wish i could travel the world as a spokesperson for it now! giving me my life back...i'm going on a date again after 3 months of darkness and depression...thaNK GOD for humira nd good luck to you!!!! it'll work

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Been on Humira since June 2012, starting working within the 1st month or so, I am so relieved to not have the arthritis pain I have had for so many years. Dr did warn me that my pustular psoriais could flare & boy was he right. I had been on prednisone & right after weaning off it in sept the bottom of my feet are a mess. I traded one evil for another but I must say this one is the lesser of the two. Good luck, hope it works for you with your arthritis. Most definatly let it sit out for 30 minutes & inject in stomach. Doesnt hurt a bit.

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Thanks everyone for the replies. My main concern is the supression of the immune system with Humira.

Are people that take Humira especially careful regarding germs, etc? Are there things to avoid from getting an illness? With all the warnings on the label, I am just a little nervous. Can't seem to get this out of my head and really just want to have a positive experience.

Has anyone gotten headaches, colds, fatigue? I am already wiped out from this disease all the time!

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CCC, are you a person who normally gets sick? I experience absolutely no side effects, but I am naturally someone who rarely gets sick. I work in restaurants around lots of people obviously, and every year I might get a slight cold but not even bad enough to miss work. I can only guess that unless you are prone to sickness and/or already "sickly" that the side effects won't be present or if they are, not noticeable. But I'm only guessing! Everyone's different...btw, wore flip flops outside today for the first time in 6 months. worth the risk.

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I've been on Humira for 9 months. I try to be careful around sick people, and I made it through a terrible flu season without any problems. All in all, I haven't seen a difference in my immune system.

Like others said, I really think injecting in the stomach is the way to go. It's a lot less painful for me that way, and I no longer dread the injections. My psoriasis has improved so much and I'm glad I finally decided to try a biologic. Good luck with everything!

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I spent 6 years on Remicade and then started having allergic reactions to it. That was not fun. I was switched over to Humira and it has made a huge difference in treating the psoriatic arthritis. I did get sick this year right after Christmas and had to discontinue for a few can't take antibiotics and the Humira at the same time. And because I had bacterial pneumonia, I broke out in psoriasis pretty much from head to toe. Your immune system is compromised when taking TNF drugs like Humira and Remicade, Enbrel, etc. They are basically low dose chemotherapy drugs. You have to be careful about being around anyone with a cold because you can't fight off a cold while on these drugs. I always tell people not to come near me if they are sick because what might be a head cold or the common cold to them is a disaster for me.

Overall, I would still take the Humira since it does make a difference in my skin condition and the ability to move just have to be careful.

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I agree with where to inject. It hurts like mad on my thighs, so I always inject at my stomach.

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I take methotrexate and the Humira. I always take them at bedtime to reduce chances of a headache, which I frequently got when doing the shots during the day. Stay away from people with sniffles, colds, etc. Don't be afraid to tell them you have a compromised immune system. Most people will be okay with it.

Back in December, I had to go for a physical. The nurse who called me in was sniffling and I asked her if she was sick. She said she was just getting over it and I explained about the compromised immune system and asked for another nurse. She was fine with it. Family can be the hardest, believe it or not, to get them to understand that you can't be near their kids if they are sick. But stick to your guns and you'll stay healthy.

You should also try to eat enough iron rich foods so you don't become anemic. You will definitely be feeling better inside and out!

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Thanks for all the info bunnij.

One more question, did you feel an over all sense of feeling better or just at your joints?

As I previously stated, the skin psorasis I can tolerate since it's not that bad. It's the arthritic part that is hardest for me. This came on suddenly for me back in October of 2010 when I just started not feeling good. It was almost like i felt like I had an infection. Then the psorasis started slightly and then the pain in my neck, elbow and hand. I have had no relief - it doesn't come in "waves" for me. It's been persistent.

What's your experience been like with your overall feeling of wellness?

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Hi, been on Humira since last Sept and I was amazed by its results at first. I could actually see a line of clear skin down a large patch on the back of my legs like someone had poured good skin into me. Bits of my psoriasis have come back recently though so my dermy reckons the antibodies in my blood are somewhat attuned to it. He has given me methotrexate also to suppress these antibodies and to give the Humira a better chance. Must admit though I feel like I'm in another land somedays, very calm and more receptive to other peoples feelings more. It's turning me into a saddo lol. On the whole though don't worry about doing the injection I was the same at first, after a few weeks of doing it you'll find it easy. The stomach bit does work better like people say, just make sure the skin where you are injecting isn't hard though. Sometimes if you have injected at a part of your body and it has possibly been infected afterwards (it can happen) the skin goes hard. It is not impossible to inject there the next time but it may decrease the chance of the injection of Humira to be as effective. If your antibodies are operating to fight the infection they also fight the Humira too. It's always best to check the skin you are about to inject into is soft. Trust me I know. ow.....

