GAPS or Paleo?

I know I need to make a diet change to help reduce or get rid of psoriasis. I am trying to decide which diet I should try...GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) or Paleo. I guess I don't know enough to know the difference between GAPS and Paleo diet. I will need to do more research on this, but was wondering if anyone had any success with either approach? Thanks!

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How funny, that was my question too. Here's what I came up with.

The GAPS diet includes cheeses & other foods that are not good for Aids. Its difficult to find in depth info on this diet unless you buy her book. It also seems like a market for multiple supplements. The idea of the diet is great, but the diet itself seems complex in that there's too many components to it.

The Paleo diet, to me, seems more straight forward & more appropriate for our diseases. This is the one I have decided to do. The scientific info provided in the GAPS diet links is good for reference & maybe some recipes that can be adjusted into the Paleo plan.

My biggest shock was reading about the toxic build up from our so called food. In my research, I found some site with an article subtitled something like, "would you pass the FDA test" meaning we are so toxic that we would probably not pass their test. Kinda sick & disgusting huh. I mean, this is our FOOD!

Additional suggestion: avoid GMO foods. Eat pesticide free.

I ran across a site about the Eden diet. This diet is about only eating foods that may have grown in the Garden of Eden. Made sense. Anyway, I'm going to do P diet, minus all meat except fish. I'm definitely going to be very cautious & strict about what goes in by body.

Good luck to you. Be healthy. Hope this helps. I've been reading a lot about these diets & your post title got my attention.


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Sorry, not Aids, but AIDs.

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LOVE the Paleo Diet! I can't see that it's helped my psoriasis, but i've been very strict with it, and it's CURED my i.b.s. It's bewen a Godsend.

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Thanks for your replies! Kay, I appreciate your information! It makes sense to try the Paleo diet. Have either of you seen the link regarding Paleo and Psoriasis? It recommends that those with psoriasis should also avoid eggs, nightshades, and nuts/seeds. Getty, how long have you been on the Paleo diet? So glad that it cured your I.B.S.! Hopefully, down the road, your psoriasis will be gone! Have you tried removing eggs, nightshades, and nuts/seeds? Any suggestions on where to find good Paleo recipes? Kay, good luck with your diet! Let me know how it has work for you!

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Oh, here is the link regarding Paleo and Psoriasis:

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I have been on the Paleo plan for 4 months now and though it has helped tremendously with my IBS, GERD, Gastritis and also losing the last 7 lbs. of my weight to get to my goal weight, it has not unfortunately helped my psoriasis, my fatigue or my achey joints. I have done a lot of reading about the GAPs Diet and am considering starting it in January. It is very effective at healing the gut/leaky gut and has helped people with ulcerative colitis, autism and other autoimmune disorders. It is similar to Paleo but they only allow specific carbs, etc. such as homemade bone broth (very healing to the gut), homemade yogurt ( fermented for 24 hours to eliminate any lactase), honey, meats and no grains. You start out very restricted (basically an elimination diet) starting only with bone broth and adding foods in a specific order one at a time. It is very difficult to do but there is are amazing support groups out there and I am happy to send anyone some resource contacts if you are interested. What I am most intrigued by is that they claim and seem to be backed up with research, that they will totally heal your gut and we know the relationship of the gut to psoriasis after being on this for 2-3 years. Check out the book, by Elaine Gottschall.

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Gerigirl- Thanks for sharing your experience. It's good to know that there are two that have responded that have been on the Paleo diet but didn't see much improvement with their psoriasis. That was my concern about trying the Paleo....I was concerned that maybe the diet wasn't strict enough to help with healing the gut. However....if the Paleo diet didn't call for fermented food and bone broth....then I could simply do the Paleo diet and add the fermented food and bone broth. Again, I need to understand more about the Paleo diet. I am in middle of reading the GAPS book, and I understand that there's a lot of work involved with that. I definitely would need to be involved in some support groups in order to do the GAPS. It can be so overwhelming. If you have resource contacts that you could share with me, that would be great! Many thanks for sharing your experience again. And, good luck with trying the GAPS diet in January!!!

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I'm going back & forth on these now. In fact, I've been reading about other diets too. So many! Maybe I'll just stop eating for a while. Do a juice fast. I'm going to watch this thread for more reponses too

I made a list of anti-inflammatory foods & may just stick to that. It's basically the foods on both of the diets we're discussing, minus the meats. Should keep the food bill down.

So you have the GAPS book? That's good. I've just been gathering info off the internet. It does seem a bit overwhelming. I need a diet more for PsA than p. The p is mostly under control.

Maybe I will buy the GAPS book. Her info is backed up scientifically...

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Amazon have quite a few Paleo recipe books, in answer to the question from Nature7Shell.

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You right--there is so much info and a lot of different approaches especially when it comes to diet and it can be very overwhelming!
There are a few blogs that I follow for both paleo and Gaps or specific carbohdrate which is paleo but much more restricted for a period of time.

For Paleo I follow:

The blog of Dr. Michael Eades, author of Protein Power which is one of the best books I have read regarding Paleo/Low Carb living: ion-with-food/

When you go to the link I selected, he has a great article on eating foods to lesson inflamation.

