First post here after joining about a year ago. Well after 1 year I finally got my appointment with a dermatologist she was pretty thorough seemed to really care ( I'd heard things about her being rude ect.) oh well everyone has a bad day I guess. I have P over all body pretty much scalp, back, penis ect. I guess I've had it for a couple years really bad. She wanted me to try the UVB therapy , I started tanning about two weeks ago for an upcoming trip to the Virgin Islands and its the only thing that's not a prescription drug that really helps I was surprised . Up to now I've used dovabet which really helped at first but lost its effectiveness after awhile. She said it was a very powerfull drug , I did have a prescription waiting at the drug store but I said screw it for 100 bucks a tube it's not that good. Anyway she wants me to start on humira, she said it is amazing! Lol but 10,000 dollars a month yikes! My blue cross will probably cover it but I have a lifetime limit of $500,000. I just don't know to what end it's going to do? It might clear it up but what happens when my insurance runs out? I really don't know what to do any help would be greatly appreciated. Any thoughts?

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Humira runs about $750 a shot.

That's 13 shots a month......nobody is juicing that much!

Typical is 2x a month after an initial bout of a couple shots back to back.

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I'd bet the farm that "lifetime limits" will be gone in a few years.
Now whether there will be enough $$$ in the healthcare system to cover biologics for psoriasis ... well that is a different story.

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Hi: I am just starting Humira this week. I discovered that Hymira offers a copay discount card. They say it will cover $75 of my $80 copay. You might want to call 800-4humira, and check it out. I was quite amazed, and the discount is not income based. My insurance is federal blue cross blue shield through Caremark mail order service. Good luck. Scott

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I don't know where you get your Humira from Elkhunter. When I got my 3 month script it was over $5000.

That being said Humira actually has a really good co pay assistance program. I'm not sure of the specifics as they apply to Canada, but if you check the web site they should have info on how to get signed up and what they cover in your area.

In my case they actually paid my insurance company for all but about $150 of my out of pocket. I have a $6k/yr out of pocket and I had only paid about $800 up to the point that I got the Humira script. As an added bonus, this actually covered the rest of my out of pocket for the year and all my med expenses (dr apt, meds, tests) were covered 100%.

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