Glycerin and Blood Sugar

I have been on MTX for 6 weeks. I got my 2nd blood panel back and my Rhuem says everything looks normal (yay). Except my blood sugar was 172 (yikes)!! I cant remember if i ate sugar before the blood draw. I may have.
The only thing that is different, as in before MTX and after MTX is that I have been slathering myself with glycerin w/ witch hazel.
The skin is an organ, and everything absorbed by the skin will find its way to the bloodstream. So my stupid question for the day is: Since glycerin is a sugar, could it effect my blood sugar? Medically, there are different schools of thought, yes glycerin does effect blood sugar and insulin and no glycerin does not effect blood sugar and insulin. So I am sick of medical conflicts and would like some thoughts from real people :)

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172 is not way out of line, west. I would be more concerned with liver enzymes with the MTX. Are you doing folic acid supplements?

Glycerin topically shouldn't have a bearing on your blood sugar. But I'm not a doctor so my advice is just what I consider to be logical..not medical.

Wishing you well.

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Yes, I am diligent about the folic acid. We are watching my enzymes very closely. I am super fortunate to have found a gifted and caring rheum. My sugar concerns me though, lots of diabetes in the family

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YOU must have a FASTING blood sugar
that is THE ONLY WAY to determine actual blood sugar levels.
There is no point in having blood drawn if U ate!

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I agree with Julia. I am diabetic. To get a true "normal" blood sugar reading for you, you have to have been fasting for 12 hours at the time the blood is drawn. Any other time, what you ate, how much you ate and how close you ate it to the blood draw will make the results skewed. Also - inflammation and stress can raise your blood sugar... another way the results can be skewed.

A "normal" person's blood sugar should be between 70 and 110 when fasting.

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here's what I have found time after time regarding G being used topically and orally:
Food-grade vegetable glycerin is 99.7% pure, with the remaining 0.3% being water. It has a sweet taste, but is metabolized differently than sugar and does not raise blood sugar levels. Glycerin is used in foods marketed as being low in carbohydrates to keep them sweet and moist. It also does not contribute to bacterial tooth decay.

Diabetes run in your family...? Better diet (if you already haven't started) and more physical activities to reduce stress.
I truly don't think it's G. application and besides, I have few friends who actually consume G as a sweetener often.

Hope this helps.

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I am familiar with the various types of blood tests for diabetes.
I have been tested every year for the whole of my life. Never been over 105 fasting
Or not. Thats why I'm concerned.
Thanks for the info zill, that's what I was looking for!

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