eggs and psoriasis

Hi! I am new on the site... Have tried to read as much of your discussions as possible. I am very interested to see how many of you have had actual worsening conditions from egg whites, or egg yolks, or eggs in general... I mean an actual reaction - if someone is on a diet gluten and milk free, and it happens that for 10 days there have been no eggs used in the diet, and the clearing pace has been ongoing and steady and actually very good clearing... fast... But, after a 2/3 of an egg white eaten inside a food item (home made item)... there has been a worsening of the condition... Any advise?

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Remove egg, including yolk from diet completely for 2 weeks. End of 2 weeks introduce egg back in slowly. Say, eat one whole egg first day back and then skip a day, then eat an egg on day three back, eat again on 4,5,6 and 7, but, no more than 1 egg a day. Try week two with 2 eggs first day, skip a day, then, on day 3 eat 2 eggs, then on days 4 - 7 eat 2 eggs.

After removing all eggs from diet and then reintroducing keep a journal. Each day write down what you ate and how you feel. Doing this you should be able to see if egg is causing you a problem. If your journal shows no reaction to the eggs throughout the 2 weeks then you can continue to eat them.

Some people react to eggs because they eat so many of them. I know a 6 foot guy, 200 lbs that eats a carton of eggs every other day or so. He drinks them down raw!! Yikes :)

If you find you start reacting to eggs again, cut back on amount eaten each week to see if that helps. If not get the journal out again and start all over with your self-test.

BTW -- the verdicts out on how many eggs are healthy to eat in a week. I have read and been told conflicting information. I think 5 eggs a week should be good for me.

I love them and could eat 'em every day! YUM!! But, i don't cause that is not good for me:)

Welcome to Inspire!

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i ususully have 2 eggs every day which as no effect on my Ps and neither does any other food

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Hi to all of you! Thanks for the advise. Actually, we follow a diet gluten free, milk and dairy free, egg free, fried items free, all kind of packaged food free, peppers free, aubergine free, and tomato free, and red meat and fish and seafood products free, fizzy drinks and packaged juices free plus we take flax seed (freshly grounded) 1 spoon a day. This has been going on for 2 complete weeks now. But, I made buckwheat and zuccini and carrots fritters (not fried though, but in the oven), in which I put 3 egg whites only, and made 3 portions, even a bit more... So, in 1 portion, there was less than 1 egg white actually. The skin reacted with 2 new patches on the next day... And, for the previous 2 weeks the skin has been healing steadily... so, I was wondering if this was the problem - the egg whites... The only other food that has been consumed on the same day for the first time since the diet is on, were packaged gluten and milk free macaroons (buscuits), that say they contain 30% coconut, sugar, glucose syrup, dextroze, egg white.... so... again...the only problem in them seems to be the egg white.... since that day, we have stopped all egg content, and the 2 new patches have almost disappeared now... I can't believe (although it seems so) that 1 egg white can cause psoriasis to reappear so quickly... We are planning to start introducing again every 3 days one food item from those that have been avoided so far in the diet... so that we see the reactions of the body... Do you think that 3 days is OK to see a reaction... also, when do you recommend that we start reintroducing forbidden foods back to the menu? After how many weeks of strict diet? The diet is now egg free as wel... We were thinking to start from reintroducing tomatoes forst, peppers then, packaged juices next, fizzy drinks then, red meat next, fried items, and leave last milk and dairy, eggs, and gluten... I have heared that gluten needs most time to show results... Am I on the right track... BTW...this has been killing for me... The psoriatic is my husband, and I basically cook non stop for him, so he has enough food to eat, and varried food to eat, and he doesn't touch the forbidden foods... It has been a difficult time the last couple of weeks, and I think it will be getting more and more difficult... We live in Cyprus, where... the healthy food stores are not much.. and readyly made gluten free and milk free food items are scarce... unfortunately, so I have to make everything at home by myself from the little ingredients I find in the stores... However, I reward myself with the happiness in the eyes of my husband who has been suffering for 15 years from this disease, and has never tried dieting before... until I found this website, read the discussions, and decided to try to make it work for him... He is amazed from the results, and gets enthusiastic with every other day, seeing his skin heal... :) Thanks for being there for us... and for making all that mirracle happen to us as well through your advices!

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siska 84. god loves you.

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i am not a doctor, a dietician, a nutritionist or a naturopath. i just have my own experience.

To find out if i could be reacting to a food, i --

1) eliminate that food for 2 weeks, while continuing to eat the way i am presently eating.

2) after the two weeks OFF of that food, i would reintroduce it in smaller portions the first 3 days and then if still not sure if you are reacting or not reintroduce a larger portion.

3) if after a period of 2 weeks of having a food reintroduced you have NO reaction to that food, you can continue to eat it. If you do have a reaction ELIMINATE that food completely.

