How long does guttate psoriasis last for?

the guttate psoriasis got triggered by strep throat about 2 months ago. have any of you ever gotten strep throat and have guttate? how long have you struggled with it before going into remission? it scares me that the psoriasis can stay for many months more... i know that each person is different and that environmental factors and how we take care of ourselves are important. i've been diligently trying to eat cleaner, going to UVB treatment 3x/week and applying the glycerin/witch hazel and coal tar cream and it really scares me when i get a flare up for no reason at all.

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I'v had plaque p for 35 yrs, I have pad guttate for 7 yrs pretty much. I have short periods of remission with meds. Like you said, it is differant for every one. I have been trying to pay attention to what I ate days that it is really bad. I know a lot of derms and others done think food pays a role, but I respectfully disagree. For me sugar and grain tend to make me very mine very itchy and raw. Not just a little sugar in my tea in the morning but I mean like candy and deserts. When I say grains I mean mostly wheat , white bothers me more that whole wheat. I am a baker and make homemade breads all the time so thats a bummer. Hope I had some answers for you, like I said every case of p is differant and responds differantly.

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I am new here.

I have had guttate psoriasis in my scalp on and off for a number of years. It has now spread to my back, shoulders and arms. I am being to think the spread happened in the spring when I spent a number of months on NSAIDs for a severe tooth infection. My family doctor gave me Xamiol or calipotroil and it has stopped the spread but the lesions are not getting any better. I have had the occasional scaley psoriasis on my legs but nothing horrible. My scalp is better in the summer heat and humidity but unfortunately I live in Canada so cold dry air is a reality most of the year. I am willing to try anything at this point. I read about Vit A, stopping alcohol, gluten free, etc. I just want to get this under control. The itching drives me crazy. Any suggestions as to where I should start?

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17 years ago I had strep throat and did not have it treated...(STUPID!!!) and got guttate psoriasis ALL over my body head to toe. No one in family ever had any sort of skin disorder. It lasted for probably 4-5 months. Was applying that tar stuff and topical creams/ointments. Finally went away. 7 years later broke out again...same thing, lasted longer this time. Appx. 3-4 years later broke out again with the guttate. Went to Derm. and he put me on Enbrel. Could only afford 3-4 months due to insurance, of course. No longer have guttate psoriasis but plaque psoriasis now. They are on my elbows, one knee, both shins, belly button, and outside of one ankle. They are appx. 3-4 inches in diameter. I itch everywhere especially at night really bad. Not sleeping well at all. This Friday I have an appt. to go to Derm. finally. ENBREL here I come. I hope it helps plaque psoriasis.
All I have to say is if you ever get strep throat...............TREAT IT!!! This is horrible and to think I could have prevented it...ugh. :(

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