Hard Water vs. Soft Water

** Originally posted by cereal **

The subject about hard water vs soft water has come up here on more than one occasion. I've had severe P 9 1/2 years. Up until this past winter it was Plaque and Inverse. This past winter I threw in guttate. (which for the most part has now all grown together to form plaque).

I'm in the position to see if soft water helps P. I've never had/used soft water. Our new house has a water softener, I've been using the soft water for 2 weeks now. I thought I'd post every couple weeks or so and give everyone an update. Here's my first impression of the soft water:

Don't know if it's the stress of moving or the water, but my skin is worse now than it was. The crust is much thicker and I have a lot of new spots. The areas on my arms I had cleared by sitting in the sun are breaking out again. Unless I have a lot of clearing in the next couple of months, this will be one of the worse summers I've had.

Check back as I will update this every few weeks.

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** Originally posted by 1emg **

If anyone else has info on this subject please respond..I am thinking of buying a water softener b/c I was told it would help the skin.. AAnyother experiences with this subject???

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** Originally posted by 3forme **

I am also interested in this. My dad swears by his soft water. But of course it could be one of those things that helps some people and not others.

I hope things get better for you!

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** Originally posted by chaimFL **

I have a water softener installed in my home, but I don't use it, mainly because I am lazy.

My parents have one that is running and well maintained and when I visit, I notice a heck of a difference. I'm not sure what it is, but my scales will loosen and wipe right off after a shower at my parents house, but not at mine. I can shower twice as long at my house an not get the scales to loosen like a 10 minute shower at my folks.

It may not have anything to do with the water softener in my case because my parents had their house built 8 years ago so the piping was all new and my house was built in the 1950's not to mention the water in Miami is terrible (my folks live in Jacksonville, FL).

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** Originally posted by GitOverIt **

Hey Pat....try baking soda in the water...it seems to soften the water plus it curbs the itchies.........:D

p.s. like $5 for a 12 pound bag at Sam's Club

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** Originally posted by debber_1 **

Good grief Chaim if it helps you at your parents home why are you not using it at yours? I doubt that pipes make difference in water quality...

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** Originally posted by chromediva **

I have had a water softener at one time and now I don't have one. I could tell no difference in my skin. but my hair was soft and shiney :p

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** Originally posted by cereal **

When I started this little experiment, I wanted to give the soft water a chance. I didn't want to change anything I was already doing just to see if the soft water was going to make a differance. It's going to be hard to tell now, since in the past 24 hours I've been in the ER with a severe abscessed tooth, I've had an IV, antibiotics by IV, morphine, a contrasting ct scan, and more antibiotics and percocets. I'm sure all of the above has had an effect on my skin. Right now it wouldn't be fair to say if the soft water has helped or not. Once this little nightmare is over and I'm back to doing the same things as before, then I'd be able to say how I like the soft water....

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** Originally posted by rozeofgold **

Used hard water the first 2 years of my p (plaque variety). Used soft water the last 4 years of p. Now I'm back to hard water. Frankly, I haven't noticed any difference. My p flared and I got a new spot on my leg during the soft water years. When I got back to hard water, I started getting it under my fingernails. So, for me it doesn't seem to make a difference.

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