4) repeat this process with your next food that you want to test.

During all of this time write a food diary. Date each page and write how you feel, what you are eating and any concerns you might have about a particular food. Use your food diary to see which foods concern you and then repeat the test on those foods.

Only test one food for a period of 2 weeks at one time. This process takes time but it is thorough and it works well.

When your husband likes a particular food, google the name of the food and add gluten free or dairy free, for instance and add recipes. Before you know it you will be a chef :) He is already happy with your meals so this will make him very happy having variety.

I find all this kinda stuff a huge challenge. Sometimes i do well, other times i eat something like a sub (yum!) which i should not eat. I am on a teeter totter with all of this and i hope someday soon i will get it right. Diet does work to heal psoriasis. That is a fact :)

I hope that you will keep posting about your experience. We all learn from each other.


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Dear Denise, thank you... I will give it a try... true...I am already becoming a chef... The thing is... I work, I have 1 child that just went to school (6 yrs old), and another infant (11 months) at home... and the new diet of my husband... but I am doing my best! Of course I will be posting...

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eggs make me horribly ill -- stomach problems and cramping for hours. they also make my fore-arms start to redden.

so, as much as i love eggs, they are now out of my diet -- pretty much forever.

hope that helps.

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after a 2/3 of an egg white eaten inside a food item (home made item)... there has been a worsening of the condition... Any advise?

what else was in that food item? Eggs normally have zero effects unless you have a known allergy to them. The egg has a number of nutritional properties but many are in the yolk and can only remain useful if the yolk is still runny. You have to remove all the variables to conclude the egg was the culprit. The good news is you now have it narrowed down and may be able to single out a specific trigger related to your condition. An allergist will be able to run tests to see what foods your system is having a problem with. Sounds like your on your way to beating the odds. Best of luck.

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The problem is U do NOT know the cause.
Ps can worsen or improve for no known reason.
Maybe it was the egg white and maybe it had nothing to do w/ it. Only The Scientific Method in controlled environment by scientists could determine if egg white had anything to do w/ it

There R days when mine is worse (or better) when I ate nothing different than usual!

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That's why i suggested seeing an allergist to determine if in fact the egg was the problem and also to look at additional ingredients in the food mix the egg was used in. I do understand that although a person may test positive to a food allergy it is not necessarily the cause of the condition. As you said this could have been a bad egg day and just flared up for some unknown reason.

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Fwiw, at the same time I developed P I also developed a very severe egg allergy, which is unusual for my age. I can't eat eggs at all now. Maybe try eggs other than chicken eggs? I've heard people allergic to chicken eggs might be able to stomach duck eggs.

