HRA versus HMO

Does anyone know the difference between an HMO and an HRA? We are in the midst of our open enrollment. Everything is going up! I have had the HMO for years, but I'm not sure if that's the best thing or not. Obviously, I go to the doctor quite a bit. Any thoughts????

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never heard of HRA no such thing in Fla

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HMO you must go to your assigned network,and your assigned doctor. Most services are covered with a co-pay.
Out of network not covered.

HSA/HRA health savings reimbursement account. HSA you put aside pre-tax money to help pay for deductibles and co-pays and non covered expenses Use it or lose it.
HRA your employer puts aside the money .

I would look over medical bills and services over the last year see what would be covered and what your out of pocket would be also make sure your docs are in your plan.

I hope this helps you should also talk with Your HR department to make sure you understand your benefits .
I wish you the best I know this can all be confusing.

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I can't offer you any assistance, but I'm going through the same thing at work as we have open enrollment going on and they have changed everything this year!!

Grrr, any insurance experts here?

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