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** Originally posted by traceyo **

i have had problems with my hip, lower back and leg. i have started to have bad groin pain. does anyone have any ideas? it kept me up last night.
i've had a ultrasound on it and they couldn't see anything clearly adn have recommended an mri but this will take months to get as i am in teh uk.

i an only take mild painkilers as i am trying to conceive. ay advice

thanks tracey

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** Originally posted by Lee140 **

I'm assuming you have PA? I have groin pain occasionally too, and I've read others who've said the same thing. My doctor says it's actually referred pain from my SI joints. He pushed in the groin area and was able to reproduce pain in my SI joints. Others have the pain from their hip. Is it "down there" groin pain or around the panty line? I have both, but thankfully not all the time. Sometimes I will be just walking along and BAM, sharp pain around the panty line and I can't walk for a few steps, and then it eases but still hurts. It tends to happen when I'm having trouble with pain down the back of my leg and buttock.

Good luck in your desire to have a baby!! I have 3 and they are the biggest blessing I have!

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** Originally posted by mom2IS **

I went to a really good physical therapist a couple of weeks ago who specializes in arthritis. She said arthritis in your hip feels as if it is in your groin.

Good luck with trying to conceive!

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** Originally posted by Gemstar **

Hi Tracey,
I often have this kind of pain in my groin. I have long-standing PA Fibromyalgia (chronic muscle pain) and a back problem so it is hard to figure what is the main culprit. I can't exercise regurlary so I am out of shape too. I have found a wonderful massage therapist who specializes in a massage technique called myofascial massage/release. PT's can also do myofascial work. These is a large muscle in our body called the psoas (do search on psoas for further info)that connects to many of our lower body parts (to keep it simple). This muscle often gets tight and can really throw your body out of kilter and this often does cause back, hip, and groin pain. One way of seeing if this is the problem is when one leg is a bit shorter than the other (this is usually a temporary situation due to the tight muscle). Have you noticed that you seem to be walking a bit crooked? If you lie flat on the bed with your legs close together and have someone place their thumbs on the inside of your ankle bones, it sometimes can be evident that there is a difference. This is a simple test. Of course many people do have a leg length difference. But when the massage therapist works on this muscle, usually by holding sustained pressure on the area which is located in front of the iliac crest (front of the hip area), the legs length most times returns to normal and the groin pain goes away. This may take repeated treatments if the pain returns but it is well worth it the treatments. It only takes about 10 minutes. It may be worth checking this out. This pain seems to move around at times too and is no fun. I hope this is helpful to you. If you do decide to pursue this, it may be a little difficult to find this kind of specialist. Some massage therapist say they do myofascial massage but are not educated in this technique. I was blessed to find someone who was and who knew what would bring relief. Let me know how you make out.

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