Flares Between Stelara Injections

I've just started Stelara a few months ago and it was working great. I had the initial starter dose and another dose 4 weeks later. I was almost completely cleared. Then as the time approached for my next injection I started to flare up again. It's been ten days since the injection and I am still flaring up. Has anyone experienced this? It's hard to just wait and see if it goes away again. I'm wondering if this is a normal reaction or if this means I am no longer responding to the medication.

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I am experiencing exactly what you are but with Remicade. Since I am only into the 2nd treatment of my starter dose, I am going to keep on trying for a little while. I was so pleased after the initial infusion and had hopes it was only going to get better and better. I have Pustular Palmoplanter P. and I am fortunate to have a leading Physician and Researcher as my Derm. I have been dealing with this for less than a year and have found this discussion group to be very imformative. It helps to have the advice of those that have been dealing with this for awhile. I count my blessings that I developed this in my 50's, although I can now see that I probably had P in my early 20's. Hope your treatment ends up working for you and you get some relief. Good luck.

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I have been on Stelara since Nov 2009 I have never been clear on it. However following the 2nd shot i was getting there. I assumed shot #3 would clear me but it didn't. The cycle that went on was I would get a shot, it would take 4 weeks to clear up the stuff that came back in the last 4 weeks of the previous shot. Then i would remain fairly stable for 4 weeks, then it would flare again. I have since increased to every 8 weeks and am still not having the desired results, but it is better. If this doesnt work i will go up to the 90mg in september. Makes me a bit mad when you hear how a lot of people are completely clear after the second shot and stay that way. On a side note i went from a pasi of 30 down to 5, so that is still pretty good. The worst of whats left are my hands and arms.

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The stelara isnt keeping me clear either. I have had 2 shots and i get my next one at the end of July. I think it may keep it at bay but i still flare a lot. My feet have been itching like crazy lately.

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has anyone been cleared with stelara then been able to stop injections altogether? or does it just all come back again?

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I too tried the Stelera. I could see results after the first 2 shots. Legs pretty much cleared to where
I was able to wear shorts but the arms, face and chest did not. After one year of being on it, and
because of the cost of it, I decided to come off it. When you come off any of the P drugs you will have
a flare and I've had a flace. I wanted to stop before the year ended but my doctor said to try at least
a year. hey. When I was in the derm off this week, I met a woman that has been on an injectable study
for 5 years and she is clear. you can see the very light spots of where she had psoriasis. I neglected
to find out the name of the study but it sounds like a promising one.

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Thanks everyone. I know it has been awhile, but your replies were quite helpful to me. In general, it was just nice to hear from other people on the same medication and maybe not experiencing complete clearing like I keep hearing about. It did get better a few weeks in. I never did achieve the same level of clearing that I did with the initial two injections (the 1st dose and the following dose 30 days later). My scalp remained in bad shape and I had a few spots here and there on my arms, legs, and back. It was still far better than it had been in years and I was able to wear short sleeves comfortably for the first time in 6 years.

The flare between my last injection and the most recent was not nearly as bad as the first time, but I also was not as clear. When I discussed these results with my doctor she suggested I try a 90 mg dose though I am quite under the 220 pound limit. The first couple of injections would have basically had me at 90 mg during a large part of the first three months. Miraculously, she was able to get it approved through my insurance company and I received a 90 mg dose this week. We'll see if it clears like it did the first time.

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