Getting rid of psoriasis naturally

Hi everyone, i have been searching night and day for months now on a way to naturally clear my body of psoriasis and i feel i have finally found what i have been looking for all along.

I have had psoriasis since i was about 14 years old. It came out of nowhere, started with a little patch on my head and slowly spread to almost 60% of my body even on my face. I have tried many treatments with no success at all. I have tried dovonex, uvb narrowband, and other otc products.

Recently i stumbled upon this blog by a guy named Tommy who suffered from psoriasis way worse then myself and how he completely reversed all of his symptoms naturally through diet and healthy living,

I am a huge believer in the fact that diet and lifestyle are the primary factors influencing psoriasis to manifest itself on the body. So like Tommy i will also be making the change to a Vegan plant based diet and i will quit smoking, drinking and every other unhealthy thing i was doing before to see if i can get the same results that Tommy had which were AMAZING!!! Today is March 27th 2012, i will be updating my progress from time to time and hopefully posting up pics if there are improvements in my condition.

Here is a link to Tommy's blog:

Make sure you read his blog from the beginning and not somewhere in the middle like i first did lol.
Please also watch a documentary called "Forks Over Knives" which is a wonderful example on how a plant based vegan diet can help you and your loved ones live a long and healthy life.
***Here is a link to stream the documentary for free just use link version 3 with the star beside it.

Cheers everyone,

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so it's another diet, a vegan at that?
We've heard that before and lots of people can suppress symptoms for a while with these prescribed immunosuppresants and show that as proof to push their lifestyle agenda. When people cut one food group they automatically overeat another and cutting whole
food groups is a sign of aging , not health as you presume.
Actually if you research embryology , you will find that the skin is connected with the nervous system and the brain and has nothing to do with the digestive system so all these diets are completelly unrelated to psoriasis.

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I think we're on the same page, Aram!

I am VERY much about doing everything in our power to naturally maintain health. I believe that many of our problems are due to diet and exposure to various things. I quit smoking 9 years ago and I did find a dramatic decrease in the plaques. Unfortunately, I went on to develop some rather nasty arthritis. Since watching Forks Over Knives, I try to stick to plant-based eating. I do occasionally eat fish, and very rarely a bit of chicken. Still working on the dairy, which I know causes me many issues, but it's been my most difficult habit to break. Getting there, slowly but surely making changes I hope will be lifelong positive changes and not just temporary efforts.

Thanks for posting that link, I'm bookmarking it right now.

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sounds good to me...good luck...and...thx for the info

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Vladex, Thank you for introducing some common sense here. This forum has changed during the one year I have been a member, when I joined all posters agreed that the anecdotal stories,while sometimes heartening, don't mean that the diet or shampoo or whatever will help everyone else to stop their flare ups. There are still some people here who always proclaim to have found the "truth" about how to fight Psoriasis, if there was a way it would have already been patented by a large Pharmaceutical corporation and the co-payments would make it unavailable to all but members of Congress and other thieves who make money from others suffering.

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There are things that work no doubt , it's just that dieting has nothing to do with psoriasis.
Physiologically speaking what goes in digestion has no relation to the skin unless it's an unlikely
deficiency like with vitamins or something.
If eating fruits and vegetables was all there is to health then almost everyone would be healthy.
People don't realize that dieting is anything but healthy, it's unhealthy to cut out entire food groups
and obsess about food and overeat certain foods. It's unhealthy to promote fear about certain food groups
because some may believe you. When one is aging their body starts to shut down
digestive system which is very expensive to run so they reduce the amount and the diversity
of foods that they eat.

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Thank you for this post. There will always be those who disagree on whatever anyone may post, because they've tried it and it didn't work for them, or they just don't believe the theory behind it. Regardless, I appreciate EVERY bit of information and personal experiences shared. I've tried and experienced relief from many things I've learned from this site.

I've been trying to find the will power to eat all natural, you'd think I could if I was uncomfortable enough, but I haven't yet, life gets in the way of my discipline. I think we put a lot in our bodies that we weren't meant to. Exposed to a lot of things that we weren't meant to be exposed to. Some of us are luckier than others when it comes to how our bodies react to it all and process it. We with P are not a part of the "lucky"! Oh well, gotta keep on doing what we can, together, to fight the battle that isn't likely to end.

