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SO today is day one after using Glycerin USP for the first time I was a little shy about using it at first i've tryed so many things. Yesterday i decided to try it and went on a request to find it rite aid carries it unless some of you are having trouble finding it. Anyways applied it last night when i woke today i could tell improvement with my P i still have some plaque but nothing like i normally do my P sports even look less read and more like my normal skin color im not going to say this stuff works just yet but i can say it helps for only 5 bucks a bottle i paid it worth a try folks ill post my progression as it goes anyone else having amazing results ?

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Amazing results? No. But after two weeks I am getting some definitive results on my PPP. Glycerin is both cheap and harmless. I think all psoriasis sufferers should give it a try.


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I started using it a week ago. I think I see some improvement in some tough spots. What I know for sure is that mosquitos love this stuff. I can't even go outside for a few minutes without them swarming around me. Anyone else notice this or maybe there are more mosquitos this year?

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Ive been using it a week. Havent seen any improvement yet but will keep you posted.

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I've been using it for about 3 weeks and have noticed a definite improvement on some of my tougher spots:-)

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Amazing results with glycerine - yes I must say although there is still a long way for me, I think.

I have been quite sad about my P because nothing seems to help.
Have been trying a lot of different steroid creme on advice from the doctor.
Last time I visited the doctor he said that the only thing left to try is bio-treatment or UV treatment.

I decided not to put more money in the project and instead start to work my mind accepting that this will never go away.
This winter I stopped using anything other than a good skin lotion.
I simply did not want to pay so much money on a treatment with such bad results and put harmful stuff on my body several times a day.

Last week I found this website and I am just so happy i did.
After reading several glycerin threads I suddenly realised that we actually had a botlle in our house which I use for the childrens bubbles.
I imm. started to use the G and after 8 days of 2-3 times daily use I see remarkable improvements on app. 50% of the spots.
I have 11 spots on my legs and 2 big areas on the elbows.
1 spot on my thigh (acutally the oldest one) is almost gone.
My elbows are soft and almost no flakes but still very red. I think I see some small improvement on the elbows - seems like the big areas are breaking op to a lot of smaller spots.

The spots on my lower legs are flaming red and seems like no improvement yet although there are almost no flakes left. Actually it looks a bit like burning marks but I hope this is just a part of a good proces.

So I did not get nice clear skin in a week, but I think that G is helpful for me.
Glycerin is already the best treatment I have tried - and I hope to report back within a few weeks with further progress.

So far - thanks to all (especially Brian) for adding all the posts about Glycerine.
I wish the best for all of you !

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recently joined up after years of ignoring my barnacles.
but they started to worsen this year and i been scratching to excess., Used to use vaseline, a too-oily bedfellow. Someone gave me a bottle of lotion with a smattering of elements discussed here after i searched out this site where there is a lot of glycerin talk, Been using it 3x daily for a week,,, everything is red and perhaps covered with a thin "hard" oily layer....something may be happening, but the clock not bothered by glcerin's sticky texture, as some report--it is way better than vaseline

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Using it a week.Definitely some improvement,but nothing magical yet.I will post my progress in a few weeks.

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Hi--I just started using the glycerin yesterday and really hoping it works..I was just wondering does it make your scales really dry out and bleed? thanks jane

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Hi Jane, will make your scales feel good. You definitely will not dry out.

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About the redness: when the surface P.-skin stops thickening, and goes flat and thin, the skin becomes more "translucent", and the red from all the mass of capillaries needed previously to keep it growing (about 4-7X as fast as normal skin) show through. They will close off and recede as the "need" for them has gone. The "breaking up" is one of the last stages. Here's a brief list, but note that the timing varies from days to weeks for each step:

1. easing of flaking and itching
2. Exposure of underlying skin in a bright red patch (excess capillaries that supplied the P.-skin).
3. Changing to pink as capillaries close off.
4. Mottling and breakup of patch.
5. Shrinking of each sub-patch.
6. Clearing of skin. (Continue application for a few days to a week afterward, to prevent recurrence.)
7. If some discoloration is left, continued use will usually get rid of that over a period of a few weeks.

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i have a bottle of glycerin u.s.p. 4 fl oz. i used on my feet and it did nothing at all but made them feel like i was walking on oil. i have been dealing with my feet since 1997. it say's on it. emollient for external use only. hope this helps some

try and have a good day all

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