How long before Enbrel starts working??

** Originally posted by usnvetwi **

I've been on Enbrel now for 9 weeks at 50 mg twice a week. I'm wondering what other people have found for a time frame before it really kicks in and you can see some significant clearing. It seems like it's really only made a dent in my p. I'm wondering if I'm wasting my time waiting for this to work. When is enough time to be able to say "o.k., this is not working for me, I need something else." Any experiences from other Enbrel users would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much,

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** Originally posted by tiggity **

Mostly depends on the person and severity. It usually takes three months or twelve weeks to start taking full effect. So, Don't give up on it yet and use their Enliven Services at 1.888.4.enbrel. They are a wonderful resource.


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** Originally posted by usnvetwi **

Are you saying that up until the 3 month period has elapsed, there may not be much of a change? So, in other words, it does not work on a gradual clearing basis? When I heard 3 months for full effect, I guess I thought that meant that people would see a gradual clearing of the skin throughout that time period, but it sounds like it's been your experience that once the 3 months arrives, then, fairly quickly, the coverage clears? I think my expectations of how the drug works might have been wrong.


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** Originally posted by InternetSNOB **

its different for everyone.

I had rapid clearing right away. When i started, i noticed a difference in my PA within a week and i noticed my skin started clearing within 2weeks of my first injection. I had plaque on the tops of my feet as well and those didnt clear up til Nov (i started in april)... i basically cleared from the top and down.

I was also 98% covered (plaque) and full body arthritis btw. This was almot 2 years ago and im still maintaining my results .. ofcourse there are the few spots here and there to keep me humble (as a good friend would say)

some notice it right away (like me) and others can take up to 6 months.

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** Originally posted by RichJ **

hi eric,
sorry i can't help much but welcome to the pfamily. you will meet some of the wonderful people on here and find alot of great info. welcome and nice to meet you

have a good night all


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** Originally posted by kristoian **

i started enbrel in feb and by May you couldnt even tell i had psoriasis. I was out at the beach in a tiney weeney bikini!! How many of us can say that!!
it felt great...but right now its not doing too good...cant wait for those warmer temps!

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** Originally posted by PJ66 **

Yes, everone is different. I had severe p. I'm talking head to toe. It started clearing the first week for me. I've been on enbrel for 6 months now. My p is clear. My pa is doing a lot better. I still have days when I'm in pain.

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** Originally posted by Howard49 **

Hi Eric,

I've seen more of the "gradual" clearing with Enbrel. I've been on it about 10-11 weeks now, and my P is remarkably better. In the early weeks, I noticed the areas of my body which I didn't abuse over the years with topical steroids clear right away. But my arms, abdomen and upper thighs have been much slower. They are better than they were before Enbrel. But not as good as my back, butt, etc, which are amazing clear.

Some days it seems like they are going to clear, and then another day they don't seem as good. But these areas that are the last to clear were definitely the areas I used the most steroids on. Not sure if that's the reason for them clearing slower, but it's the only thing I can think of.

I have noticed my overall skin tone turning a normal color, away from the reddish tone I had all these years.

Don't give up on Enbrel. Someone posted here that they didn't get good results for quite a few months, but it eventually came. I'm not saying it works for everyone unfortunately, but I'd stay the course until your doctor thinks another regimen may be a better idea.

One other thing that I couldn't be more grateful for: since starting with Enbrel I haven't used any topical steroids and it's been just wonderful.

Best of luck,


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** Originally posted by BigJay **

I have been on Enbrel about 3 weeks now I think, and I'm noticing that my plaques aren't clearing away yet, BUT they're not scaling up like they would before.

Things are still very red and inflamed, but the plaques aren't scaling up and flaking badly like before, so you could say I started seeing a few results within a few weeks

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** Originally posted by ShadowThomas **

I've been on, Enbrel since 11/14/05 I had to go off of it 12/26/05 for 14 days because of an infection. I have plaque p. pretty bad as well as PA. my p. is still pretty bad, but have also noticed they are not as bad as before I was on, Enbrel. I to take it twice weekly, 50 MG. One huge difference I just noticed in the past two weeks is my PA. is doing much better. I have PA. in my upper and lower back as well as in my right elbow severly. I have not had much use of my right arm for about 2 years. My pain I have or did have in my right arm was so bad I had all I could do is to lift a dinner plate. Oh the terrible pain I have had with no pain relief, I have had pain management with very little results. All I know is I could hardly open my right arm out stright, and sleeping at night with it was murder. Today, very little pain in my arm, lower and upper back and neck.
I am sure this is the, Enbrel helping.
So hang in there and give it time. I see it for myself as a half a loaf is better then none. Even if it never helps my Plaque p. but to be almost pain free is a big plus. :) :) :)

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** Originally posted by RichJ **

hi eric,
well it didn't kill me. i was on it for like 8 months or so. i hope it helps you. i wish you the best

try and have a good weekend all

richard :D

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** Originally posted by oakrai42 **

Everyone reacts differently to each/any kind of medication.

Enbrel worked in 3 days for me on my PA, ridding me of all the pain, and more than 50% of any swelling... by 1 week it was like I never even had it, and 2 weeks later my rheumy couldn't even find a trace of the PA... HOWEVER...

It took 3 months, 100mg of cyclosporine a day AND topicals to get it to work on my P... at which point once the cyclo helped to clear me, the Enbrel kept it from getting really bad again (kind of held it back). I used topicals and natural sunlight to control the P along with Enbrel.

So, for everyone it works different, or not even at all. Some people don't see any change for 6 months... it's up to each person to decide for themselves how to proceed (along with a Derm's advice). The problem with the treatments for this disease is that even though a treatment may not seem like it's working for months, it could turn out to be the one that works the best for you... it's the waiting that induces doubt. In my experience, if it didn't work on my PA like it did, I would have gone off it after 3 months of no success, but then it started to kick in, just not enough.


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