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I went through all the creams, ointments, light treatments, etc with no success. My doctor finally convinced my to try Embrel. I had limited success, so I switched to Humira. It took about 6 weeks to really take effect but the results have been amazing. I've been on it about 14 months and have had no side effects (Knock on wood). Humira has given me my life back.

i don't do anything outside the norm to avoid people who are sick. You just have to be aware that your immune system will be lower. My doctor continues to remind me not to take my injection if I'm sick, which makes perfect sense.

Good luck.

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I was on Humira for about 9 months when I got the flu. It lasted three weeks. 4 months later I got another flu type illness which took a month to recover from. I rarely ever was sick before. My family used to say I was "freakishly healthy". I loved what Humira did for me, cleared me mostly in just a few weeks of use. Insurance reasons is the reason I am not on it today. When I get it straightened out, I will ask to try it again. The injections could sting a little but the results were worth a little pain.

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I have now been on Humira for 2 months and it has been life changing for me. Over Christmas 2012, I could hardly walk and was so tired and exhausted. I was like an old man (I am 55!). In January I started on Humira and within 2 days, was able to start walking again. I have kept improving to the point that within a week, it was like I have never had PsA and all the joint pain and tiredness! People who have seen me since can't believe what a transformation it's been.

My wife injects me in the stomach, which is nice because it involves her. We chose the syringe rather than the pen, based on other people's horror stories of the pen and the speed it injects. She takes the syringe very slowly and that is better and almost (I said almost!) pain free. Last time though it did sting, but we think we didn't give enough time for the alcohol swab to dry. Hoping for better next time.

Starting to decrease dosage of the Prednisilone at the moment. Have gone from 15mg and now down to 5mg (in 1mg increments). Every drop down is noticeable for about a day (a bit of joint soreness) and then it disappears. I am still on MTX tabs and Mobic.

But, good news is I can work, and exercise and live a happy, normal and importantly, painfree life now. Thank you Humira!

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I've been on Humira a couple of years (estimate!) and it's been wonderful. I tried Enbrel first, but didn't see any results. Within a week of starting Humira, my skin started to clear. I've had absolutely no side effects from it and my only complaint is that the injections hurt pretty badly. However, when given the choice of psoriasis, or a few seconds of discomfort, it's a no-brainer.

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Sorry, forgot to add that I'm unusually healthy and don't get sick often. Nothing has changed since I started Humira. I get the occasional cold, but that's about it.

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For over three years, I have tried the holistic route to manage my psorasis. I ate a noninflammatory diet, ate coconut, cut out sugar, exercised, worked with a good acupunturist and chiropractor. My psorasis did not go away and in that time I was still fatigued and achy. I went to a dermatologist who recommended I do light therapy which I did three times a week for about 3-4 months. It cleared my skin 99%. In that time, they recommended I go to a Rheumotoid Arthritis MD to rule out Psoriatic Arthritis which I did. He believes I have that condition and recommended I go on Embrel. After much inner debate, I decided to go on that. My insurance denied me stating I needed to fail Humira first. This set me back emotionally for about a month. As everyone, I read the potential side effects. I went to a Naturalpath who gave me some other suggestions, black pepper oil, eat gluten free (no grains at all) and gave me some supplements to help heal my intenstinal walls from the GMO American diet! The medical doctor still is recommending Humira stating that it is good Im eating a healthy diet but it is not going to stop the progression of the psoriatic arthritis or psorasis. What to do? Its hard when your health care becomes another stress in your life. I relented and decided to do both routes. I started the Humira. My first injection I had a headache for several days and it totally made me faitgued. I was in bed for three days. Second shot wasnt as bad but still fatigued. I had my third shot last Friday. I would have to honestly say I was only mildly faituged, no headache. I am still stressed that I might have fatal side effect and question if this was the right choice. I have my holistic practioner give me homeopathic to support my immune system, lympnoids, spleen and thymus which were functioing lower after I started the shots. As far as the shot itself, I let it sit out for 25 minutes, iced my leg then gave myself the injection on my thigh. It is unpleasant..1o seconds of discomfort! But if it is going to help in the long run..I say to myself. I must say I work in the healthcare industry and teach people everyday about how to maintain their wellness. Its a personal decision the route of your health care and how you want to help your body. This journey so far has not been pleasant. I have spent $15,000 of my own money going the holistic route. I still had psorasis. I would say 40% over my body. With the light therapy it just about cleared it. I did notice with the HUmira that those small psorasis patches did go away almost instantly. We will wait and see what happens to my body....hang in there!

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I started Humira last October. It's done wonders for my RA but hasn't helped my plaque psorasis at all.

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