Does fresh lemon juice help psoriasis?

I've read that using fresh lemon juice on your scalp and skin is beneficial to helping psoriasis spots,redness go away.I used to put it in my hair and sit in the sun years ago to naturally lighten my hair.(Before psoriasis)Anyone see good results with this?

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A couple recent threads on the whole lemon routine here - oriasis/ s-of-lemon/

i'm using it everyday on my P plaques, and it does help...but slowly.

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Lemon juice does help some because of it's alkaline mineral content and it alkalizing effects on our skin, however, just using one ingredient may not be the whole answer. I highly recommend eating foods rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium and micronutrients we may not know a lot about but may be just what we need. Also applying things that alkalize our skin that may have natural micronutrients lemons being one of those things.

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just make sure there R NO OPEN LESIONS or we will all hear you screaming!

It does nothing for me but we all can have different outcomes.

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julia, the most beneficial factor i've noticed from it for over 2 weeks (combined with tanning) is how it keeps the plaques flat / smooth with the skin every single day. And it removes the redness completely, at-least for several hours afterwards.

If I just did tanning, the plaques would slowly get thicker...and the redness would still be there. lemon prevents that, at-least for me.

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I'm not sure about others, but when I was diagnosed with psoriasis, I was also diagnosed with a citrus allergy. It could be a coincident, but citrus definately makes me flare, peel and gives me GI distress. I get hives from hand soaps with orange oil or lemon oil.

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sorry to say said .
I find orange and lemon juice exacerbating .
May be I am different .
It seems there's 20 psoriatic loci according to genetics .
and what is considered psoriasis once may have another name

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I can't use orange oil products on my skin either without reaction but I can use diluted lemon juice.

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I drank lemon juice last summer for a spell. It's terrific for detoxification. It also is known aggravate P symptoms, so it's a bit of a toss up.

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