Hair loss and a balding spot in 8 year old

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Hello all, I was wondering if anyones child has had bald spots on their childs head and I wanted to comment that my daughter is starting to lose alot of hair when I brush it..... it seems to me way more than the average would be for a child. She has a good head of hair but is losing more than I think she should for a child that young. Last night when I was going through her head to put topicals on I found a bald spot about the size of a pencil eraser, maybe I shouldn't panic but it is very alarming for me as a mom....... anyone have any insight? She is only on topicals and she does have hypothyroidism. Her scalp is about moderate to severe along the lines of involvement. Her ears are full of it and she has inverse in groin, under arm, and a huge place on her knee, as well as all of her fingernails and some places around her eyes.

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** Originally posted by twinieten **

I can see why it's alarming! That's tough, especially with the thyroid. Maybe she need to have a med adjustment? I know someone who might be able to address that and I'll let her know about your post. I read that she's had problems with pain. Did you figure out if she has PA? Sometimes random pain can go along with too low a dose of thyroid hormone, or sometimes people need T3 and T4 hormone or need to take a natural thyroid hormone (which has both T3 and T4).

I have read that biotin is the best supplement for hair loss. I know she's just a little thing, but maybe add a B multi. I don't know if you'd feel better checking with her doctor first, but additional biotin might help. I've been losing hair due to weight loss, and adding a B multi with Biotin stopped the hair loss.

Now to address the p and topicals. Topical steroids are actually used to help reduce hair loss, so I'm rather confused. I know the plaques from scalp p can cause hair to be pulled out because it sticks to the plaque when you comb it out. Are you trying to comb out plaques when they are soft? My son used to get bald spots where he had plaques, but the hair always grew back. It's easier with boys, though. I'd keep his hair really short so it was easy to treat the p.

I had fantastic luck with psorolin and 777 oil ( I'd use the oil on my son's scalp. I love it so much I feel like a spammer. :)

Have you had your daughter tested for strep?

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** Originally posted by mmmaul **


I did have her tested for strep a couple of months ago when she was sick with something and it came back okay.
She just saw her endo and the blood work came out fine too. I think that I may try the multi b's it really can't hurt, not like if it was a metal.
She has small scales on her scalp in most places, and where I saw the little patch of hair missing the skin was smooth but not shiny. I was combing the wet hair and seperating it so I could put the topicals on it while the scalp was still damp and all this hair and lots of scales were on my shirt...... it freaked me out! Her hair I have tried to keep at her shoulders and no longer, but I think it is time to go a little shorter, although I hate to because she may not be able to put it up in a ponytail. Her bangs are bad too.... she really has it bad there and that is where you can see the most of the flakes..... it is really starting to distress her as a kid in school keeps telling her she has lice. Kids are so hateful ......

Thanks for helping me out with all of this, it is hard to find people with kids that have the involvement she does and how to help. Her ped rheumy diagnosed her with JIA until she sees more definite involvement. I have posted that she has had random pains in like her upper arm, and she mostly complains of knee and heel pains. It seems that I am posting here and there, but I do it when it shows up and I don't want to keep calling these docs, they seem more irritated with the questions. I think they'd be happier to see that she has flares and showing signs. She does have two toes that I still question the way they look even though the doc didn't see it. She did have the tip of one finger red hot and a little swollen and showed it to me telling me it hurt really bad. I gave her the naprosyn and she said the pain was gone a few hours later, but the redness and heat was still there and a little swollen too. It wasn't until the next day that it all went away.

Thanks for answering!

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** Originally posted by twinieten **

Did you ever get a link to this thread It's about PA, and links to another great post where someone said specifically what tests to ask for.

Poor thing! She has some pretty severe involvement! Kids can be terribly mean. The Foundation could help you put together something if you wanted to talk to her class (or if she wanted to) about P, what it is and such.

I was hoping to hear that you could look at her thyroid hormone levels or strep. Then at least you have a direction to go in. :( It's the most frustrating when you find yourself wanting something wrong so it can be fixed. I wish I had more to offer you.

Did you have the lab culture done? Not the quick test from the office, for strep. Did you check her Free T3 and Free T4 or just TSH? Have you looked in to phototherapy? Have you looked at adding a vitamin D3 suppliment? If you wanted her tested first, you could ask for the 25(OH)D test. D3 is supposed to be great for P, especially in the winter, and a lot of people are deficient.

It sounds a lot like PA to me. I'm no expert, but body parts don't just swell randomly. I suppose that RIA and PA aren't that different in treatment choices or some symptoms (though I don't know much about either). What is the doctor thinking about doing for the arthritis?

I know you've been here and there on the board so you don't need an invitation, but you should see what kind of help you can get over in the Psoriatic Arthritis or the Psoriasis forums. A lot of people don't notice when we post here in the Parent forum.

