Glycerin Internally?

Hi everyone I was reading somewhere on the net about taking glycerin internally and was wondering if anyone has tried it?. I use the glycerin and witch hazel mix on my skin and have had good results and wanted to see if anyone used it internally.

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A lot of folks have had success taking it internally because it helps to reduce inflammation. You need to make sure and purchase the food grade glycerin though. I have not yet purchased the food grade type....but lots of people have a tablespoon in their morning tea or coffee and say they have noticed improvement of their symtoms.

This is a long ongoing thread about glycerin that will help to answer those questions about internal consumption. Check it out. /

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Thanks debster I'll look at the thread and see what I can learn.

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absolutely NO point to doing this/
It is sometimes used in food as sweetener, but do not take internally..............serves no purpose

It is very greasy so if U use on skin, mix 50/50 w/ ACV or WH containing NO alcohol...
.................both of these R ANTI-INFLAMMMATORIES.......and help the Gly to be MORE effective and get rid of the GREASINESS!!

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Julia, although I have not taken the glycerin in and of itself internally, many others have and swear by it for its anti inflammatory effect which makes intuitive sense since psoriasis is an inflammatory condition. Their comments and experience are duly noted on the thread.

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From firsthand experience, I do NOT recommend taking it orally. I was trying two tablespoons before bed for a few weeks when the glycerine buzz on Inspire was first going strong. I can't say that it improved anything but it does dry you out internally. It absorbs moisture in anything it comes in contact with, so as it hits your throat and upper digestive tract, you can feel the 'heat' as it goes down. I think the body is mildly traumatized by that sudden 'drought' and I'd find myself waking up, restless and extremely thirsty with a noticeably elevated pulse.

Externally, it's a great trick for deliberately penetrating the moisture.

Internally.... Eck!! Not pleasant and zero effect for me with regards to inflammation.

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Glad you shared your experience Quest.

Never tried it myself, but some folks on the glycerin hypothesis thread have been doing it for a few years. They mentioned they put a tablespoon in their coffee or tea.

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Thanks everyone for your thoughts on the matter I appreciate the input. Julia I've been using the glycerin and witch hazel mix for about 6 months or so and seeing really good results so I just thought maybe taking it internally might increase the results. Julia have you tried it? if not what makes you think it serves no purpose? I respect your opinion so please let me know.

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