Has Anyone Tried Fluocinonide (generic for Lidex) for Scalp Psoriasis?

My new derm who specializes in psoriasis prescribed Fluocinonide Topical Solution USP, 0.05% for my scalp psoriasis. It is a generic for Lidex .05 solution. I'm supposed to use it twice a week overnight and then rinse it out. I'm wondering if anyone else has used this particular Rx and how it worked.

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I haven't tried that I have used Derma-Smoothe/FS which is fluocinolone acetonide .01% and a couple of shampoo products. Capex and Ketoconazole. The shampoo was easiest to use. I also pull up the hair and use protopic on the base of the neck. I like the shampoo the best because it is easy to use. I will you good luck with your new product!

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I use the fluoccinide twice a day on hands and feet, along with psoriacin gel and vaseline. The "lidex" helps me a lot, but PPP is a little different, so I'm not sure how it will be for you.

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I've used generic fluocinonide 0.05% (lydex) for years, especially on my scalp, eyebrows and mustache. It tends to burn a bit on the face area, short time frame, but does the job in maintaining the itchy psoriasis that you seldon see, but produces "dandruff" and scale on the skin tween the eyebrows. It is also very effective on the scalp, especially around the edges, by the ears and back of neck and forhead. Be carefull not to get it in your eyes. Only "side effect" is a kinda oily look around the hair area where treated. Don't think you will have to be concerned about treating a mustache. LOL

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i have used it in the past and only for a short time. if my memory serves me right it did help quite a bit.

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I use it whenever my scalp gets bad. I put it on before bed and whenever my scalp gets itchy. It always works in a few days.

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Yes, that is the about the only medication I've ended up still using after 12 years. Also it can be combined with Aquaphor and used on skin. It is one of the few reliable and predictable medications which simply impedes the inflammation mechanism below the dermis level. After a few days the mechanism kicks back in normal gear.

It does seem to have some psychological effects, at least for me, I noticed a pattern of using about 30 drops on the scalp, or elsewhere, and then some kind of anger/frustration episode that went way past normal or rational bounds.

Also the medication can weaken your immune system, leading to expansion of plaques or a sudden resurgence of inflammation. The medication affects hormone balance, so it will be different for everyone.

It also has been reported to cause 'thinning' of the skin, although I have not experienced this. It is extremely useful for scalp psoriasis.

The main problem is that it is a liquid corticosteroid, and gets on clothes, pillowcases, fingers, hands and (while sleeping) possibly in eyes. I know this cannot be good. A dermatologist mentioned to me once that it should never be applied to 'sensitive' areas such as the face, or other areas where the skin is particularly thin.

This seemed odd to me, as P tends to appear in just those types of areas, and I used it anyway without any problems. I currently use it now VERY sparingly. I find the 0.05 version (strongest) is not quite strong enough for comprehensive plaques, but combining with Aquaphor gets a much better result.

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I have stopped using it because it provides only temporary relief.
If you lightly rub in a few drops on the affected areas of your scalp two to three time a day it would help control plaque formation on the scalp and elimination of the old ones but is good only for a week or ten days.
I used rubber gloves while rubbing it into the scalp because it seems to affect finger tips. It still becomes a nuisance whenever you touch your hair during the day.
I would not risk applying it on a permanent basis.
Now I just massage my scalp with a table spoon of virgin coconut oil every other morning and leave it on for 2-3 hours and then wash it using a small amount of some mild shampoo.

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Yes I have tryed it and I can say it works for my scalp and does not have a burning sensation and I also use dovonex and steroid cream
For my plaque psoriasis so far its working for me but I get tiny red spots so I know its coming back I don't want to scratch it because it
Would spread and get bigger on my legs then I will half to trade it in for a newer model if I get more red spots .

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Thanks everyone for your information. I appreciate the great tips on how it works, and the shampoo suggestions. Don't know why, but I always put off using any new psoriasis Rx for a few months, possibly because of the unknown and scary sounding side effects so many have. But, I finally started using it last night and I did notice it was absorbed into my scalp within a few hours and this morning I can't even tell that I used it.

My derm's directions are "Apply to scalp and allow to penetrate overnight then rinse. Use twice weekly." I've done a bit of reading about it and find that on most sites it indicates to use it several times daily. Perhaps he has me only using it twice a week since it is the stronger solution, .05%, and when I saw him my scalp wasn't so bad. However since then I've used nothing, done too much scratching and picking, and it's now worse than ever. Maybe if I don't have any discomfort I'll use it three times a week for a few weeks. I'm planning on using the Fluocinonide until I see significant improvement (hopefully) and then go back to the glycerin/witch hazel which worked, although slowly, and I wasn't consistent.

GrahamJ thanks for the detailed info about some of the potential immune system and psychological effects. I went through eight months of hell last year getting off Lexapro (actually just down from 40 mg to 10mg was all I could handle) and my brain still doesn't take well to anything that such as dental or local anesthesia for surgeries, so it's good to know there may be potential effects. Wonder if that's the steroid type effect that some people get from taking say prednisone. I also hadn't read anything about it effecting the immune system and can hope I'll only need it for a short period of time. All these possible side effects are why I like to use more natural products if they work.

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Yes annies I use it on my scalp it does not sting its is clear and it helps my scalp I still use it now its clearing up my red spots on my
scalp I recommend keep using it it works for me .

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