Green Smoothie Fasting

On my third day of green smoothie fasting trying to clear up my psoriasis 100%. I've cleared it before but it was with a persribed holistic doctors cleanse. Anyone clear there psoriasis from a smoothie fast. I know some have from a juice fast.

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I have not tried it, but I'm curious what all you're putting in them?

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right now i have been drinking three quarts a day of a mixture of:

Kale, broccolli, apples, blueberries, pears, bannana, kiwi, pineapple, ummm so other things i cant think of.

I also put a scoop of super food powder in it.

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Good luck, let us know how your doing!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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I have never heard of this before. Sounds great though!

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Three QUARTS of fruit smoothies every day. That's a lot of fruit. Seems to me that would irritate the intestines.

I love fruit smoothies, made with plain no fat yogurt, strawberries, apple juice and bananas. My favorite breakfast. But I couldn't drink three quarts of smoothies every day.

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NO Green smoothies AKA Veggie smoothies

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i have tampered with it and seen nothing but good from it, the only problem i had was cheating with store bought juices that had stuff im allergic to in them, and i was told by a holistic to just presist and your body will eventually accept those things. I did this thru winter and as i was working in a refridgerator, (not recommended, it made me break out on my face and ears) anyways i lost so much weigh it was becoming a bit of a problem cas im a big guy 6"6 + and 215lbs and i was protein deficient and started losing muscle, which i needed for my job, let alone everything else. im going to buy a juicer so i can dictate my own juices, i love them, i love brocolli and kale and wheat grass mmmm im starting to water at the mouth. i heard another really good thing to add to your juices once in a while is burrdock root, (whole foods usally has it, not at safeway),
I wish you luck and i am confident you will be successful , and another trick is water fasting a few days in your juice fast in really helps pull stuff out of your body, combined with sum enemas! which i would highly recomend.
- peace and love to everyone

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Let's not confuse our terms. Green smoothies is not juicing. Smoothies retain all the fiber, juicing does not include fiber. This is actually a very important point, especially when it comes to using sweet fruit. Juicing large amounts of sweet fruit will give a big time sugar rush. However using the same fruit in a smoothie will not have the same effect because the fiber slows down the digestion. Yet many folks believe juicing is because it doesn't include fiber.

In my personal opinion, smoothies are great for just dumping in a wide variety of fruits and veggies. Juicing is perhaps better for using a more finite number of ingredients, and juicing wonder foods like wheatgrass. And of course one can juice some stuff and use it as ingredients for a smoothie.


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Well I am on day 1 of a green smoothie detox cleanse.

I don't use much fruit in mine, only a little ripe banana to sweeten. The emphasis for me is on green (i.e.) certified organic baby spinach, kale, parsley, etc...

Really "fasting" is the wrong word - given that you are certainly taking in a lot of food and fibre with green smoothies.

True fasting means you avoid all food, and only take in water.

If anyone is up for the challenge, then register to try this 14 day free one:

They send you a email every day for 14 days with tips and recipes.

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Good stuff y'all!


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This is not exactly the same thing but it was recommended to me to use an 'elixer' as a supplement in addition to a regular healthy diet:
In the blender put: 1 avocado, a cup of coconut water, a tsp of coconut oil (looks like butter), a tsp of glycerin. (Adjust coconut water to get to a nice smooth consistancy--not too thick or too thin) and keep the coconut water cold.
This was from an intuitive counselor I see from time to time but she is not a medical intuitive. The funky thing was she had no idea I have glycerin and have been using it topically for 3 weeks, and that I bought that coconut oil at the same time but never used it!

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FYI I just made the elixer and 1/2 an avocado was enough. Also used 1 tbsp coconut oil. I may still play with the proportions of glycerin and coconut oil but this was pretty good!!

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Hi tplee, are you the same tplee as from a few yrs back (Tommy and Polly)? i've read your blog a couple of years ago.. didn't you clear thru diet? how fast did it come back for you? was it because you went off your diet?

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Yes I am the same tplee. And its Molly not Polly...I forgive you. Anyway I did clear thru diet. Sice then I have fallen off and i would estimate it came back within 6 months. I know that doesn't sound very reassuring but I can tell you with the little amount ive changed in my diet it has started to go away again. Its just a lot slower this time. Im not sure what is causing my psoriasis but my new theory is that I've always had horrible dental issues. I belive my psoriasis is being cause by a hidden tooth infection that I cannot feel. Healthy diet helps clear up the infection but its is hard to clear infections in your teeth without proper treatment. I am going to my natural dentist this week to asses the possible removal of some of these teeth if she thinks its wise. The have a test there that can tell you how big an impact a specific tooth has on your immune system. For now though its back to being healthy. 2-3 green smoothies a day and running in the morning. The only reason I ask about the green smoothies is becuase last time I used a raw diet and juicing. not smoothies. This time around Im going to try and just drink 2-3 green smoothies a day as well as incorporate some vegan meals as well as excercise. We shall see how it goes.........

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Good for you, tplee. I just made my first post (titled Early Psoriasis)- I'm not even sure I have psoriasis (see my other post for explanation), but whatever skin lesions these were that I had, it cleared up with massive diet changes, herbs, & supplements- a detox type protocol. But instead of juicing or making smoothies, I have just been eating raw and steamed veggies out the wazoo. I love juicing and would do that if what I'm doing now didn't improve my skin- but juicing doesn't quite work with my life right now as a working mom with small children.
Curious about if you're using a regular blender or something like a Vita Mixer? Also, are you just diluting with water or another beverage? What are you doing for protein aside from the powder?

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Thanks essco. Thats how i cleraed psoriasi the first time around by eating raw and juicing. You are right juicing and smoothies is annoying and sometimes messy. Once you get a pattern down though its not that hard or messy. I do own a vita-Mix. This is probably one of the best investments I've ever made. It is litterally the best blender on the market. Its expensive as hell about $500.00 but come with like a 10 year warranty. I like companies that stand behind there products. I put about a cupt of water in my smoothies. As for protein lots of veggies and even fruits have protein. Broccolli, carrots, bannana etc do a google search and you can probably find a good list.

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