Dr. John Pagano Diet

I would like to share with other psoriatics, that are doing the Pagaono Diet. If you have been on the diet and can share encouraging words, I would love to hear from you.

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Just started reading the book. I did tell my Dr. I got the book and he acted upset he said there are many books about psoriasis and what you eat has nothing to do with it . Well I am still going to read it and try. I am the one that has it not him and would love to find something that helps.

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I've seen a lot of posts about it and most say it helped them. I just checked it out from the library and plan to read it. If it helps, then go for it. You might do a search for Pagano and see what other threads turn up for you. good luck :)

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I bought the book many years ago, but gave up because it seemed too difficult. Now that my children are grown, I can focus a little bit more on me. I've been on the program for one week and have seen some improvement. I just bought the cookbook with many great recipes geared to the program. I'll keep you posted on my outcome.

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I bought this book last year!! it did help!! i really think it is a good idea for everyone to get allergies test done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just went to my DR yesterday he is sending me to get it done ,(he said ) he thinks food can have an effect on skin!!!!!! I hope this help.

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I have the book...had it for about a year and just started to read it. I want to really try and give this one a go. I've tried so many of the biologics and no real success and I decided it time to try the plan from Dr. Pagano.

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Lots of luck! Keep us posted.

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There is a huge, HUGE connection between food and psoriasis. "Regular" doctors don't acknowledge this because they simply don't know about it. There is virtually no information taught in med school on food and nutrition. I have had tremendous success with my psoriasis through food and nutrition alone. Have never used any steriods, light therapy, or any of the many other western-medicine types of treatments. My psoriasis comes and goes based 100% on what I eat. I've been using the dietary approach for enough years to see this and have no doubts as to the connection between food and psoriasis.

I found out through a naturopath who did the Carroll Food Intolerance Test on me about 10 years ago. The test showed that I am potato-intolerant and that I should not eat fruit and sugar together. Dr. Pagano says to avoid all nightshades and to avoid sugar completely. Fruit is in everything (including things where you don't expect it to be, such as flour and bread), so I avoid sugar completely. When I eat sugar, I get psoriasis in my intimate areas. Very unpleasant! When I eat potato, I get it on my scalp, under my fingernails, and psoriatic arthritis in my fingers, toes, and knees.

I recently got very sloppy about my diet. I did the apple cleanse recommended in Pagano's book and started taking cod liver oil and lecithin. My skin is almost clear again. By day 2 of the cleanse the psoriatic arthritis was gone.

You can't go wrong with Pagano's advice, unless you have a food intolerance to something he says is okay to eat. According to my naturopath, the most common intolerances are potato, soy, dairy, and wheat. An intolerance is not the same as an allergy. If you eat something you're allergic to, you'll get a fairly immediate reaction (hives, etc.). With an intolerance, the problems that result, such as psoriasis, build up more slowly.

The following contain or are made from potato, even though it's not listed as an ingredient:

Vitamin A Palmitate (in most breakfast cereal and many other foods)
Dextrose (in all nonfat and lowfat dairy products, most soy milk and other "alternative" milks, and many other foods. I use whole milk.)
Iodized salt (this means that virtually all prepared foods that contain salt will test positive for potato. Avoid prepared foods! Use Morton's un-iodized salt or un-iodized sea salt.)

Read ingredients! Even better, don't buy food with ingredients...just buy the ingredients and make your own!

Best of luck! I have read a lot of reviews of Pagano's book. Everyone who followed his advice got better. Those who didn't get better all stated it was because they didn't follow the suggestions.

I got sloppy with my diet due to food cravings. I'm planning to try hypnosis within the next couple of months as a way to try to get on top of food cravings. I also recently read an interesting article about how to stop food and sugar cravings at:

http://www.fastestwaytoloseweightfat.com/stop-food-cravings-stop-food-cravi ngs/

I'm going to try it out! I'm about to relocate across country for a new job, so after I get settled I'm going to give the juicing a try.

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Forestgirl, best comments I've seen! Yes, this diet works. Its how we should be eating anyway! Organic is even better. I like your comment, don't buy anything with ingredients! Add no chemicals & we should be good... by the way, I'm a forestgirl too.

Psoriasisruthy, you really can't go wrong with this diet. This payday I'm on it! Take care.

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Thanks, Karli! Sometimes I feel like a broken record in this forum, but I do so encourage people to address P through the healthy path of diet rather than the side-effect-riddled and often dangerous path of these hard-core medications that seem to cause a lot of problems and not much relief for people.

