Glycerine + indigo naturalis + Centella Asiatica experiment =]

Long time reader, years, first time poster =">
Been browsing an reading so many posts over the last couple of years and guess I should contribute...

I'm 25 and have had P since 17, been through the ups and downs - it's like being in a battlefield =S
Started with PUVA then NUVB + methotrexate. I stopped the UVB and methotrexate because of the M side effects. Started a raw/vegan lIke diet and got kind of cleared but I was impatient and just miss good food so much. So I was on a half diet, gluten/dairy/beef/nightshades/pork free and from this forum heard of Champori.
Tried that for a while but stopped since it was so enpensive >.< works wonders though!!! Dang =O!!!...

Started in Cyclosporine a couple months back but I weened myself off that too and am kind of on the diet again. And then I tried the amazing Glycerin, it does decrease the scaling but I keep getting new spots all over!! I mixed it with Vaseline the last 2 days and it does work better. Not any clearer yet so let's try something else...

Since indigo naturalis was the main ingredient in the Champori, I'm mixing some in to see how it works out. Just mix until I get a navy blue shade. First day trying that combination today so will keep you all updated, hopefully it will work =]

I know that some of u want to try the indigo but don't know where to get it, besides online. If you actually just copy down the Chinese name, maybe a picture too, and go to a local Chinese herb store (look around china town), they have it for pretty cheap.
I got 3g for $1, I think it's 3g...was quite a good amount, enough to mix a couple of batches!!

And now....the waiting fr results impatient...

**Guess I'll just update my progress on the openning post to make it easier ^^

1) Before starting with my Glycerin + Vaseline + Indigo mixture : I had actually used some steroid cream 2 days before, that's why it looks pretty. Before those 2 days, I had tried the pure Glycerin for about 1.5 weeks - the G did make me feel better for the first couple of days but then new spots started to pop up and it was really freaking me out! Does it not look quite inflammed?

2) 3 days after I started with the mixture, applying 3 times a day (just like Champori). Notice that it does look less inflammed and the redness has decreased.
3) 8 days later : The spot looks a little bigger huh? Well...I think I don't do so well with the Glycerin, it stops working for me after a couple of days and makes things worse >.< (just my luck). I had removed the Glycerin completely from my mixture for the last 3 days and am now just using Vaseline mixed with Indigo Glycerin. It's starting to fade again, thankfully!!
I had just applied the mix a couple hours ealier that's why it looks kinda blue but it is less red =]...
*If Glycerin works for you, i recommend to mix it into the mix too - it just sucks for me.

4) Day 15 : The spot on my stomach is so stubborn >.< It does bigger huh? but the thing is that it is thining at the same time so I would consider it good. I'm thinking my spots are so crazy cuz I'm probably going through Cyclosporine withdrawal or something -_-"
It still looks less inflammed though, so that's good

- I've realized that the Indigo Naturalis is not the main ingredient in the Champori that gives it that kick, although it does help with the inflammation alot! The scaling has decreased but slowly.
I've added a tiny bit of the Glycerin back into my mixture and it seems to be holding, guess I can only tolerate small amounts.

- Has anyone ever read the ingredient list for the Champori cream? One of the incgredients listed is something called Centella Asiatica:

Centella Asiatica - 积雪草 (Chinese name)

I actually ordered from that website but due to mail service strike in Canada it hasn't come yet so I got a small amount at the herb store. I just show them the chinese name and say I want it. I got a good little bit for $0.50...It kinda looks like a bush huh?
I didn't have a coffee grinder so I just used the Magic Bullet to grind it up for mixing, if you do have a coffee grinder I suggest you use that.
If any of you has ever used Champori, you would've have notices the tiny little leaf like things in it...I think this is what it is.

So I've been useing my new mixture for about 2 days now and I can say that it's pretty amazing. I don't know if it's the whole combination of just the herb itself but the scaling has decreased almost completely! Maybe about 5 of my medium sized spots kind of scaled today and not like gros scaling but just a thin. This other herb does make a difference.

Here's a huge spot on my arm that has been slowly clearing from the Indigo + Vaseline but was still kind of scaling. No scaling at all today! and it looks alot lighter to me too, I should've took a before picture to show you.

