Enbrel and Humira Cost

** Originally posted by rapidfire **

Can someone please shed some light on this issue for me…
I understand Enbrel is injected usually once or twice a week and that Humira is injected only once every two weeks right?
So if both medicines roughly cost the same does that mean that treatment by Humira would end up being about half the cost of Enbrel because of the less frequent dosing schedule?
Tell me if I’m way off track but if this was the case it’d be pretty great!

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** Originally posted by easydoesit **

Well they both fall into the same insurance tier so the cost per month is likely to be the same I think. That is assuming you have insurance.

I don't know what the real cost of each is but I pay $25 a month for my Enbrel and that price is the same now that I am on the once a week dose as it was when I was the initial twice a week dose.

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** Originally posted by silverstorm **

When I was on Enbrel (I'm on Remicade currently) at first the company that makes it provided it free and once Medicare covered it it was also at no cost to me (but the nice company got some money so good there too).

I cannot even imagine doing any of these systemics without insurance... geez they cost thousands of dollars! (My Remicade IV every 6 weeks is about $8 each infusion). One place I went for Enbrel shots (I have a severe phobia/aversion to needles so I cannot do it myself) had a girl who refused to mix it when she heard the cost she was terrified she might mess up and have to pay for it or something....

My advice is get and keep good insurance. With that you just get treated and live your life best you can... with all the rest the last thing you need to worry about is going broke paying for your meds, whatever your meds are!

At least that's my opinion on it. Hope it helps you (or someone)

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** Originally posted by NL **

Humira actually costs more for me than Enbrel through my insurance because it is not on the 'regulatory' list. I'm not complaining though, I pay $50/month with insurance.

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** Originally posted by Westibone **

I was able to get Enbrel for FREE through the drug company's patient assistance program when I did not have good insurance. Same with Raptiva.

I now have great health insurance and am taking Humira, which costs like $2600/month, but I only pay $30.

If you do have insurance, and you have a choice between Enbrel and Humira, I would take Humira hands down. I am seeing more results from Humira in ONE dose than I was for months on Enbrel.

If you do NOT have insurance that covers most of the drug cost, check out the patient assistance programs that the drug companies offer. I was getting thousands of dollars worth of meds for free, which was amazing, as I really needed them but obviously could not afford to pay out of pocket.

Hope this helps. Good Luck.

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