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I just started the diet, myself. I've had 2 colonics and a complete spinal adjustment with a chiropractor. I've not seen any results yet but feel hopeful. I will keep you posted!

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I started on the diet 9 months ago with 1 colonic per month and 1 chiropractric adjustment per week. The P coverage continue to increase 30% to 60% while PA improved to a point that no medication is required. My doctor told me that this is likely that my body is still rebounding/purging from past 5 years of MTX/Cyosporin/Steriod Cream.

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I started following Pagano's diet about 3 months ago. I had no new outbreaks and I was starting to clear. I went to Mexico last week and consumed many things on the diet that I was not suppose to and now I have noticed some new spots. I am right back on the diet now that I am at home.

I am a true believer that there is a connection to P and diet. I do consume soy & almond milk with no adverse effects. I am strict but not super strict. I eat organic sprouted grain bread only 1 slice per week. I eat plain yogurt and I eat a lot of fruit. The natural sugars in the fruit do not bother me but I steer clear of any other types of sugar and if I need to sweeten something I use Stevia. I eat whole foods nothing processed and I also watch my meat intake. 4 oz fish or chicken a day max. No nightshades.

I was hard at first to figure out what I was going to eat and I realize now how much refined sugar and fat I was eating daily before I started the Pagano diet. The biggest bonus is you will feel much better have more energy, and probably start dropping weight.

Good luck everyone!

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Fantastic I am so happy to read these considered comments, I am 3 weeks in to Dr Pagano, and I have lost almost 1 stone, I feel soooo much better than I did, it seems to lift depression and gives you back your old feeling of life, my p is subtly changing and I feel instinctivley that it is really going to work for me, I am sticking to this diet forever! :-)

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I sure hope this diet helps. I've ordered the book and plan to start it ASAP. Don't know about anyone else, but I get virtually no sleep because of P. Most nights are spent scratching and constantly putting something else on my skin for relief. Have had very bad results from prescription medications with liver failure and other significant problems, so that is not an option for me. Would also be nice to be able to wear regular clothes again. Now it's too painful for me, so only loose fitting overalls are possible and that is getting really old!

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I have been trying to follow the Dr. Pagano diet as closely as I can, and have been doing so for some time. Explicitly I cannot do it to a tee, but have stayed close to the parameters set forth. I have his cookbook for psoriasis and have read his initial book on psoriasis and refer to it time and time again. I have not had any minimizing of the psoriasis, but much of the uncomfortableness, (particularly itching and head plaque) has occurred less frequently. If anything it helps you focus on a healthier life style and more positive mental state. And that I have been pleased with. Not being insured has kept me from medical help, thusly my reliance is solely on my life style. I have recently purchased a juicer and good blender and after reading Jason Vales juicing book have begun to incorporate fresh juices and smoothies as well. I plan to get better with that and utilize vegetables and fruits maximally as they come into season. The best success I have had is taking fifteen minutes on the back and the same on the front lying in the sun. This of course is possible only between mid April and mid October where I live but it is very effective. I also work outdoors, so as it warms and the more skin I expose the more the psoriasis wanes. Pagano is a good discipline and leads you to a better state of health and mind, but psoriasis is different in everyone.

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""Regular" doctors don't acknowledge this because they simply don't know about it. There is virtually no information taught in med school on food and nutrition." Also they have been trained to only treat illness with pharmaceutical drugs that pays their salary. Many doctors earn more money when they prescribe new drugs to patients. If you read "Outrage" by Dick Morris you'll see that pharmaceutical drugs is a huge industry that is dependent on patients and the doctors that write prescriptions for it. They want to keep you hook on their drugs and to me it's like doctors are the new drug dealers of this millennium. Without fail, every time I leave the doctor's office I have a list of at least two different drug prescription in my hand for a small symptom. Last year when I had the swine flu, my doctor prescribed me with Tamiflu and two different pain killers. I asked him which pain killer I should get of the two and he said BOTH! Enraged I didn't get anything he prescribed and just got OTC Tylenol for pain relief. With plenty of soup, fluids, and the occasional Tylenol I was cured in less than a week.