I'm off to read the blog! Thanks again for sharing!

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hi cheers, i read tommy article , thats a blessing , he is very positive! do u have tommy email please i want to ask him orher things about my psoriasis thanks so much

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Good link Aram.Hmmmm,let's see,who should I believe here.Some dumb old doctors from the Cleveland clinic or.......? The main doctors in this movie are Dr Caldwell Esselstyn from the Cleveland Clinic and Dr Campbell,a biochemist.Please do not insult our intelligence by asserting that diet has nothing to do with any disease,let alone Psoriasis.Here is a doctor who got rid of multiple sclerosis through diet. Here is a group of people who got rid of their Diabetes through diet A lot of people in the US are adictted to the SAD(standard american diet).They do not want to change their diet.No way,no how.They want a pill or a shot and that's it.

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Vlad. I used to think the same thing for about 12 years. Although this blog isn't quite concise, it's in the ballpark. P and PA are caused almost entirely by diet. I switched (not to this diet) but to another and it's going away. The reason diet doesn't work for people is because they don't understand what foods they have to avoid, and for how long before it works. You have to avoid all processed food and beverages. Pretty much the entire grocery store. You also have to avoid both wheat and dairy. That's really enough to get rid of it.

My opinion is that psoriasis is most likely a peripheral neuropathy. It is maintained, at the root, by the lymphatic system, which, over time, adopts a policy of rejecting food with chemicals in it. Pesticides, preservatives, hormones, genetically modified, mycotoxins, plastics, metals, and the long list of 'food-additives'. It's not a coincidence that it rejects the foods we eat the most of, gluten and dairy. Your immune system has encountered so many different versions of these foods, thousands, in fact, and over time has become acutely aware of the unnatural substances they have come bundled with. People with more sensitive immune systems will slowly develop a large assortment of overlapping intolerances to foods or combinations of foods, and may not even notice.

Eventually your body will realize that you are still eating these problematic foods and will respond by altering your digestive system. This state of malabsorption is what finally leads to major systemic changes, in tissues, nerves, joints and vitamin composition in skin. The skin plaques are peripheral and cutaneous nerve damage from this syndrome, which is a chronic carbohydrate metabolism disorder.

I haven't been able to find any other explanations which fit all of the known research and data on the disease.

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David, please see the post called "Industrialized Diet" which explains the cause of P and PA. I do not propose to waste your time or insult your intelligence.

Report post's interesting stuff..but you need to change the word 'cause' to 'trigger'. I believe the gene is already there through hereditary factors and diet could be a trigger..but it certainly isn't the cause.

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Thank you Vladex for being the voice of reason. The plural of anecdote is not data.

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go get em aram! Diet is everything.

It seems appropriate to give sources here so i will let you in on a book that is specifically about naturally healing psoriasis through diet. It is "healing psoriasis" by john o. a. pagano D.C.

Also props to willymon and grahamJ i think they are on point.

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Hmmm... I hope this thread doesn't lead to a "us" versus "them" wrt dietary approach to tackling psoriasis. Uncool, and I certainly would invite the moderator to close out this thread.

FYI, "Tommy" in known as tplee on this forum. He posted long away when he first cleared his psoriasis and I have seen newer posts from him stating he was hoping to get back on this diet ( so many, he has "strayed" :)).


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Aram. Good luck and keep posting. When it comes to diet, really track what you eat and try to add or eliminate foods for a number of weeks and watch the effects. Check out my journal as well, I am also working fixing my health and its the first time I have seen progress in 10 years.

To Everyone on all sides of the fences (Natural vs Pharm vs Diet vs Environmental vs Stress.. etc)

This condition is not the same for everyone that is why some prescriptions work on some and do nothing for others. This is why diet, health, environmental and stress may or may not be factors. This is not a 1 way is right and 1 way is wrong kind of discussion, nor should it ever be. The reality is that modern medicine has very little knowledge about how it works. There is contradicting research everywhere and a lack of funding. This is most likely a genetic issue that we all share but there seems to be many variations of this condition. This is why we all get it at different stages in life, there are so many factors that can "TRIGGER" Psoriasis.

