Genetics of Psoriasis

I found a really great article discussing the genetics of ps......I hope that you guys find this valuable.

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Fascinating although I admit I don't understand much of it. Anyone with a medical degree out there who wants to clarify?

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Lol basically by figuring out what causes ps or identifying the genes helps greatly towards possibly finding a cure :)

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Yes, I understand that--but it's still gobbledygook even to this PhD. I have IP and scalp psoriasis and wonder why at 67 I'm blessed with this disease? Is it linked to being hypothyroid? Is it linked to other serious diseases, heart disease, diabetes, etc. which I have researched a bit? Why this? Why now? Are my genes programmed to create the conditions for this disease on cue at this point in my life? What's the cue? I have a lot of questions and evidently science has not yet come up with the answers. Thanks for any enlightenment you can give me.

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Thanks for the article. I understood bits and pieces. Sooo many questions...

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