Does Remicade make you lose your appetite?

I had my second dose of Remicade yesterday, and I seem to lose my appetite. Not sick, just not hungry in the slightest. Went on for several days last time. Just curious if this happens to others?

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When I had mine, when I got home I would eat something highly healthy. Hungry or not. Helped ease my upset stomach, gave me my energy back, took away the fatigue...

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That's always a good plan, isn't it? Definitely trying to eat healthier, even though the Remicade doesn't seem to upset my stomach, just takes my appetite away. I know how my Diabetic mom feels. She always says she just doesn't care about food anymore. :) I do seem to be tired that evening and the next day. Its not terrible, but I fight fatigue most of the time anyway. That's my biggest struggle with PsA.

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Me too! Tired after infusions of Remicade for a couple of days- and general fatigue thereafter- Always feel tired- I wish it would affect my appetite and make me less hungry. I guess we're all

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Well, I'd love it if it would stick around. LOL. Its actually kinda nice to not care about food. I'm sure I'd lose weight if I felt like this all the time. :)

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I will say though with salfasalazine, my appetite has gone way down. Kind of liking that part of it. I eat, just not like I use to.

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My weight and appetite are the same, but I am so tired it is a struggle to walk daily. I always walk 2-4 miles and it is all but impossible on this drug. It barely helps my skin anymore I want to try something else!

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