I just don't agree with people who claim against another person that they have "COMMON SENSE" to another approach. When someone says that something is working for them, or that this is something that they want to try, don't knock what they are talking about. Offer up your story and help people, be their inspiration. Don't be their reason to avoid something that may work for them.

When it comes to Psoriasis there is no "COMMON SENSE" or "VOICE OF REASON" solution. If there was such a thing, then there would be a cure or an effective way to manage it for ALL.

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THANK YOU for saying that! I find it so disheartening when I see people being so negative to others about their approach to their health and treating this awful disease, it's hard enough as it is.

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Diet cleared me.

Avoiding P food triggers, detoxing and eating raw vegan food totally cleared my lifelong psoriasis.

This is the same eating plan that helped Tommy.

It took me nine months to clear and then I was totally P-free the entire time I strictly followed the raw vegan concept.

But being raw 100% of the time did not suit me, and that is when the small flares started (i.e.) when I tried to reintroduce Standard American Diet (SAD) foods back.

Anyway after much self-experimenting I have hit on a good balance: I stay clear of P for most of the time and very occasionally (after straying and eating a trigger food that I know to be detrimental) I will have a small P flare. I then return to eating 100% raw for a week or so and the flare clears up again.

I am not a vegan as I still eat organic eggs and wild caught fish occasionally, but I do stick to a very high percentage of plant-based eating with much of it raw.

Of course, vegan and raw vegan lifestyles don’t suit many. But you don’t necessarily have to do either; you just have to find something that works for you personally. Some people have brilliant results just by giving up gluten. Some have excellent results by giving up dairy and some have great results with giving up white sugar or nightshades. ...etc...etc...etc...

Dairy is my biggest trigger for a P flare. Chicken and wheat are also very problematic.

Of course, if you are giving up one food group you need to find a suitable alternative. A lot of people change their diets without researching properly and get themselves into all kinds of strife and suffer nutritional deficiencies. Having said that, most people following a Standard American Diet would be deficient to begin with! I undertook months of research before taking the plunge, plus I have ongoing support from my doctor who is vegan herself. I have never felt healthier or looked healthier in my life. Plus I have annual health checks and blood tests to make sure everything is on the right track.

If like me you change straight to raw vegan from a Standard American Diet, it really is a humongous challenge at first. The main reason I was able to stay committed to it in the early stages was because I was benefiting in so many other ways: less illness, less colds & flu in winter, sexier figure, more energy, softer hair, better nails, clearer skin / better complexion, sleeping better, less symptoms associated with bowel disease, less depression, less stress and generally all over improved health and sense of well being. It was just the bees knees that the lifestyle changes also worked (and keeps working) for psoriasis clearance too.

It is NOT a cure. It is simply clear skin without the side effects of drugs, but with added health benefits. It has been almost four years now and I still have people commenting on how amazing it was that I was able to clear. And keep clear. People often ask what drug I used and when I say no drugs only simple diet changes they become most boggle eyed!

It would have been fantastic if the hemp cream / shea butter combo had continued to work on my psoriasis, but the diet changes are better because of all the other health benefits.

I wish I could stay 100% raw 100% of the time but it is just too difficult for me. I have just watched a couple of interviews with women in the 70’s who look 40 and their secret appears to be a lifelong raw vegan diet that contributes to their youthful appearance, clear wrinkle-free skin and energy levels. I would love to be like that at 70 - I am sure most of us would.

There is NO agenda or pushing here ~ just simply sharing what works for me.


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Hey LPP,
Thank you very much for sharing your experiences.. The few times you went back to the standard American diet "SAD" and experienced some P were they at all the pre-existing spots and same size or just in a small percentage of where you originally had them and / or smaller in size?
I've recently started the paleo diet and thus far my psoriasis is responding favorably, so I'm very motivated at this point to continue.


To the clowns.. Please keep your negative, poorly researched opinions to yourself ! There's no room on this site for pessimism..

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