Enbrel and Conception

** Originally posted by rmurph01 **


I've has PA for 8 years and I came off MTX in December as my wife and I want to start a family. Since I've come off it my PA has flared up regularly and my P has got a little worse.

Does anyone know if it's "safe" to try for a baby while taking Enbrel?



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** Originally posted by chaimFL **

My doctor told me it was 100% for men to play their role in the child bearing process while on enbrel. He also told me that it was fine for women also, but they should stop using it after the first trimest I believe.

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** Originally posted by cmorron **

I am a female and my rheumy told me NOT to get pregnant while taking Enbrel. She said I MUST have a good form of birth control. My dad read in a Merck Medical book that you should be off it for a year before conceiving. The pamphlet that came with the meds said it was unknown if it would hinder the development of an unborn child. Yet others on this board say it's okay.
Does anyone know where we can get a straight answer??
Has anyone on this board gotten pregnant while on Enbrel??

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** Originally posted by chaimFL **

Here is a cut and paste from a Q&A from last years NPF convention. it's still not conclusive, but it's data nontheless:

Is there data on the use of Enbrel for rheumatoid arthritis during pregnancy?
Yes, but it is very limited. So far, no major problems have been identified.

What is the safety of using biologics with breastfeeding?

Is there data on biologics and pregnancy?
Some, mostly for TNF inhibitors. So far, major problems have not been identified.

What can you take while you are pregnant?
Nothing is 100% safe. The potential risk factor to the baby versus the risk factor of a severe flare in the mother (the need to treat the symptoms) must be weighed. This ultimately becomes a question of is the treatment worse than the potential side effects. Generally, moisturizers and UVB phototherapy are safe, topical corticosteroids and Dovonex can probably be used in a limited manner for small bothersome areas. Of the systemic treatments, oral retinoids and methotrexate are very bad, while cyclosporine and etanercept (Enbrel) are relatively safer. No treatment should be undertaken without the counsel of the OB doctor.

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** Originally posted by FlakeyMatt **

GUys here is the recommendation from the manufacturer about Enbrel and pregnancy.


However, it seems to me that doctors are more inclined it is okay for men on Enbrel to help conceive but woman on Enbrel should NOT to simply prevent from passing the mediaction to the fetus vai the placenta

Good Luck FlakeyMatt

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** Originally posted by rmurph01 **

Thanks for your replies.

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