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** Originally posted by Malco **

Hello! I want to share some pictures of my hand/foot psoriasis. The feet are bothering me most at the moment. They are usually red and flaky, but yesterday (Saturday) morning I woke up to a great deal of itching and irritation for no obvious reason. I have been using dermatologist prescribed Taclonex most days, and a NB-UVB lamp 2-3 days a week for about 90 seconds. I actually use 90 seconds on the bottom of each foot, and an additional 90 seconds on each the inside and outside of each foot. I did up the lamp time Thursday night by 15 seconds each position to 1:45 each. Also, I applied MG217 coal tar on all foot surfaces just before using the lamp.

I have had this palmoplantar psoriasis for 2-3 years, but it has really never been this uncomfortable.....more of a cosmetic nuisance with a bit of occasional itching. I really don't know what could have caused this escalation of itching and irritation, literally overnight. Perhaps my lamp burned my feet because of the coal tar and small increase in lamp time. My hands feel worse, too, but they are not nearly as bad as my feet.

I am going to try to get in to see my derm doctor in the next couple of days. Does anyone have any similar experiences to share with me? Thank you!


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** Originally posted by pattyr **

Dear Malcom:

I, too, have PPPP on my right foot only. In fact, my right root looks exactly like yours...on a good day. Mostly I have pustules oozing and peeling. The itching comes and goes....and like all cases of psoriasis, it may go away for a while but it ALWAYS comes back.

I tried every topical cream on the market, uv light therapy, pills, etc. Was taking the injection, Raptiva, until it was pulled from the market. Raptiva worked great for me. I went into "remission" for about a year, with a little flare every once in a while. Well, I had a flare about 4 months ago and it never went away. Now I'm taking the injection, Stelara. Had my 1st injection on 12/28/10 and am told it will take 4 to 8 weeks to see any significant clearing.

My doc prescribed Stelara because it has been proven more effective on PPPP. We did not even bother with Humira or other biologics. It took quite a while for Stelara to get approved as well.

The only think I can recommend for the itching and cracking is vaseline. At night, I gob on vaseline and a white cotton sock. It does give some relief.

Patty R.

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** Originally posted by itchysan **

When I got PPPP on my feet and hands, I asked my derm if tanning booths would help. He said I would be very sorry if my feet or hands got burned. I was already sorry enough and have avoided tanning. I use vaseline and glycerin to moisturize.


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** Originally posted by zl27 **

I don't have PPPP, but Benedryl is my savior when it comes to itching. I've been using the xtrac laser and my psoriasis itches like bloody hell after a treatment (especially if my derm ups the dosage), so your itching may just be a response to the increased exposure.

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** Originally posted by hummingbrd **

Well bless you...I have PPPP as well. very long story and it is posted on these boards somewhere, but to make a long story short: topical never really did anything for me. Had cortisone shots but it would always come back as the cortisone dissipated from my body. Because I have had breast cancer I can not use any of the biologics, cyclosporine, and methotrexate is a possibility but my oncologist and derm can't agree about my using it. I finally started using UVB narrowband at the beginning of August and it is working. BTW can't use UVA because I am allergic to the sun!...LOL. If the UV-N ever quits working...wow I am in trouble. I did have a break out in October (is my usual) and it kept it from getting worse. I recently upped my dose of mJ and it is clearing again. I recently started putting MG217 (coal tar) on it and it has helped with the dryness and itching. Unlike others I can not wear socks to bed because that overheats my feet and that just by itself makes my feet break out. I pretty much wear sandals all the time, even in the winter as long as there isn't snow on the ground because the heat and friction from socks and shoes really inflame the whole situation. I am sorry you are going through this....it has been 3 years for me and it has been to tally trial and error. I think if you tried a tanning bed I would be very careful and only do 1-2 minutes to start. I travel a lot and can't always take my light box with me. When that happens I put my feet pointed toward the sun for one minute (due to sun allergy) everyday and that gets me by until I can back to my light box. Good Luck on finding the right treatment for you.
I think if you do a seach on here for "hummingbrd" it will locate my previous posts for you plus my pics.

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** Originally posted by LuluGirl22 **

Hey Malco!! First of all Welcome :)

Second: zl27 is right. Benedryl is AMAZING for the itching. Thank god she suggested that when my flare started, my itching attacks were horrible! I still use it today if I start to get a itching attack.

My feet and hands looked a lot like yours a couple months ago, just worse. They have healed since then. Couple things I did to treat mine. First, I got a great steroid shot from my doctors. I would apply Clobetasol ointment 0.05% 3 times a day. I kept my feet and hands mousterized as much as possible, then worse socks to keep it on, I used Palmers Coco Butter cream with Vitamin E (if u get this make sure it's the cream NOT the lotion), you can find it at walmart in the African American hair and skin products section. It helped so much with the cracking, itching and dryness. I also applied this to my hands as soon as I felt they were getting dry again (which was very often). It took awhile but it finally went into remission. I only have problems with my hands now when I wash them or do dishes, so I make sure to keep my cream handy.

