Hempz...? Who has tried this stuff?

** Originally posted by Enneirda_Elocin **

I came across a thread that mentioned the use of a Hempz shampoo. I checked it out online and found that it also comes as a lotion, lip balm, etc. All of the Hempz body products contain 100 % organic Hemp oil, which I heard has alot of beneficial properties.

I'm wondering if anyone else has tried any of these Hempz products.

If so...

-How effective was it for you?
-Where can others find it?
-Was it affordable?

All answers and comments are deeply appreciated. I'm opened to try out whatever I can to take care of this itching.

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** Originally posted by ckd816 **

It's been a little while but I have used their lotion and their lip gloss... I never really used it long term so I can't report any change in my P, but I do remember liking it. I got it at Ulta, but I'm not sure if they're nationwide. If you're open to suggestions, I religiously use Dream Cream by LUSH. I think others with psoriasis have had some luck with this lotion as well. It's a little pricey (so is Hempz) but I think it's worth it. They're also really good about letting you get samples of things to see how your skin reacts before you have to commit. Here's a link to their website where you can order it if they don't have a shop near you:

<a href="http://"http://www.lushusa.com/shop/products/body/hand-body-creams/dr eam-cream"">http://www.lushusa.com/shop/products/body/hand-body-creams/dream-cream</a>

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** Originally posted by Enneirda_Elocin **

I am a HUGE fan of LUSH! I usually get their oatmeal bath fizzes and Henna there. I have tried the Dream Cream, but I find that it makes my skin dryer than usual, which is so weird since so many people have recommended the lotion for my psoriasis (?). But hey, everyone is affected by P differently, therefore, have different solutions that work for them. Also, it's true what you said about them giving people samples to try out first. If not for that, I would have wasted a good $25. LOL! Anyhoo...

I bought the Hempz shampoo and body butter today, and immediately felt the difference when I used them. My scalp, hands and legs are not as itchy as they have been these past few weeks. Also, I smell yummy and the body butter doesn't feel so heavy on my skin. I'm not gonna automatically assume that they are miracle products (I usually test every lotion out for 2 weeks to see how effective they are), but so far so good. I mean, I bought the shampoo, the body butter and a smaller travel lotion for just $30. That's about $10-20 less than whatever shampoo and Dream Cream I'd get at LUSH. I'm not knocking LUSH, but if there are cheaper lotions out there that actually work, then heck yes, I'm gonna stick with it. LOL!

I read that the Hempz shampoo contain not only Cannibis extract and oil, but also has extracts from Nettle, Coconut, Shea and Rosemary, which are said to be really good for dry, patchy skin.

I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed on this one.

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** Originally posted by elliott **

In the Winter v2010 Vol. 8 Psoriasis Advance magazine in the "It Works For Me" section a lady writes she is using hemp oil with great results. It is available at Whole Foods but I think it isused for taking internally. I have to look further in to it. There is a website attached to the article but I have not gone on it yet. It is http://www.rawganique.com

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** Originally posted by PatrickNY **

if you find yourself searching for a shampoo that won't dry your scalp out, NUTRI-OX at sally beauty supply for color treated permed hair has worked wonders for me,

not to cure, but to keep me comfy and plaque reduced between sunday and wednesday treatments, actually I have only been treating my scalp as needed and it has been closer to weekly than the previous wednesday / sunday routine with olux/clobetasol fwiw

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** Originally posted by elliott **

I ordered two bottles of hemp oil and will post results in a couple weeks.

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