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No results from the glycerine witch hazel combination after 30 days. How long should I keep trying?

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if it hasn't helped yet, I would give up. Did it stop the itching?

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It seemed to help the itching the first few times. Hopes dashed once again.

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I have placque p. on hands and feet - 3 years now. The glycerin/witchhazel combo is all I use and it works great for me even now that it is winter and with the heat on very drying for the skin. I have the humidifier on in the house day and night which helps.

When I started the combo it was a very slow go as my condition was very bad. It doesn't work as fast as the Dovobet cream but I kept with it and vaseline on top with socks and gloves. I find now that I need to apply twice a day to my feet with cotton ankle socks and then other socks on top in the day time and just the ankle socks at night. I have a soak in the tub once or twice a week with epsom salts and then use a grater/sander that I bought at the drug store - I think it's a Dr. Scholl's one - when I get out to get all the dry skin off and then put the combo on with the ankle socks. I just use the sander on my hands not the grater. When I apply the combo to my hands in the morning and evening I need to sit for about 20 minutes and let it soak in - I'm tired of the gloves!

It did take many, many months to make a big difference but it is well worth it. I've not had to use what's left of the Dovobet cream at all. The itching is minor compared to before when I was up all night with my feet in a bowl of cold water. When it does get itchy it usually means I need to soak, sand and re-apply.

Good Luck!
My advice would be to stick with it - mine was what the specialist said was 'very bad'.

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I just started using glycerin and alcohol free witch hazel yesterday. I had to order the witch hazel online to get the alcohol free version. I mixed a 50/50 mixture and put it in a spray bottle as recommended. I will let you know in 30 days if this has any effect.

When you think about it, Psoriasis would not be so bad if it did not LOOK SO BAD. If everyone in the world was blind, no one would care you had Psoriasis. However, most people judge a book by its cover and if the cover looks ugly, then the negative comments are sure to follow.

I can live with the red patches on my skin. It is the ugly scales on top of them that I hope the glycerin/W.H. will help remove. The only thing Ultravate did was remove the scales.

Hang in there folks, ....we are all in this fight together. I am just learning news ways to live with this after 35 years of it. This website has helped me a lot in dealing with it.

Got to get back to fixing houses,...I am actually more of a Landlord than anything else.


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I wish all you people would try pure virgin coconut oil. it is not messy sticky it dries into your skin give it a chance it is much better then glycerin w.h. just try it I put it on at night & dont itch all night.

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Where does one get pure virgin coconut oil? I hope Hawaii is the only place since I need an excuse to go there,..LOL.

I will try anything once.


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any heath food store. in hawaii or where ever you live. ps take me with you.

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Thanks for the tip - I will try it. My family has a chain of health food stores here in Ottawa so I know where to get it. My kids keep after me to cook with it but I haven't yet - I like my olive oil and butter!

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The witch hazel and glycerine didn't help me much either, to start with. It did reduce the scales and helped the itching somewhat but the skin was like elephant hide and still very red....I added 100% tea tree oil to the mixture and ~wow~ big difference!! Instant itch relief, the scales are gone, skin is softer and redness fading every day now, my hands are nearly cleared now and my arm/elbows are much better.
How much tea tree oil?? I only had a tiny bottle and since I like the smell of tea tree, I put enough in to make the wh/g smell like tea tree oil. Great "research", eh??? Joke. But it worked for me and I'm extremely pleased. Oh, I do not use socks or gloves or any extra covering, I just rub it in and leave it alone.

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Thanks for the encouragement. I think I need to be a lot more diligent. The whole process can dominate your life which I hate but that's the way it is. I get discouraged and back off on the regimen.

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DZaf I agree it takes way more time than I want to spend and it's discouraging, but I'm learning that it just comes back and has gotten worse when I do nothing because I then pick and scratch. When I used it for a month or so last spring it was slowly working and after about three weeks all of a sudden one day I realized that I forgot to want to scratch and pick at my scalp. However, I gradually slacked off using it and it's now all back and then it flared and about doubled in November. I now 'snow' all the time.