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hi to all of you! Thank you for the discussion. Now...the egg whites were inside something like zucchini fritters (but not fried - I made them in the oven)... The only ingredients I used were: raw grated zucchini, raw grated carrots, sea salt, black pepper, corn flour organic, raw soaked for 3 hours buckwheat... and egg whites, carefully separated from the yolks. I also sprayed the baking sheet with olive oil, extra virgin... All these ingredients, apart from the egg whites have been used regular in my husband's diet every day since the beginning of the diet, and he gave positive results... So, if it has been something from this food, it must have been the eggs. However, because in this same day my husband also ate 3 buscuits packaged and readyly made, gluten free containing 30% coconut, sugar, dextrose, egg white. We were unsure as to whether it was something in these buiscuits, or the egg whites from the fritters I made. We stopped the buscuits, and 2 days later I made the same exactly fritters with zucchini, he ate them and had no reaction this time... So... we think it should have been something from the buscuits - these were Mrs Crimble's Coconut Macaroons. They were tasty, they seem to have carefully listed all their ingredients, and they are a UK company that bakes only Gluten free... There are 2 possibilities now we have narrowed down: the baking line handles milk, so teh buscuits may contain traces of it (although they do not contain milk!) which may have casued the slight reaction. Also, the white sugar in them may have been the cause of the adverse reaction, since my husband uses no white sugar since the being on this diet... In fact, just to share with you - my main guess is that he has a problem only with the milk actually, but I wanted to try the stricter diet, and to slowly reintroduce back some all other ingredients but milk, to see what else might be causing the flare ups... My guess is about milk and dairy becasue I have recently given birth to our 2nd son, who started crying for hours after every bottle of milk formula he was drinking after day 25 of his birth. He also had some skin eczema on the eyebrows, scalp, and behind the ears...those on the scalp and eyebrows amazingly ressembled a lot psoriatic plaques... All doctors I spoke to and went to see said these are plain colics, and normal newborn eczema... But I didn;t agree with them... I knew already what colics are from my first son... and these wer enot colics... it started right after the milk, would stop for 30 min after painful 2 hours... he would have fallen asleep powerless and tired from the long cry and visible pain... and then, he would wake up for milk, start drinking as the hungriest person on Earth, and immediately after the milk same thing all over again... I started researching the net... ANd came to a conclusion, my baby had either intollerence to lactose, or to the milk protein... I changed his formula to lactose free for 2 weeks, he got slightly better, but very slightly...he was still in pain after every bottle of milk, maybe just milder pain... So I turned the Cypriot island upside down to find special formula for infants with intollerence to milk... And I found it... believe it or not... my son felt asleep for the 1st time in his life right after his milk.... no pains, no crumps in the stomack... no cry... In 2 days I saw my son smiling for the forst time... he started getting better with every pother day... in a week he got completely used to his new milk (without milk :) ) and I decided to have his condition diagnozed. I found a pediatric alergy specialist and explained the wjhole condition, symptoms, reactions when changing milks etc... He made some tests, and diagnosed that indeed, my son has milk and dairy intollerence. We took a special directions to visit the governmental children's dietition, and she confired the same diagnosis. He is now almost a year-old... He is a happy big boy... And I am so happy I managed to help him, by myself... Noone in this small country seemed to care that he was crying.. "He is a baby, babies cry!" was the answer I was getting... So... becasue I read your discussions here, and becasue the milk intollerence I hear is pretty often a hereditery roblem, I decided to try this diet with my husband - milk free... and dairy free... ANd since it is his 1st time on any diet whatsoever, we decided that for him, milk and dairy free would be difficult enough, so... any way he would be doing it, why not also going many other allergens and psoriasis unfriends foods, so we can see indeed what elese is bothering his psoriasis... We are noe 16 days on a diet (I use we... because I am actually verry much involved in the diet... cooking all the time, trying to stick with his diet too, so he doesn't feel deprived... etc)... so... on day 16 he has no new patches, the old ones have become concentrated around the center of the old big ones... at their edges there is just white skin, flat anf healthy.. in the middle still a little bit raised skin with some pinkish color... but now flares... His face calmed down - no redness around the nose and between the eyebrowses as before... He still uses once a day DOVOBET Ointment, to help them heal quickly... but... he has been using that cream for the past 4-5 years without almost any effect... So... I really hope it is the milk and dairy only... becasue I think this is the easiest to replace with alternatives. He already found a brand of Coconut milk that he very much likes actually, and one type of organic UK Soya milk, that also suits his taste well enough... We found a nice tasting yellow and white cheese... good quality and tasty cream from rice and from coconut too... So... He is basically ready to start using dairy alternatives forever... But... we need more time to do things in the correct way, and reintroduce each eliminated food one by one back to the diet... with the milk and gluten being last in this list of foods being brought back to the menu... We are starting with tomatoes tonight, fresh ones in the salad... then again tomorrow same thing... and Sunday night I will have on the menu corn gluten free spaghetti with tomato sauce... if no reaction until next tuesday from all these tomatoes, we bring at least that one back... I am planning to then bring back packages juices, ice tea, cola... see if these botherhim, and how much.. then red meat (baked) in small portions... then may be minced meat... eggs boiled, and milk... I will be posting you our progress. If I managed to also help my husband get rid of something he has always feeled ashamed of ... just liek I found the way to take the pain away from my little son.. I would be the happiest on Earth... By the way, my son has been advised not to consume ANY dairy, not even traces of it, in any food... Until the age of minimum 2 preferably 3 years old... We should then try to introduce it, and if unsuccesful, try again at the age of 5... if still unsuccesful, we should simply know he will be milk and dairy intollerent forever... I forgot also to mension that all his eczema disappeared 2to10 days after we switched to milk-free formula....

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Very happy to hear of your success! You have worked very hard for your loved ones and your story helps people here, too!

I look forward to your posts as you move forward.

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Nice detective work. In the food chain you do have to look back to the source and in your case you questioned the manufacturing facility and possible cross contamination. Today we have to go above and beyond the label. The same goes for meats and poultry. What they are fed or may eat can be found in their cells. Process of elimination is the best way to find the possible suspect.

I was also colic as a baby, don't remember it of course but had to go on goats milk. Today it would be best for more women to breast feed, the milk contains nutrients, immune cells and co-factors necessary to sustain the baby's health and give it added natural immune protection. I understand it may not always be an easy thing for the woman to do but what are you getting out of milk or should I ask what's really in that milk.

In my past I was able to give up sugar , well almost totally, for a number of months and really kept carbs extremely low. The results were great for general health.

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Wow, wish I could read this but run-on paragraphs R so hard on the eyes....esp as I age

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your posts R so ...........easy read.Thx so much

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haha. and your posts, Julia are fun to read. full of fun graphics :)

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i think U R mixing me up w/ someone else. I have never used graphics

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No, not mixing you up. You this...................and then you go
like this..............and so on and so forth.

that is what i mean by graphics. it looks creative :)

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Never had a reaction to eggs

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