Has anyone tried Apple Vinegar to treat PsA

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We were talking to some friends this evening and she said told my wife and I several stories about mixing Apple Vinegar with honey to treat Psoriasis and Arthritis. Any one heard or tried anything like that?

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My mum used it for Gout with great success i have seen threads on the uk psoriasis forum people taking for pa and p with different results.Some people it has helped and some it has done nothing for them worth a try.

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It is called Honegar. You mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar with honey. It hasn't helped my PsA. We always keep a jar of this mixed in the refrigerator during the winter because it helps to get rid of colds. When anyone has a cold we take 3 tablespoons of this a day. I usually mix it in orange juice because I cannot stand vinegar.

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** Originally posted by LittleMermaid **

Here is some information:

Honegar is known around the world as Mother Nature's Miracle
Medicine, a powerful weapon in the war against ageing and disease,
that is effective than many high priced prescription drugs.

Now experts reveal that it is potent enough to cure cancer, heart
and other deadly ailments while remaining safe enough to take as an
Taking honegar produces an amazing wealth of effects said Dr. Louis
Decarre in Geneva, Switzerland. Honegar is extremely beneficial and
cider can overwhelm almost every health problem that affects
mankind. Below are the following benefits discovered by Dr. Ducarre.
Stir one tablespoon of honegar in a cup of boiling water. Drink the
brew morning and evening to ward off arthritis pain. You can also
make a soothing salve by using honegar, stirring well and applying
directly to aching areas.
One teaspoon of honegar taken morning, noon and night should
eliminate bacteria responsible for causing bladder infections.
Recent research has shown that honegar can dramatically improve
cancer cure rates. In a study of 387 men and women undergoing
chemotherapy for a variety of cancers, patients who took daily doses
of honegar experienced remission rates twice that of patients who
had chemotherapy alone.
An ordinary salad with honegar dressing will help eliminate canker
sores. Eat the wonder dressing on salad at least twice a day.
The dangerous effects of fatty foods can be controlled by drinking a
hot tea made of two cups water and two tablespoons honegar. Sip the
mixture twice daily to lower cholesterol levels and keep them low.
Take one tablespoon honegar to eliminate symptoms; often in a matter
of hours. Honegar is especially helpful when your cold is
accompanied by a sore throat.
Experts recommend honegar in a cup of warm water. Sip as needed.
Exciting new research demonstrates that daily doses of honegar help
repair damage to the inner ear and boost hearing levels.
High blood pressure and its accompanying symptoms disappeared within
a month after patients in an Italian study began taking regular
doses of honegar.
Your immune system will function more than three times as
effectively if you regularly consume honegar. Medical research shows
that the nutrients in these miracle food boosted the activities of
white blood cells helping them prevent disease by destroying the
invading viruses and bacteria.
Honegar has a long history of use as an aphrodisiac as well as a
cure to impotence. Last year, German scientists discovered that
honegar actually stimulates the production of sex hormones in men
and women. A tablespoon honegar taken shortly before sex has been
shown to double stamina in men.
A miracle cure for indigestion can be made from honegar. Take two
teaspoons of the honegar as needed to settle your stomach and speed
up digestion.
Danish studies show that a substance in honegar is a natural wonder
drug. A teaspoon of honegar taken every hour eliminates viral
Take three teaspoonfuls of honegar and dab pimples and other skin
conditions each night.
Rub warm honegar on aching muscles after too much exercise. Repeat
each morning and evening until aches and pains disappear.
You can live to be 100 and enjoy a healthy, active life by sipping a
cup of hot honegar tea daily. To make, mix two teaspoons of honegar
in a cup of water.
You can take off pound after pound of ugly flab in a matter of weeks
by sipping a fabulous diet cocktail made of honegar. Drink one
quarter cup of the brew before meals to speed metabolism and
suppress appetite.
Consult your doctor before treating any illness or changing your
diet in anyway. Minor symptoms might signal the onset of a serious
life threatening conditions. Your doctor can tell you for sure.
Equal parts of raw honey and apple cider vinegar
Large saucepan, wooden spoon & canning jars

It is wise to sterilize the jars by placing them on a cookie sheet
in a 200 degree oven for 10 minutes.

(ex: two 1-quart jars uses about 20 ounces of honey and 20 ounces of

Using no more than a single cupful at a time, place equal pars of
the honey and vinegar into saucepan. Over medium heat stir mixture
almost constantly in a clockwise motion with the wooden spoon.
Don't turn the burner too high or you will cause the mixture to

Keep stirring until you felt the heaviness of the mixture start to
break up. This means the honey is melting down and blending fully
with the vinegar. When all sense of heaviness is gone and the color
of the mixture appears consistent, remove from heat.

Keep stirring as honegar cools. When cool enough, pour into the
glass jars and cap it with a snug seal. Store in refrigerator.

Dosing. 2 times a day using 4-6 tablespoons per 8oz of water.

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** Originally posted by Rolacoy **

Very Interesting Littlemermaid, But this is pretty scary. Two weeks ago on Saturday night My wife and I went to IHOP in Marshall, Texas. the pictures in the menu always look sooooo good. I ordered:

Balsamic-Glazed Chicken
Grilled tender boneless chicken breast
topped with sautéed mushrooms,
onions, diced tomatoes and balsamic
glaze. Served with a side of steamed
broccoli and a fresh green salad with
reduced calorie dressing.

It looked so Good ! I didn't know what "Balsamic" meant. The plate did not look like the menu, but you already knew that. It didn't smell like the menu either. It was Vinegar, I do not care for Vinegar. It tasted NASTY, but I ate it anyway. But that is not the end of the story, it is the best part of the story for me anyway, you may think it funny. lol

That was Saturday night, got and went to church Sunday morning, took a nap, played around with the computer in the afternoon, Back to church at 6:00PM. Everything is looking good. Just about the end of the service, storm clouds on the horizon of my day. From my lower intestines came thunder. Hey, I have some tact, I kept the thunder in the bottle. When the service was over I told the wife, let's make our way to the car and don't get between me and the commode! It is 7:15PM the storm hits with a furry, lots of lighting and thunder and much pain (9). I am thinking that if I get to the emergency room before I die, it will spare my wife some of the mess.

I called a friend who was on our local ambulance service, we live in a small town. He said that the ambulance would take me to the hospital of my choice, to call 911. I call 911, they will take me to the Marshall hospital. I want to go to a real hospital. We have a small motor home with a bathroom. The wife does not like to drive the motor home. She will take me in the car, it is 9:30PM. I have directed all of this from my command post, YES you know where, the commode. I don't think we are designed to set on a commode seat for 2 hours and 15 minutes, no blood in my legs, my face would be red, but I have had a wet towel on my head since 7:30PM. I can not reach the sink and the commode at the same time.

Anticipating the 30 minute drive to the hospital, I fold up a wash rag and put it in my shorts. You know how emergency rooms are, a long wait, but they will get you in quick if you are spreading your "joy" in the waiting room. I got a table in a room about 11:00PM and best of all a pain shot. They kept me over night, I have a history of Diverticulitis, I didn't know what was wrong. The doctor came in Monday morning and said that I had a stomach virus. I was home shortly after noon on Monday.

I don't like Vinegar, But I am going to try Honegar.

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** Originally posted by solmask **

It is availiable as capsule or tablets if you don`t like the taste of vinegar.


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** Originally posted by Rolacoy **

We bought the Vinegar tonight I will try the honegar. Thanks

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