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** Originally posted by mmmaul **

See, that is what I am not sure of... how severe it is supposed to be.... her derm isn't much for conversation and I already got rid of one. Should I consider it to be severe? They at least did write up a letter to tell the school why she may miss school at times and they wrote in their that it was severe.
My gal has anxiety issues from other conditions and the P alone makes it worse. Her endo just told me over the phone the results and all they really said was her numbers were good. As far as the testing for strep I had them do the send away thing.
I asked her derm about phototherapy and he said he didn't think that it would help, and I guess it wouldn't if it mostly all in her hair, but I do wonder about it for the hair and the ears anyway. I have a relative that has a tanning bed and thought about trying that. I wonder what is the difference between the two... and I do need to try and get some D3, I have read about it before and just keep forgetting to pick some up.
The rheumy said she would rather see more involvment before she called it psoriatic arthritis..... she only gave us naprosyn for any pains that she had, and it was meant to be for the following weeks that we saw her and if it didn't seem to do anything then to stop because of what it could do to her stomach, but my daughter did ask me a few weeks ago why she has so many pains in her body and was that medicine supposed to cure it.It broke my heart.

I thought that this is where the parents went to discuss things.... I did post on the PA sight about her having pains in her upper arm and not knowing if it had anything to do with PA.

Thank you so much for your help......

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** Originally posted by twinieten **

This is the place for parents to discuss things, true. It's just that it's not a very busy forum. It's nice to have a place for parents to talk to other parents, but when there just aren't that many of us, it's nice to get feedback from the busy forums too. KWIM?

Your description makes me think her p is severe. My son had only about 1% of his body with p (palmar plantar), but the skin would crack and bleed and was very painful, so we called his case severe.

He has some anxiety too. Just makes you think that it's not helping things, you know? Poor kid. Just too many things for someone so young, and it's hard when you just wish you could trade places with her.

Definitely try D3, then! It's super cheap! Maybe you want to check out Barney's Formula. You can google or find a thread about it over in the CAM forum. Even if you don't do the Barneys Formula, D3 might help.

Someone mentioned this hand held unit with fiber optic bristles for scalp p. Check it out It looks nice, but it doesn't show how much it costs. I'm treating a patch of scalp p right now, and I'm hoping to get rid of it before it gets any bigger.

Please let us know how that blood test turns out for your daughter. ASO?

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** Originally posted by mmmaul **

okay, do you know how I can move this... or do I have to start a new one?

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** Originally posted by twinieten **

Start a new one. I hope you can get some answers soon!

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** Originally posted by Jasmine **

Heya awh bless your daughter
I had the same problem with my hair, I got a small patch of baldness, luckily fairly small, but I did proper freak out, so I decided I would use hair extensions to thicken my hair, I no what most people will say you cant use hair extensions on an 8 year old well thats up to you, yes it is young but it could help alot with her self eestem or perpharps if she still has that problem when she's older she could use them
I would suggest if you do get them use clip ins, these are really easy to put in and take out they literally take 5 mins, and use real human hair soo they look natural, I got mine from head kandy, an online shop which sell them quite cheap for what they are and come in a range of colours, and lengths and they do look natural
Up to you if you take m advice, its an idea maybe not a great one but it could help
Wishing the best for you and your daughter xxxxxxxxxx

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My daughters derm told us to use mineral oil to help loosen the flakes in the scalp. Then we found shampoo with olive oil in it that helps take the mineral oil out in the morning when she wakes up before she goes to school. We also cut her hair short so it was easier for her to help deal with in the morning. Tell your daughter to hang in there that there are other girls who know how she feels. You can also talk to the teacher and have her explain to the class what is going on (if her classes are contained to one or two rooms). Just tell her to hang in there because its whats on the inside that matters not what is on the outside.

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** Originally posted by LilBudyWizer **

The bald spot is from pulling the hair out with the scales. There's nothing wrong with how her hair grows. Rather it's getting pulled out. Deal with the scales more effectively and that will be less of a problem. A hair grows for like seven years. It's just a few hairs here and there, but it's routinely in the same places over and over. Brushing? Doubtful. That's just the routine, normal hair loss at the end of it's lifecycle.

I'm bald, went bald at 19. Hey, great, I got served. I didn't lose hair rapidly until I was bald. I lost it at a normal rate and it simply didn't grow back. Something like chemo that kills off the hair enmass will cause you to lose great gobs of hair rapidly, but natural balding does not happen that way. It just fails to grow back. As someone that is bald I tend to laugh at people voicing such concerns. Here it's not a laughing matter because the bald spots can be a serious problem, but with most people it's just their imagination. Here to though the hair in the brush as proof she's going bald is your imagination as well though. The hair is missing, but it came out pull the scales out of her hair and didn't come out in the brush.

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