The blog of Chris Kresser: He has great newsletters/articles

Mark's Daily Apple:
For great paleo recipes and others tips

Robb Wolf's Book: The Paleo Solution was also excellent and very helpful

For Specific Carbohydrate: Chris Kresser's blog

Jordan and Steve's blog:
This is a really good intro to the Specific Carbo Diet:
These guys were doing the GAPs and not having success and have come up with a way to tweak it even more to get the results you need. If/when I go on it, I will probably get their plan and follow it because I suspect I will be in the "harder" case

And of course the GAPS Diet website:

I just gave a lot of information--maybe a bit overwhelming but I hope it is a good start for those interested in learning more. Good luck to all of us on our journey to health.

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Thanks for sending the article from Paleo Mom about Paleo and Psoriasis--very interesting! I will have to agree that my psoriasis did get worse since being on the Paleo diet and I did give up eggs, dairy, nuts for while but I was left so unsatisfied. I added all back in gradually and seemed to do ok with everything but dairy so I stayed off of that for a month and then tried sheeps milk hard cheeses and did ok, then added in sheeps milk yogurt and also did ok. When I mean ok, I measure it by digestive symptoms not by psoriasis. It is amazing how quickly something affects your gut once you go off of it for awhile (at least a month) and then add it back in--you will know immediately!

I have pretty much given up the nightshades but I do think I slip or eat things unknowingly a little which may also be why I am not seeing the results--it is very hard to be a purist--you pretty much have to cook everything for yourself.

Again, maybe I will be able handle it come January!!

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those who are in need of 'stricter' / alternative measures can also consider restricting their fodmaps....

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Been on Paleo since May. Removed nightshades but still no luck with it helping psoriasis. Cured ibs for which I am so grateful!

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aloha ..i too have leaned the paleo way , after being gluten /dairy free for many years , but have seen my skin get worse . I think the high percent of meat is too acidic , and will upset our already fragile digestive flora . I have pulled back abit , and increased the vegetarian aspect , with fish and some eggs ,and a chicken , but no beef /pork etc , and my skin has calmed down again . I never felt good eating meat for breakfast , sometimes you have to listen to your own bodys response ....I still havent figured it all out , but still in the game ..

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KayFulton, good luck with juice fasting! I actually did that about 2 years ago, and I saw a big improvement with my psoriasis. I fasted for 15 days on vegetable juicing. So, I really think that would be a good idea! It takes lots of courage to do that! I then started eating again...but didn't eat meat, nightshades, gluten, or dairy. I think my psoriasis was continuing to improve during that time.....and then I gradually started to eat other food that might have made my psoriasis worse. I am not sure which food might have triggered it. It was probably the gluten and dairy. I also found myself eating lots of almonds maybe that made it worse? Also, looking back, I do wonder even gluten-free grains might have made it worse??

I probably should juice fast again....but I am not sure if I can do it that long again. We shall see..... by the way......I bumped into my old naturopathic doctor awhile back and he was asking me how my psoriasis was doing. And, I told him that it wasn't doing good. He replied and said that I should try three things and that was juice fasting, eating fermented food, and drinking meat broth and suggested that I check out either the GAPS book or The Body Ecology Diet book. I have The Body Ecology book and actually read it during the summer time, but I actually forgot what was all in it. I'm still reading the GAPS book, and I think I will try that approach (which includes the three things that he recommended) in January. I think there's more resources and support out there for the GAPS which would be helpful for me.

Maurikiwi, thanks for sharing your experience. It's good to know that you've noticed that reducing beef/pork has helped your skin calmed down again. Dr. Paganeo has recommended in avoiding beef/pork, so I have been doing that for a long time. Once a while I might have cheated. So, it's good to know that I am probably doing the right thing by avoiding beef/pork. But, I think there's something else that I need to avoid. My gut is probably messed up, and I need to find a way to heal my gut, and hopefully through the GAPS, I will be able to do that. You are right that we sometimes need to listen to our own body's response to what we eat or put in our body.

Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences and resources. And, good luck as you try to figure out what works best for you and your body.

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I've been on GAPS for about 6 months and it has helped. I have one patch of P that hasn't changed, but I always used to have some P on my scalp and fingernails and that has been greatly reduced. The only time I've had P in my nails was after drinking some wine daily for about a week. I have not done the intro GAPS diet however. I've been on full GAPS the whole time which makes the healing slower, so I expect to be on the diet longer. The reason I chose GAPS is because I think the large quantities of probiotics and yogurt are an important thing missing from Paleo, but the diets are pretty similar otherwise. At any rate, grains and sugars will never make much of an appearance in my diet again. Also, I'm thinking about getting rid of all foods that Pagano (The Psoriasis Diet) says we shouldn't in a few months as well. This is a great yahoo group to join

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JamCanig, thanks for sharing your experience with the GAPS diet and for letting us know about the yahoo group. I'll need to check that out. Do you mind sharing where you might have gotten your GAPS recipes from? I know the book has some recipes, but was wondering if you used other resources or websites? There is one that I found that sells e-book for the 30 days intro diet ( ng.html), but was wondering if there may be other good resources to check out. Guess I should join the yahoo group to find out more about this! :) Also, good idea about following GAPS diet and getting rid of the food that Dr. Pagano says that we should get rid of. Let me know how that's going for you if you decide to do this.

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Two people who have had psoriasis have promulgated their eating plans. One is Jason Vale. He has a clear skin program you can download. The other person is Deidre Earls who also had severe psoriasis. See her web site. I bought her book called "Your Healing Diet." Her journey is very interesting to we who have struggled with this disease for years.

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