I will post updated pictures in a couple of days, hopefully it continues to get better.

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I am VERY interested in your research.

Read about Champori on another thread and came to the same conclusion as you - that Indigo Naturalis is the primary active ingredient.

For clarity, what are you mixing the Indigo with? ( not sure if vaseline or glycerin )

For others - there is a long post about Champori: ort=asc&page=3#replies

there are links there that may be of interest

Champori web site's psoriasis page is at:

Report on a site that I have some faith in: ndigo-ointment-relieves-psoriasis

Please continue posting!

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I add Glycerin to Vaseline, just use the lid on the G bottle to measure how much to put in. I kind of just add 1 or 2 then stir, just add until it becomes a white shade and is looser texture.
Then add Indigo and stir until it turns a navy blue color. You can experiment for yourself with how much u want in it though.

I just wanted to share with you guys where might be able o buy the indigo around your area ^^...

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That's good stuff, Shark. I do a little aquaphilic before the G..and it responds well. I absolutely love the no itching.

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It's only been a day, but I can really see a difference! It's less red an scaly =]...
It gets pretty itchy when the flakes start peeling but just apply some more G+Indigo to the lesions and it kind of starts to look like I just used steroid creams. Of course not as fast as the steroids but it does work, faster than Champori for me. It's still kind of itchy but as the redness goes away, I'm sure the itching will go with it.

From previous posts about G, I think the Glycerin does play an important part in how fast it's working. Props to Glycerin =D!!!

I did take a before picture and will post when he 'after' is beautiful skin. Hopefully it keeps on working as I expect *fingers crossed*

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Today marks 3 days of my Glycerin + Vaseline + Indigo experiment and I must say it's coming along quite well =) I hope that my camera's not playing any tricks on me but doesn't it look less inflammed? A big spot on my torso. Notice how in the before picture, there are little inflammed spots but those are practically faded in the 2nd picture and the color is a little bit lighter too!!
I noticed the lighting might have affected my skin color but the inflammation has definately begun to go down =) Please tell me my eyes aren't tricking me!!...I think with continued use, it will fade a lot more. There's hope!!!



It's a start but so exciting ^^...

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Yes, definite change; much less "raising"of the skin, faded color, and some separation of nearby spots is starting to happen. It's a good sign that it's responding so soon. I'd expect steady progress from now on.

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Display test:

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OK, it's huge (original size) but the trick is to use the URL like this:
<#img src="URL"#>
Get rid of the # hash mark symbols, and paste the URL between the quotation marks (leave them there).

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Thank you Brian, Now I know how to post pics ^^...

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I don't have anything to post, but don't want to lose track of this thread.

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Are you going to change your tag to "BugEye" to match your new avatar?

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Sorry you gave up on the G.; it seems to have a brief period of flattening, reddening, and spreading for some people. Not a sign it's not working, just a stage it goes through. A few days is way short of the minimum trial period, though. A week or two initially, and a month or two medium term is about the time required.

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You're the first to comment on the picture ... Nope, still Hawkeye249

That bug was on the front steps yesterday. The rest of it's torso is the same as the right side of the picture.

I've never seen anything like it before.

Assume you were referring to someone else giving up on glycerin ...
I just applied topically and enjoying "beverage" between keystrokes.

Relief to All,

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I actually like how fast the Indigo naturalis is working though, similar to the Champori cream.

I'm probably one of the unfortunate people that Glycerin doesn't work for >.< was spreading and red when I was using he Glycerin, which kind of sucks. I just don't wan it to go crazy then I'll have to take longer to calm everything down - stop early so don't have so mug to clean up later!!! I have ALOT of coverage so it'll look pretty crazy if keep spreading >.<...

I just have a gut feeling Glycerin doesn't like me =P....the Indigo + Vaseline is really calming everything down now, most ofthe red spots that popped up from G are pretty much gone of dying down - I luv it ^^!!! Besides Champori, and a straight on vegan/raw diet, this mixture is something else that works for me =)...I can actually eat normal food now!!!! Would probably work faster with a diet but food is so good, yum!!

Happy for those who Glycerin works for though ^^!!!!!....wish it works for me too but oh well...

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