Ear Pain

** Originally posted by SOMERTOWN **

Does anyone get ear aches?
I have gotten some this past year.
They come and go.
I have wondered if the P flakes in ear and irritates it??
Any ideas?
Even jaw hurts with it at timesfeels like a bad tooth but dentist said NO.

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** Originally posted by PFR226 **

Hi Joan- Yes I've had both inner and outer ear infections from the p and was prescribed antibiotics which worked well. My jaw and teeth sometimes ache also, but usually from allergies. Aspirin, and sometimes eating something light helps.

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** Originally posted by cgauton **

Hi Joan
Yes I have that problem , flakes in the ear canal. I put dovenex in my ears , very carefully , and leave overnight and rinse next morning, seems to work for a little while.


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** Originally posted by rosee_posey **

Hello Joan -

I too have experienced pain and flaking in ears. I thought I had an ear infection at first...

In my experience, flaking can and does occur in the ear canal. Ask your doctor to use an otoscope (it's that black pointy thing with the light on it that they use to look in your ears) and take a peek. If your doc sees "white fluffy stuff", but can't figure out what it is, then it's probably psoriasis. Remember - there's wax and other moisture in there, so it can get a little "funky" in there.

If the flaking is profuse and clogging the canal, you could have an ENT (Otolaryntologist, or Ear-Nose-Throat guy) clean out your ears with the vacuum, then use a shot of Boric Acid to help keep your ears dry. If you use a scalp solution, (like Temovate) I'd put a drop or two in once and a while (but not every day!) to help keep the P at bay.

Hope this helps,
- rose

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** Originally posted by PJLeary **

Hey Joan,

I have the same problem. My dentist says my teeth are fine.

I went to my GP ( who manages ALL of my meds } and he put me on antiboiotics.

For a very long time.

PJ Leary

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** Originally posted by ShanaHansen **

Hi Joan,
My daughter(23mo) suffers with p. in ear canals all the time and every time she goes under anesthesia they clean out her ears really good with suction. We have found that Tobradex drops work best for her ears. It is actually an eye drop, so it doesn't have any extras in it like ear drops that have caused a reaction in my daughter's ears. You need a script for it. Hope it might work for you.
Take Care

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** Originally posted by psorelbow **

Hi Joan
I only get an earache in my left ear, and that is usually from the barometric pressure changing, so I get a cotton swab ( I KNOW ELBOWS IN THE EAR ONLY) and a little bit of hydrogen peroxide on the swab then I CAREFULLY massage the canal and I can hear it bubbling up, then I'll use the other swab and dry it out and that bring temporary relief especially when you are crying from the severe pain in the ear.

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