Hope that helps a little.

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** Originally posted by Elkhunter **

Howdy Malco!

Having the crap on your hands and feet really sucks! I developed the P first on my hands and then after about a year it attacked my feet. The soles of both feet looked like alligator skin. I've rubbed all sorts of stuff on 'em.

Anything to keep them soft is good. Soaking in water as hot as you can stand it, helps with the dryness and the itching. Then slather a lot of grease on 'em and wrap the feet in some old socks. There's a Tree Hut brand of "Shea Body Butter" called "Hawaiian Kukui" that i really like for my hands.. It's good on the feet also. Nutrageena is also good on the skin. I have found that Kirk's Castille Coconut OIl Soap is grat for my hands. I use it for shampoo as well. Does not irritate my skin.

Nitrile gloves will keep your hands from excessive drying and contact with your surroundings. I handle a lot of paper and couldn't get by without the nitrile. (If people/strangers ask about the gloves, just start peeling them off and say " I was down in Central America for a year. Does this look like leprosy to you?) It can be rather entertaining!

I've been using an Rx cream that is coal tar, betamethasone and salicylic acid on my feet when they get bad. It keeps the alligator hide under control, more or less.

Oh yeah, I've been on Enbrel, 50 mg 2x/week , for the past 14 months. Works pretty good...most of the time...I reckon. Actually, without the damn shots I'd be disabled.

Benadryl (hydrocortisone) creams work quite well at keeping the itching from driving you wild. I sometimes take a pill/cap at night to help me sleep & reduce the itching/inflamation.

Ain't life just grand?

Good luck keep in touch with us.


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** Originally posted by keryanne **

No experience w/ that med or lamp usage, but my hands and feet have looked just like that, and MAN I feel for ya!
With increased itching and such irritation, you should definately see the doc!

My palms and soles got that bad, in fact my hands were worse than yours. Prob was, JUST as skin peeled, I could see tiny pinprick new pustules....it was neverending for weeks and weeks. The tiny white spots were popping out on clear skin, as well as in the same sore spots again and again.

These "pustules" were different from the ones when this all started with me. They were sooo tiny and soo many that instead of a small brown round scab that would be left behind, the whole surface was just one terrible mess.
I'm sure that was the cause of the INTENSE itching I was dealing with as well. A change in meds ANNND benedryl finally gave me some relief. I got the benedryl advice here....sooo easy!!! Don't know if I wanted to kick myself or my derm for not thinking of it sooner.

Best of luck to you....hope you keep us posted.

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** Originally posted by RichJ **

hi malco,
welcome to the p family. you have meet some of the wonderful people on here and will find alot of great info. welcome and nice to meet you.

try and have a good day all


ps i have pp to and will get back to this thread soon.

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** Originally posted by Dizi **

Hi there Malcom,
Another PPPP sufferer here. Both my hands and feet not too dissimilar to yours. Nails affected too:( I am using Diprosone (betamethasone dipropionate) and coal tar ointment with 5% salicylic acid (occasionally). I have never had light therapy so really not sure if I can provide any helpful advice. I do empathise with you, I really do. It's so frustrating to have a flare and not know the exact cause. I don't know if anyone has experienced this but I flared up really bad with itchiness/rawness/inflammation after using baby shampoo (supposed to be gentle - ha!) on my son who was about 3 or 4 months old at the time. Also, I used a fabric softener that made me flare up and also gave my poor son eczema at the time. This was in the early days of my P when I didn't realise that perfumed products and certain detergents could be so inflammatory/irritating. So I guess my small bit of advice is to keep away from environmental factors that you know may trigger irritation. But perhaps you know this already, or you don't have a problem with these things. Everyone is so different! I can apply coal tar ointment and wear damp socks for an 30 mins or so at night when I feel irritated and this softens things up and reduces itch. Like Hummingbird above I can't wear dry socks & shoes as they make me very uncomfortable and even the 30 mins at night with the damp sock is enough for me...if I wear them longer I start to feel my feet heat up and get irritated (something that I never experienced 16 months ago!) I hope things improve for you soon, all the best...

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Glycerin; I'd suggest twice a day for PPPP. Mix with Vaseline if you wish, but either way no rubbing required. Get the pure veg. source from a health supplement store if you can (e.g., NOW brand), but USP standard from and drugstore is OK.

Check out my other threads (under my older "pre-Inspire" username, Brian H) for lotsa information on glycerin.

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