Hi All,
I have been ill for many years and was treated incorrectly for Fibromyalgia for many years (about 15). I have had 3 spinal operations. I have constant pain however some days I can tolerate it better than others. Have been on Methotrexate and Arava for over a year. Started loosing hair, have lots of bruises etc. My Dr has applied for Enbrel and I should start at the end of the week. I thought I would come off Methorexate 1st. I had terrible migraines. I have about 20 a month. I then decided to stop the Arava and go back on Methotrexate. My health is definately worse after stopping the meds. Is anyone on Enbrel? What have your side effects been? Has it helped?

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I had really good results with Enbrel. It did compromise my immune system too much so it was short lived, but my skin and joints saw relief very quickly. It was my first Biological, and I wish I could have stayed on it much longer than I did, but with working with a lot of people and traveling a lot for work I was getting exposed to a lot of germs and my body just couldn't fight them.

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Thank you. I am also surrounded by kids all the time, so I hope I dont have the same problem.

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Enbrel worked great for me, the only thing that I noticed was that I have HSV-1 and get cold sores, never knew I had it but the compromised immune system made me get them often (like once every 6 weeks) that was a small price to pay for clearer skin. I cant wait to get back on it.

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Hi all;

I have just come across a website for Enbrel coupons and a site for Remicade coupons:

Here is the website: http://www.google.com/#hl=en&tbo=d&output=search&sclient=psy-ab&q=Where+can +I+find+coupons+for+Enbrel%3F&oq=Where+can+I+find+coupons+for+Enbrel%3F&gs_ l=hp.3...2281.14828.0.16500. 0...1c.1.ykFKy2UP84A&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.41018144,d.b2 U&fp=2046fd84c9a8f204&biw=792&bih=410

Hope this is helpful for those who are having a hard time getting Enbrel. Please let me know if this works. Thanks and God Bless you all!

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Here's another website:


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May I ask why you & your doctor chose Enbrel instead of Stelara? I know that the insurance coverage (in the US, at least) has changed significantly since it was first introduced, so what a lot of people (or dermatologists who aren't very current with Psoriasis Biologics) are unaware of is that Stelara is often about the same copay as Enbrel.

Not saying you should be on one or the other, or any particular biologic for that matter, but I do believe many individuals believe Stelara is much harder to get due to its price compared to other biologics like Enbrel.

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