Home Made Nasal Spray - Works For Me

** Originally posted by TJM718 **

I've been trying to keep my nasal passages clear especially now that it's winter here in New York. I don't like the netti pots but I've had success with this homemade spray someone told me about.

1. Buy a small nasal saline spray bottle, the cheapest you can find. Empty the contents so you can fill it with the homemade spray.

2. Mix four cups of tap water with three teaspoons of course salt and one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass container. I'm not sure why it has to be glass.

3. Fill up the spray bottle and use as a spray. I use it about three times a day and it helps by drying things out while keeping the passageways moist.

If the mixture is too strong (burns), cut back on both the salt and baking soda. I once made the mistake of using tablespoons instead of teaspoons. Ouch!

I also am hoping it cuts down on the number of ear/nose/throat infections I get which I think makes my P worse.

It lasts about a week and is very inexpensive.

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** Originally posted by solmask **

Thanks for this my friend it has worked well for me i suffer with nasal problems and this helped big time.

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** Originally posted by MadCat **

This home-made spray sounds good. Thank you for sharing.

I have always wanted to use a Neti Pot. People who do use them have absolutely raved about how fabulous they are and how wonderful their health has been since they started using them.

But to be perfectly honest, I am too scaredy cat to try! Silly I know but there you go.

Anyway since giving up all dairy products (cheese, milk, butter, margarine, cream, yogurt, buttermilk etc…) I no longer have any sort of nasal or chesty issues.


Again, thank you for sharing your recipe.

Regards - Madcat

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** Originally posted by TJM718 **

You are all welcome. I eat very little dairy. I hate the Neti pot feeling. The home made spray really helps. I need to get a humidifier. My apartment is so dry and it's been one long cold gray winter.

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