I applause all of you that have changed your diet with the Dr Pagano Diet. I have never heard of it before until now but it doesn't sound like anything new. I have "The Diet Cure" and "Eat to Live" and they both emphasis the importance of increasing vegetable intake and eliminating (or limiting) dairy and flour products. Basically keep your body's PH high in Alkaline. I suggested juicing vegetables is another post but I am currently taking powder concentrated in vegetables.

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I am 53 years old and never had a problem with psoriasis until May 2010, when I was under a lot of stress and developed a very small patch of little bumps on the sole of my right foot (almost like tiny little blisters). At first I didn’t give it much thought, but it was uncomfortable to walk so I went to a podiatrist -- he prescribed me a cream for athlete’s foot, but in 1 week it got worse. He prescribed a different cream, and when that also did not work I went to see a dermatologist. Well, to make a long story short, in the next 4 months I saw 3 different dermatologists, and by then the “little bumps” had appeared on my left foot also. I finally had a biopsy and was diagnosed as Palmo-plantar Pustular Psoriasis (PPP). Throughout that time I used Halobetasol and Clobetasol creams, but they did very little to help. The small patch on my foot grew quite a bit, and I a patch also appeared on the palm of my right hand.

The main problem I have with PPP, is that when it flares up I am unable to walk. My dermatologist told me that the next step would be some “heavy duty” drugs, which I was not too keen on trying...

I refused to accept that I would have to live with this for the rest of my life, so I started searching the web... first I found a few articles about Turmeric: I started taking turmeric pills and also making a paste with it and putting it on my foot at night, and wrapping it in plastic. That seemed to help more with the flare-ups than the steroid creams, but it was very messy... and did not always work. So I kept searching and eventually found out about Dr Pagano and his diet. I was thrilled because it gave me hope!! I ordered his books. They arrived this week and am in the process of reading them... Everything Dr. Pagano says makes a lot of sense to me, and the many “before and after” pictures in his books are extremely encouraging! A few days ago I started his diet (and the teas). I do BELIEVE I am going to get better... I know it will take time and perseverance, but I have nothing to lose... and I do look forward to getting my life back!

For everyone here who is also following Dr. Pagano’s diet: I would welcome the opportunity of exchanging ideas and supporting each other in our journey to recovery.

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If changing the kind food (which we eat in volume) doesn't work, why would a comparatively tiny pill?

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Dear Friends,

If any of you are Jewish and observe passover you will know that starting Monday night 4/18/11 we can not eat certain foods. I will be using lots of recipes from Dr. Pagano's book. Mostly gluten free. Potatoes are mostly eaten, but I will stay away from them. I've bought whole wheat matzah and lots of veggies. Wish me luck!!! Check in with you in about 2 weeks.

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I was following Dr Pagano's during Jan 2009 to Oct 2010. It worked for me to clear up 75%. In my case, process of clearing-up was very slow in progress overall. Then rest of the 25% stayed stubborn in spite of diet. May be it was due to stress or more related to diet. So I kind of started to little bit strayed from the strict path.
This is what I would say: Diet helps to control P certainly to a majority of people. For some, it clears everything. Finding the best diet that both controls P and does not degrade our health is a real tough and frustrating one. I consulted with a Nutritionist to help me get all good nutrients conforming to the interested diet at the same time.

To begin with I am a slim person, and after this diet route, I lost lots of weight and could not gain back to the way I was. However, 75% clearing was a great feeling. I felt confident that I can do something on my own. Once again, diet mentioned by Dr. Pagano helped me. (In short, I did colonics, spine adjustment, etc as recommended by him; I had Slippery Elm/American Saffron/Omega3/Vit D3, I jog/walked for 2 miles a day in summer, etc...)

For the past 6 months, I stopped following strictly (I was not going too far to the bad/other side either). Anyways, I got my P increased more now. I am planning to restart the diet again from this summer (since i will be getting more time when my daughter do not go to school). Lets see.

I also watched this video: It made sense and part of it at least are worth a try...(some may not like it.. if depends how we take that yogi) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2c5jm2tefw. I have not tried so far.

I think all would agree this: Diet just helps to control P. The underlying cause still stays in and dormant. Since this disease is the exposition of varying underlying conditions, if diet is the main cause, then prolonged stay on the correct diet could cure the underlying culprit eventually.

I have also heard the links of: celiac, yeast, acidity, stress, etc to our P. Or even a messed up "(and not noticeable or identifiable by the current medical science)" kidney or liver would cause this too, in which case, diet reasonably will help, then going back will make it come back.

Well... good wishes to the person who posted this and others...

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