After reading Carebear3117's recent posts, -still-clear-from-her-guttate-thanks-to-glycerin/?ref=as&asat=69073272 , about her success using it on her daughter I'm trying to make myself use it twice daily, morning and night. However, mine is plaque in my scalp and it takes so much Glycerin to saturate all the spots that I look like a homeless person who hasn't had a shower in weeks, so on days when I can't just stay home I have to throughly rince my hair in the morning which my dry skin doesn't like. But I guess that's just the way it's going to be if I want to have a chance of it clearing up.

So I'd say you're right that we have to be diligent and put up with the hassle, but we have nothing to lose and maybe it will clear up or at least improve significantly.

I think I'm also going to get some virgin coconut oil and try that in one section and see how it works.
Good luck.

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I LOVE COCONUT Oil!!!!!! I mix 1/2 coconut oil, 1/4 jojoba oil and a little lavender oil and rosemary oil lavender for the heck of it rosemary cause its good for the skin abd wrinkles. put it on at least three times a day cause I love the way it smells feels and it keep plaque soft and not itchy. I HATE GLYCERINE!!!!! it's sticky no matter what you cut it with and it doesn't help. My mixture tastes pretty good too lol. The coconut oil can be put in bath water taken internally for hydration and regulation you can cook with it you can rub it on your skin. It is an all around good oil. Oh and put it on your scalp 2 hrs before washing hair as a conditioner and loosen P in the hair. God bless that's my two cents.

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I just started using straight up glycerin on my scalp and the red patches on my forehead and face, it's only been one week come Monday. While it's not as greasy as Aquaphor it leaves my hands feeling sticky even though i wash them several times. I think i'll keep with the glycerin for a bit longer to see if there is any improvement but all it seems to be reducing is the thickness of the scaly patches.

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I really like coconut oil too. I like the smell! And I think it's fun to use because it's a solid and it melts in my hand as I put it on....I find that really amusing. I've learned so much about coconut oil that I never knew, will probably use it in some of the recipes I keep coming across. I read vegan and Gluten free websites/blogs now to learn how eat all the foods I've not been eating.

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Based on all of these rave reviews of virgin coconut oil, looks like I will have to get some. Since I want my coconut oil as fresh and virgin as possible, ...I will have to fly to Hawaii so that I can pick fresh coconuts from the trees and extract the oil then.

Anyone want to go with me?

P.S. Even after 35 years of P,..I still have a sense of humor. If I lose that, I lose everything.

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Try this site for your Virgin Coconut Oil. Good Luck.

Argan Oil is also very good for your skin without the greasy feeling. I use it in a shampoo/conditioner as well as a body lotion and works great.

The glycerine/witch hazel also works great for me if I have itching.

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Hang in there! I am in my mid-seventies and have had psoriasis and PA for almost 60 years. It has long been characterized as severe and generalized. After 20 years, PUVA was the first treatment that allowed me periods of clearance. After about a dozen years I began to develop basil and squamous cell carcinomas. I gave up PUVA and tried one biologic with very bad results. I then began a twenty year regimen of sun in the summer and vasoline as a lubricant every day after showering. It worked pretty well, but each year about this time I was miserable with sore redness and excessive flaking. That lasted until I could get out in the sun again.

About two years ago I read on this blog about glycerin and witch hazel. I gave it a try. At first I notice significant improvement, but it stopped well short of clearance. I kept at it as it was sure better than vasoline. Today in early February I am far better than I was any year in my earlier regimen. Every few weeks I use T/Gel shampoo as a body wash. I get redder for a day, but then improve. When I sense itchiness coming on I take a Benedryl pill. It either stops it before it becomes a problem or within an hour it has started.

I see my dermatologist once a quarter to take off the potential carcinomas.

Until something better comes along I urge you to give the glycerin and witch hazel more time.

All the best,


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try DERMASIL or FRUIT OF THE EARTH SHEA BUTTER AND ALOE VERA. you can buy these at any dollar tree store or dollar general store. i use both of these products for moisturizers and after shave and after shower and my skin feels great afterwards. especially that its winter time you have to moisturize more each day. hope this helps

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here in Miami coconuts fall all over the place

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i also use the 50-50 mix of witch hazel and glycerin in a spray bottle. i use different moisturizers and it seems to help. sometimes when you use just 1 thing it can not be as effective after a long while but whatever works go for it.

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