Healing leaky gut?

I am a long standing psoriasis sufferer and have tried sooo many options.

I tried Pagano's diet (even stricter - no dairy or gluten) for nearly a year w/ minor positive results. The teas and the food etc. Did tons of colonics and saunas and even juiced after that for 20 days straight!

My diet does matter of course but a near raw vegan diet and a paleo diet haven't been much better (avoid processed and gluten and dairy) in terms of results.

I do agree w/ Pagano that leaky gut is the culprit although i can't prove that of course.

Aside from slippery elm bark tea and a clean diet what have you done to heal leaky gut?

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i took a multiple strain probiotic for just one month. i need to take it ongoing so i hope to be able to budget for it again end of this month. right now i take black seed oil and having some clearing after only 3 days. the BSO heals the immune system. BSO also heals topically.

i am going to do some research into probiotics and leaky gut and i will post back here. anyone i know wanting to treat leaky gut are taking probiotics among other things.

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I'm looking into how to treat leaky gut also, and came across someone today that talks a lot about it, and has a book about it. It's called the H.O.P.E. Formula and I think it sounds good. It's written by Brenda Watson, who seems to know a lot about leaky gut. H.O.P.E. stands for High Fiber, Oils, Probiotics and Enzymes(Digestive). You could check out hopeformula.com. I've been taking a probiotic, but I don't think I'm taking enough, and I'm taking Omega 3, but not sure it's enough either. I've taken digestive enzymes in the past, but haven't for several years. Will start taking them again. Also, I made an appointment to see a gastroenterologist that treats leaky gut, for next week. It wasn't easy to find one that is covered by my insurance, but I did.

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I just watched a show that had a segment from a digestive expert about leaky gut. She says to take 3000mg of omega 3's per day. She stressed that omega 3's didn't mean "fish oil" but a refined concentrated omega 3 supplement. She says that is the treatment. I'll try to post a link.

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I can't attach a link, but she has a website and email news letter you can subscribe to. That's where I caught her video

Healthy Living with Brenda Watson

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I've taken BSO (one tblspn in the mining and one in the evening for 6 weeks now w/ no noticeable results).

I've done the Clean Program by Junger for 30 days and continued taking high grade probiotics w/ no results either.

I also used to take 6 grams of New Chapter Fish Oil.

Will check out the H.O.P.E. formula.

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Omega 3 krill oil is more potent. i will look up what the dosage is for this for psoriasis and will post back.

look up Omega 3 and psoriasis, google it and you will find the recommended amount to take. i can't remember what it is. oh, here i just found a really good article:


Alternatively, you could eat a lot of green leafy vegetables, use soy oil more often, and take an EPA supplement. Around 300 to 1,000 milligrams of EPA daily is frequently recommended.

EPA is Omega 3.

Gotta get on Zinc now.
this one i have to bookmark.

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I've been battling this disease for many years and sought out many naturopaths and read many homeopaths.

I are raw vegan (tons of leafy veggies) for literally years w/ minimal results.

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are you on a probiotic? have you explored the leaky gut?

i am tweaking my supplements. i will eliminate some and add:

zinc - 500 mgs daily
riboflavin - vit b2
Selenium - The Recommended Daily Allowance for selenium is 55 mcg for women
Enzymes - CoQ10

if my psoriasis does not clear with black seed oil to my best hope, i will continue with it as an all-round tonic for healing the whole body. i have no way of knowing what kind of time i will need to heal. i take BSO in faith and will believe it is healing even not seeing what is healing.

i am a feeling, emotional nature. i go by how i feel.

i feel better since on the BSO. i have more energy and i have way way more hope. have you researched all about black seed oil? amazing stuff online. the history of BSO is so interesting.

i do inspirationals, motivationals. i pray, do a devotional and read the bible. i listen to gospel music, jazz, motown, blues, nature sounds, some rock. i change it all up all the time. i like variety. i am changing my thinking. i am learning new things. i am taking an online course in: Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence.

i have changed the TV programs i watch. i watch CNN mostly right now. i just resourced a bunch of the TV oldies like:

Mr. Peepers - TV.com
Rating: 7.9/10 - 21 votes
Mr. Peepers: Watch full length episodes & video clips. Read the latest Mr. Peepers episode guides & recaps, fan reviews, news, and much more.


Beulah - TV.com
Rating: 6.2/10 - 10 votes
Beulah: Watch full length episodes & video clips. Read the latest Beulah episode guides & recaps, fan reviews, news, and much more.

there are many more. so much online.

i am forever tweaking my diet, eliminating foods and adding new foods. i try new recipes and i belong to a Vegan group on facebook. i have a walking program. i go to a fellowship at church. i spend a lot of time with family and friends.

i am not psoriasis. i am a whole person/body, mind and soul.

my # concern right now is my psoriasis so i am busy talking, posting, reading, researching and seeing doctors.

i am trying different things and won't give up. i will be pro-active. i am in control here, not the disease.

we are, so many of us, limited.

when we choose to move forward we have to go thru the new experiences. sometimes we have to stop dead in our tracks and just turn in a different direction not even knowing where we are going. what we do know is when we will arrive.

