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dear fellow sufferers, i have been reading the posts for a while now and have finnally gotten around to posting this. I don't want to get anyone's hopes ups about this but this is what I know and have experienced,if you can find more info plz share with other members.
they have just updated their site and i have not taken the time to check it all out.
My 1st visit in I thought i was just throwing away money (but what the hey, just another drop in the bucket:)
So i go in to the exam room lay on my stomach the doc gives both my feet a kind of "flip" motion then HE begins to tell me my own ailments. He was right on the money with everything. He explained what he was going to do to me. He taps me on the back a few times and on my way i go. As I walked out i thought why drive all the way back here for this "voodoo" treatment? (it was a 2hr drive from where i was staying) But as you all know us p people will try anything for a remission. So yada yada yada i got 2 visits in with the doc ($40 a visit) he told me i needed to see him at least 4 times as a psoriasis sufferer for this treatment to begin to work for my p but my psoratic arthritis should show some relief soon."SURE" as I walked out the door for the second time and another $40 poorer. About a week later i woke up and my hands (where the p arthritis was affecting me the most) didn't pain me and they stayed like that for over 6 months.
My own father, who doesn't believe anything unless he experiences it first hand, tried it for other ailments and is now a true believer in what we call the "Voodoo" doctors. I also have another friend who goes to him regularly for a multitude of problems ranging from psoriasis to chronic back pain.
I plan to go back when i fly home again in the fall. I will update with my progress. PLZ for all our sakes i hope this work or at least helps!!

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** Originally posted by RichJ **

hi campbell26,
welcome to the p family. you will met some of the wonderful people on here and will find alot of great info. welcome and nice to meet you.

have a good day all


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** Originally posted by Dulane **

Thanks Campbell,

This sounds similar to another treatment that I am trying. It is also body work, and involves manipulating the back and tapping on the skull. Not to be confused with chiropracty. It is very gentle and comfortable, and involves some muscle testing.

I hope I see some changes eventually...but I've only gone once.

It is not overly expensive, and they say you only need to go a few times...not over and over again.

The therapy that I am referring to is called Neurolink.

I hope we continue to get good reports from one or the other!


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