how long for Enbrel to work?

** Originally posted by bgaviator **

How long were you all on Enbrel before you started to see results? My nurse told me that in her experience most people start seeing results in about two weeks.....but that's how long I've been on it now, and I'm not really seeing anything. The only thing is that some of the spots may be getting lighter in color, but that could just be what I want to see and not what's actually happening. What have been your experiences? Thanks.

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** Originally posted by jdgarwood **

My Psoriasis began to clear within 5 or 6 weeks, but it took several months to start to feel relief from my PA.

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** Originally posted by amyshol **

My PA began improving after about 6 weeks of injections. After 3 months, I was doing great without any joint symptoms (or skin for that matter!) Hopefully, it will be successful for you, too. Good luck!


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** Originally posted by tantev **

I've been on Enbrel for almost 7 months. I am not totally clear, but it keeps getting better. Even the most persistant areas are continually improving! I have had P for going on 18 years and the last time I can remember being this clear was when I was first got it. I hope that Enbrel works for you.


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