you have a powerful experience of what you have done so far...keep going now and experience the new that is waiting for you.

join new groups. talk to new people. get new ideas and support. somewhere there is a place waiting just for you. no one else can take that place, only you.

otherwise, you can sit in despair, losing faith. You could also be, like some people, content and fulfilled right where you are. what are your options?

you can make a plan. write out where you are stuck and write out what you can do to change. be sure to expose your attitude. own it and then look into how you can build character. google "character building techniques" or "people that have overcome."

i could tell you stories of people that have overcome what i consider to be impossible. they did it. people are able to accomplish great feats when their life is on the line. like the man that is able to lift his car when his son is pinned underneath. that is strength alright. where do you think he got that kinda strength? it came from within.

i had to get really sad enough to change my life. you might have to get mad.

this is a fight. fight for your life.

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denipink56, I hope you are NOT taking 500 mg of zinc each day. That is about 10 times what is generally perceived as the maximum daily limit:


Also if you supplement with zinc you should also supplement with copper; the two minerals go hand in hand. The zinc:copper ratio is 10:1. You can find supplements out there that contain both zinc and copper.


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My psoriasis has healed on diet and supps and my PsA has gotten much better. My diet (modified Pagano): gluten free dairy free no nightshades no fried foods very low sugar low salt 4000 mg fish oil. 4000 mg Vit D. probiotics. Multi vitamin. I also eat 10 prunes a day which I think is helpful for PsA.

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Thanks FormerRunner.

Unfortunately for years on a modified Pagano diet (no gluten, no dairy, no nightshades, oil capsules, etc.) my symptoms are virtually the same.

The only thing that clears me is extended stays at the ocean and sun (scuba diving).

My thoughts (not proven of course) are that no matter what I eat my intestinal permeability results in toxicity and I am not addressing the underlying problem despite the slippery elm bark and diet approach.

Pagano does devote a section to people who don't respond to his protocol.

To all others - and I have to be blunt considering my time trying various methods - I am not interested in what you think or what you google but rather what I explicitly state in my opening discussion: "what have you done to heal". I am solely interested in empirical stories and not hypotheticals.


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k, thanks. i need to read all the ingredients in black seed oil again and in my multi.

sheesh so much to learn always.

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Planet Ayurveda- Psoriasis Cure and Natural treatment - Real ...
► 5:11► 5:11
Sep 3, 2012 - Uploaded by Vikram Chauhan
This patient was healed of psoriasis by getting ayurvedic treament ... Planet Ayurveda- Psoriasis Cure and ...

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denipink56 - please stop posting random findings and googling and adhere to personal success stories as I kindly asked before.

I'm not interested in hypotheticals - that are never ending.

I am interested in what HAS WORKED for others as they state it themselves.

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i hope you find what you need. i hope you can get back to the beach/ocean.

your welcome.

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daveeb, with all respect, you know what works. Now you need a scuba-diving job, lifeguard job, etc... &^)

Seriously, with what you have already done diet-wise, your gut is probably better than most. Only thing missing might be flora, I tend to take probiotics/gut bacteria irregularly and buy different ones every time.

Part of P is about emotional/stress/handling/habits/outlook. Mine gets better when I don't give a $%#@ about it any more and just go live. Seriously, there are people on here who worry so much about it they perpetuate it. But it doesn't go away, so I know I have improvements to make. Including getting more sun on my skin, despite the dire warnings. Salt water and sun are the magic combo when I can get them.

The last time I cleared I was hiking 12 miles every morning in a national park before breakfast, then getting 20-30 minutes of sun between 10-2 every day, turning like a rotisserie chicken out there and feeling broiled when I was done. Took me a few months, and when I moved to a place without that availability it came back, not as bad. My diet was full of cheats during that time.

Having messed with mine for over 20 years, the best thing I can think to do is go have a lot of fun and stop worrying about it. if someone doesn't like me because I have it, maybe P is doing me a favor.

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Thanks skinclearing and apologies for my frankness (aka rudeness) denipink56!

I probably just have to move out of my mid atlantic home and live somewhere equatorial. Sigh! Change my entire life!

My P is beyond disfigurement - I have really bad inverse groin psoriasis which affects my ability to exercise and of course brings on some despair to put it mildly.

Just so utterly frustrating to try so many things w/ no real results aside from the ocean and sun.

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Daveeb, I know that you asked if anyone was able to cure their leaky gut, but how would we know? I, like you, suspect that I have leaky gut and hopefully curing that would cure my psoriasis too, but how do we really know if we even truly have leaky gut or not? And how would we know if it's been cured ? I know that I've had serious digestive issues for the last 20 years, I'm slowly feeling better since starting probiotics.. And anti-inflammatories like tumeric. But the trial and error process seems to be taking FOREVER!!! It takes 4 weeks of change just to see any results or lack of begin. I know it is frustrating, we are all frustrated... It feels like we are so close to relief but at the same time it seems so out of reach. It just isn't fair.

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googled. heal leaky gut psoriasis


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denipink56, that link is interesting. I wonder how long it took for the gluten free diet to help?

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